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;;; psvn.el --- Subversion interface for emacs
;; Copyright (C) 2002-2008 by Stefan Reichoer
;; Author: Stefan Reichoer <>
;; $Id: psvn.el 30110 2008-03-28 21:55:04Z xsteve $
;; psvn.el is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option)
;; any later version.
;; psvn.el is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.
;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs; see the file COPYING. If not, write to
;; the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330,
;; Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.
;;; Commentary
;; psvn.el is tested with GNU Emacs 21.3 on windows, debian linux,
;; freebsd5, red hat el4, ubuntu edgy with svn 1.4.0
;; psvn.el needs at least svn 1.1.0
;; if you upgrade to a higher version, you need to do a fresh checkout
;; psvn.el is an interface for the revision control tool subversion
;; (see
;; psvn.el provides a similar interface for subversion as pcl-cvs for cvs.
;; At the moment the following commands are implemented:
;; M-x svn-status: run 'svn -status -v'
;; M-x svn-examine (like pcl-cvs cvs-examine) is alias for svn-status
;; and show the result in the svn-status-buffer-name buffer (normally: *svn-status*).
;; If svn-status-verbose is set to nil, only "svn status" without "-v"
;; is run. Currently you have to toggle this variable manually.
;; This buffer uses svn-status mode in which the following keys are defined:
;; g - svn-status-update: run 'svn status -v'
;; M-s - svn-status-update: run 'svn status -v'
;; C-u g - svn-status-update: run 'svn status -vu'
;; = - svn-status-show-svn-diff run 'svn diff'
;; l - svn-status-show-svn-log run 'svn log'
;; i - svn-status-info run 'svn info'
;; r - svn-status-revert run 'svn revert'
;; X v - svn-status-resolved run 'svn resolved'
;; U - svn-status-update-cmd run 'svn update'
;; M-u - svn-status-update-cmd run 'svn update'
;; c - svn-status-commit run 'svn commit'
;; a - svn-status-add-file run 'svn add --non-recursive'
;; A - svn-status-add-file-recursively run 'svn add'
;; + - svn-status-make-directory run 'svn mkdir'
;; R - svn-status-mv run 'svn mv'
;; C - svn-status-cp run 'svn cp'
;; D - svn-status-rm run 'svn rm'
;; M-c - svn-status-cleanup run 'svn cleanup'
;; k - svn-status-lock run 'svn lock'
;; K - svn-status-unlock run 'svn unlock'
;; b - svn-status-blame run 'svn blame'
;; X e - svn-status-export run 'svn export'
;; RET - svn-status-find-file-or-examine-directory
;; ^ - svn-status-examine-parent
;; ~ - svn-status-get-specific-revision
;; E - svn-status-ediff-with-revision
;; X X - svn-status-resolve-conflicts
;; s - svn-status-show-process-buffer
;; h - svn-status-pop-to-partner-buffer
;; e - svn-status-toggle-edit-cmd-flag
;; ? - svn-status-toggle-hide-unknown
;; _ - svn-status-toggle-hide-unmodified
;; m - svn-status-set-user-mark
;; u - svn-status-unset-user-mark
;; $ - svn-status-toggle-elide
;; w - svn-status-copy-current-line-info
;; DEL - svn-status-unset-user-mark-backwards
;; * ! - svn-status-unset-all-usermarks
;; * ? - svn-status-mark-unknown
;; * A - svn-status-mark-added
;; * M - svn-status-mark-modified
;; * D - svn-status-mark-deleted
;; * * - svn-status-mark-changed
;; * . - svn-status-mark-by-file-ext
;; * % - svn-status-mark-filename-regexp
;; . - svn-status-goto-root-or-return
;; f - svn-status-find-file
;; o - svn-status-find-file-other-window
;; C-o - svn-status-find-file-other-window-noselect
;; v - svn-status-view-file-other-window
;; I - svn-status-parse-info
;; V - svn-status-svnversion
;; P l - svn-status-property-list
;; P s - svn-status-property-set
;; P d - svn-status-property-delete
;; P e - svn-status-property-edit-one-entry
;; P i - svn-status-property-ignore-file
;; P I - svn-status-property-ignore-file-extension
;; P C-i - svn-status-property-edit-svn-ignore
;; P k - svn-status-property-set-keyword-list
;; P K i - svn-status-property-set-keyword-id
;; P K d - svn-status-property-set-keyword-date
;; P y - svn-status-property-set-eol-style
;; P x - svn-status-property-set-executable
;; P m - svn-status-property-set-mime-type
;; H - svn-status-use-history
;; x - svn-status-update-buffer
;; q - svn-status-bury-buffer
;; C-x C-j - svn-status-dired-jump
;; The output in the buffer contains this header to ease reading
;; of svn output:
;; FPH BASE CMTD Author em File
;; F = Filemark
;; P = Property mark
;; H = History mark
;; BASE = local base revision
;; CMTD = last committed revision
;; Author = author of change
;; em = "**" or "(Update Available)" [see `svn-status-short-mod-flag-p']
;; if file can be updated
;; File = path/filename
;; To use psvn.el put the following line in your .emacs:
;; (require 'psvn)
;; Start the svn interface with M-x svn-status
;; The latest version of psvn.el can be found at:
;; Or you can check it out from the subversion repository:
;; svn co emacs-svn
;; TODO:
;; * shortcut for svn propset svn:keywords "Date" psvn.el
;; * docstrings for the functions
;; * perhaps shortcuts for ranges, dates
;; * when editing the command line - offer help from the svn client
;; * finish svn-status-property-set
;; * Add repository browser
;; * Get rid of all byte-compiler warnings
;; * SVK working copy support
;; * multiple independent buffers in svn-status-mode
;; There are "TODO" comments in other parts of this file as well.
;; Overview over the implemented/not (yet) implemented svn sub-commands:
;; * add implemented
;; * blame implemented
;; * cat implemented
;; * checkout (co) implemented
;; * cleanup implemented
;; * commit (ci) implemented
;; * copy (cp) implemented
;; * delete (del, remove, rm) implemented
;; * diff (di) implemented
;; * export implemented
;; * help (?, h)
;; * import used (in svn-admin-create-trunk-directory)
;; * info implemented
;; * list (ls) implemented
;; * lock implemented
;; * log implemented
;; * merge
;; * mkdir implemented
;; * move (mv, rename, ren) implemented
;; * propdel (pdel) implemented
;; * propedit (pedit, pe) not needed
;; * propget (pget, pg) used (in svn-status-property-edit)
;; * proplist (plist, pl) implemented
;; * propset (pset, ps) used (in svn-prop-edit-do-it)
;; * resolved implemented
;; * revert implemented
;; * status (stat, st) implemented
;; * switch (sw)
;; * unlock implemented
;; * update (up) implemented
;; For the not yet implemented commands you should use the command line
;; svn client. If there are user requests for any missing commands I will
;; probably implement them.
;; There is also limited support for the web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system trac
;; Trac ticket links can be enabled in the *svn-log* buffers when using the following:
;; (setq svn-log-link-handlers '(trac-ticket-short))
;; ---------------------------
;; Frequently asked questions:
;; ---------------------------
;; Q1: I need support for user names with blanks/spaces
;; A1: Add the user names to svn-user-names-including-blanks and set the
;; svn-pre-parse-status-hook.
;; The problem is, that the user names and the file names from the svn status
;; output can both contain blanks. Blanks in file names are supported.
;; the svn-user-names-including-blanks list is used to replace the spaces
;; in the user names with - to overcome this problem
;; Q2: My svn-update command it taking a really long time. How can I
;; see what's going on?
;; A2: In the *svn-status* buffer press "s".
;; Q3: How do I enter a username and password?
;; A3: In the *svn-status* buffer press "s", switch to the
;; *svn-process* buffer and press enter. You will be prompted for
;; username and password.
;; Q4: What does "?", "M", and "C" in the first column of the
;; *svn-status* buffer mean?
;; A4: "?" means the file(s) is not under Subversion control
;; "M" means you have a locally modified file
;; "C" means there is a conflict
;; "@$&#!" means someone is saying nasty things to you
;; Comments / suggestions and bug reports are welcome!
;; Development notes
;; -----------------
;; "svn-" is the package prefix used in psvn.el. There are also longer
;; prefixes which clarify the code and help symbol completion, but they
;; are not intended to prevent name clashes with other packages. All
;; interactive commands meant to be used only in a specific mode should
;; have names beginning with the name of that mode: for example,
;; "svn-status-add-file" in "svn-status-mode". "psvn" should be used
;; only in names of files, customization groups, and features. If SVK
;; support is ever added, it should use "svn-svk-" when no existing
;; prefix is applicable.
;; Many of the variables marked as `risky-local-variable' are probably
;; impossible to abuse, as the commands that read them are used only in
;; buffers that are not visiting any files. Better safe than sorry.
;;; Code:
(require 'easymenu)
(eval-when-compile (require 'dired))
(eval-when-compile (require 'ediff-util))
(eval-when-compile (require 'elp))
(eval-when-compile (require 'pp))
(condition-case nil
(require 'diff-mode))
(error nil))
(defconst svn-psvn-revision "$Id: psvn.el 30110 2008-03-28 21:55:04Z xsteve $"
"The revision number of psvn.")
;;; user setable variables
(defcustom svn-status-verbose t
"*Add '-v' to svn status call.
This can be toggled with \\[svn-status-toggle-svn-verbose-flag]."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-file-name "++svn-log++"
"*Name of a saved log file.
This can be either absolute, or relative to the default directory
of the `svn-log-edit-buffer-name' buffer."
:type 'file
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-log-edit-file-name 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-insert-files-to-commit t
"*Insert the filelist to commit in the *svn-log* buffer"
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-show-diff-for-commit nil
"*Show the diff being committed when you run `svn-status-commit.'."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-use-log-edit-mode
(and (condition-case nil (require 'log-edit) (error nil)) t)
"*Use log-edit-mode as base for svn-log-edit-mode
This variable takes effect only when psvn.el is being loaded."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-paragraph-start
"$\\|[ \t]*$\\|##.*$\\|\\*.*:.*$\\|[ \t]+(.+):.*$"
"*Value used for `paragraph-start' in `svn-log-edit-buffer-name' buffer."
:type 'regexp
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-log-edit-paragraph-separate "$\\|##.*$"
"*Value used for `paragraph-separate' in `svn-log-edit-buffer-name' buffer."
:type 'regexp
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-hide-unknown nil
"*Hide unknown files in `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
This can be toggled with \\[svn-status-toggle-hide-unknown]."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-hide-unmodified nil
"*Hide unmodified files in `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
This can be toggled with \\[svn-status-toggle-hide-unmodified]."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-sort-status-buffer t
"*Whether to sort the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
Setting this variable to nil speeds up \\[M-x svn-status], however the
listing may then become incorrect.
This can be toggled with \\[svn-status-toggle-sort-status-buffer]."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-ediff-delete-temporary-files nil
"*Whether to delete temporary ediff files. If set to ask, ask the user"
:type '(choice (const t)
(const nil)
(const ask))
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-changelog-style 'changelog
"*The changelog style that is used for `svn-file-add-to-changelog'.
Possible values are:
'changelog: use `add-change-log-entry-other-window'
'svn-dev: use commit messages that are used by the svn developers
a function: This function is called to add a new entry to the changelog file.
:type '(set (const changelog)
(const svn-dev))
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-unmark-files-after-list '(commit revert)
"*List of operations after which all user marks will be removed.
Possible values are: commit, revert."
:type '(set (const commit)
(const revert))
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-preserve-window-configuration t
"*Try to preserve the window configuration."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-auto-revert-buffers t
"*Auto revert buffers that have changed on disk."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-fancy-file-state-in-modeline t
"*Show a color dot in the modeline that describes the state of the current file."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-negate-meaning-of-arg-commands '()
"*List of operations that should use a negated meaning of the prefix argument.
The supported functions are `svn-status' and `svn-status-set-user-mark'."
:type '(set (function-item svn-status)
(function-item svn-status-set-user-mark))
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-svn-executable "svn"
"*The name of the svn executable.
This can be either absolute or looked up on `exec-path'."
;; Don't use (file :must-match t). It doesn't know about `exec-path'.
:type 'file
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-svn-executable 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-status-default-export-directory "~/" "*The default directory that is suggested svn export."
:type 'file
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-svn-environment-var-list '("LC_MESSAGES=C" "LC_ALL=")
"*A list of environment variables that should be set for that svn process.
Each element is either a string \"VARIABLE=VALUE\" which will be added to
the environment when svn is run, or just \"VARIABLE\" which causes that
variable to be entirely removed from the environment.
The default setting is '(\"LC_MESSAGES=C\" \"LC_ALL=\"). This ensures that the svn command
line client does not output localized strings. psvn.el relies on the english
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-svn-environment-var-list 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-browse-url-function nil
;; If the user hasn't changed `svn-browse-url-function', then changing
;; `browse-url-browser-function' should affect psvn even after it has
;; been loaded.
"Function to display a Subversion related WWW page in a browser.
So far, this is used only for \"trac\" issue tracker integration.
By default, this is nil, which means use `browse-url-browser-function'.
Any non-nil value overrides that variable, with the same syntax."
;; It would be nice to show the full list of browsers supported by
;; browse-url, but (custom-variable-type 'browse-url-browser-function)
;; returns just `function' if browse-url has not yet been loaded,
;; and there seems to be no easy way to autoload browse-url when
;; the custom-type of svn-browse-url-function is actually needed.
;; So I'll only offer enough choices to cover all supported types.
:type `(choice (const :tag "Specified by `browse-url-browser-function'" nil)
(function :value browse-url-default-browser
;; In XEmacs 21.4.17, the `function' widget matches
;; all objects. Constrain it here so that alists
;; fall through to the next choice. Accept either
;; a symbol (fbound or not) or a lambda expression.
:match ,(lambda (widget value)
(or (symbolp value) (functionp value))))
(svn-alist :tag "Regexp/function association list"
:key-type regexp :value-type function
:value (("." . browse-url-default-browser))))
:link '(emacs-commentary-link "browse-url")
:group 'psvn)
;; (put 'svn-browse-url-function 'risky-local-variable t)
;; already implied by "-function" suffix
(defcustom svn-status-window-alist
'((diff "*svn-diff*") (log "*svn-log*") (info t) (blame t) (proplist t) (update t))
"An alist to specify which windows should be used for svn command outputs.
The following keys are supported: diff, log, info, blame, proplist, update.
The following values can be given:
nil ... show in `svn-process-buffer-name' buffer
t ... show in dedicated *svn-info* buffer
invisible ... don't show the buffer (eventually useful for update)
a string ... show in a buffer named string"
:type '(svn-alist
:key-type symbol
:value-type (group
(const :tag "Show in *svn-process* buffer" nil)
(const :tag "Show in dedicated *svn-info* buffer" t)
(const :tag "Don't show the output" invisible)
(string :tag "Show in a buffer named"))))
:options '(diff log info blame proplist update)
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-short-mod-flag-p t
"*Whether the mark for out of date files is short or long.
If this variable is is t, and a file is out of date (i.e., there is a newer
version in the repository than the working copy), then the file will
be marked by \"**\"
If this variable is nil, and the file is out of date then the longer phrase
\"(Update Available)\" is used.
In either case the mark gets the face
`svn-status-update-available-face', and will only be visible if
`\\[svn-status-update]' is run with a prefix argument"
:type '(choice (const :tag "Short \"**\"" t)
(const :tag "Long \"(Update Available)\"" nil))
:group 'psvn)
(defvar svn-status-debug-level 0 "The psvn.el debugging verbosity level.
The higher the number, the more debug messages are shown.
See `svn-status-message' for the meaning of values for that variable.")
(defvar svn-bookmark-list nil "A list of locations for a quick access via `svn-status-via-bookmark'")
;;(setq svn-bookmark-list '(("proj1" . "~/work/proj1")
;; ("doc1" . "~/docs/doc1")))
(defvar svn-status-buffer-name "*svn-status*" "Name for the svn status buffer")
(defvar svn-process-buffer-name " *svn-process*" "Name for the svn process buffer")
(defvar svn-log-edit-buffer-name "*svn-log-edit*" "Name for the svn log-edit buffer")
(defcustom svn-status-use-header-line
(if (boundp 'header-line-format) t 'inline)
"*Whether a header line should be used.
When t: Use the emacs header line
When 'inline: Insert the header line in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer
Otherwise: Don't display a header line"
:type '(choice (const :tag "Show column titles as a header line" t)
(const :tag "Insert column titles as text in the buffer" inline)
(other :tag "No column titles" nil))
:group 'psvn)
;;; default arguments to pass to svn commands
;; TODO: When customizing, an option menu or completion might be nice....
(defcustom svn-status-default-log-arguments '("-v")
"*List of arguments to pass to svn log.
\(used in `svn-status-show-svn-log'; override these by giving prefixes\)."
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-default-log-arguments 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-status-default-commit-arguments '()
"*List of arguments to pass to svn commit.
If you don't like recursive commits, set this value to (\"-N\")
or mark the directory before committing it.
Do not put an empty string here, except as an argument of an option:
Subversion and the operating system may treat that as a file name
equivalent to \".\", so you would commit more than you intended."
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-default-commit-arguments 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-status-default-diff-arguments '("-x" "--ignore-eol-style")
"*A list of arguments that is passed to the svn diff command.
When the built in diff command is used,
the following options are available: --ignore-eol-style, --ignore-space-change,
--ignore-all-space, --ignore-eol-style.
The following setting ignores eol style changes and all white space changes:
'(\"-x\" \"--ignore-eol-style --ignore-all-space\")
If you'd like to suppress whitespace changes using the external diff command
use the following value:
'(\"--diff-cmd\" \"diff\" \"-x\" \"-wbBu\")
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-default-diff-arguments 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-status-default-status-arguments '()
"*A list of arguments that is passed to the svn status command.
The following options are available: --ignore-externals
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-default-status-arguments 'risky-local-variable t)
(defcustom svn-status-default-blame-arguments '("-x" "--ignore-eol-style")
"*A list of arguments that is passed to the svn blame command.
See `svn-status-default-diff-arguments' for some examples."
:type '(repeat string)
:group 'psvn)
(put 'svn-status-default-blame-arguments 'risky-local-variable t)
(defvar svn-trac-project-root nil
"Path for an eventual existing trac issue tracker.
This can be set with \\[svn-status-set-trac-project-root].")
(defvar svn-status-module-name nil
"*A short name for the actual project.
This can be set with \\[svn-status-set-module-name].")
(defvar svn-status-branch-list nil
"*A list of known branches for the actual project
This can be set with \\[svn-status-set-branch-list].
The list contains full repository paths or shortcuts starting with \#
\# at the beginning is replaced by the repository url.
\#1\# has the special meaning that all paths below the given directory
will be considered for interactive selections.
A useful setting might be: '\(\"\#trunk\" \"\#1\#tags\" \"\#1\#branches\")")
(defvar svn-status-load-state-before-svn-status t
"*Whether to automatically restore state from ++psvn.state file before running svn-status.")
(defvar svn-log-link-handlers nil "A list of link handlers in *svn-log* buffers.
These link handlers must be registered via `svn-log-register-link-handler'")
;;; hooks
(defvar svn-status-mode-hook nil "Hook run when entering `svn-status-mode'.")
(defvar svn-log-edit-mode-hook nil "Hook run when entering `svn-log-edit-mode'.")
(defvar svn-log-edit-done-hook nil "Hook run after commiting files via svn.")
;; (put 'svn-log-edit-mode-hook 'risky-local-variable t)
;; (put 'svn-log-edit-done-hook 'risky-local-variable t)
;; already implied by "-hook" suffix
(defvar svn-post-process-svn-output-hook nil "Hook that can be used to preprocess the output from svn.
The function `svn-status-remove-control-M' can be useful for that hook")
(when (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(add-hook 'svn-post-process-svn-output-hook 'svn-status-remove-control-M))
(defvar svn-status-svn-process-coding-system (when (boundp 'locale-coding-system) locale-coding-system)
"The coding system that is used for the svn command line client.
It is used in svn-run, if it is not nil.")
(defvar svn-status-svn-file-coding-system 'undecided-unix
"The coding system that is used to save files that are loaded as
parameter or data files via the svn command line client.
It is used in the following functions: `svn-prop-edit-do-it', `svn-log-edit-done'.
You could set it to 'utf-8")
(defcustom svn-status-use-ido-completion
(fboundp 'ido-completing-read)
"*Use ido completion functionality."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defvar svn-status-completing-read-function
(if svn-status-use-ido-completion 'ido-completing-read 'completing-read))
;;; experimental features
(defvar svn-status-track-user-input nil "Track user/password queries.
This feature is implemented via a process filter.
It is an experimental feature.")
(defvar svn-status-refresh-info nil "Whether `svn-status-update-buffer' should call `svn-status-parse-info'.")
;;; Customize group
(defgroup psvn nil
"Subversion interface for Emacs."
:group 'tools)
(defgroup psvn-faces nil
"psvn faces."
:group 'psvn)
(require 'cl)
(defconst svn-xemacsp (featurep 'xemacs))
(if svn-xemacsp
(require 'overlay)
(require 'overlay nil t)))
(defcustom svn-status-display-full-path nil
"Specifies how the filenames look like in the listing.
If t, their full path name will be displayed, else only the filename."
:type 'boolean
:group 'psvn)
(defcustom svn-status-prefix-key [(control x) (meta s)]
"Prefix key for the psvn commands in the global keymap."
:type '(choice (const [(control x) ?v ?S])
(const [(super s)])
(const [(hyper s)])
(const [(control x) ?v])
(const [(control x) ?V])
:group 'psvn
:set (lambda (var value)
(if (boundp var)
(global-unset-key (symbol-value var)))
(set var value)
(global-set-key (symbol-value var) 'svn-global-keymap)))
(defcustom svn-admin-default-create-directory "~/"
"*The default directory that is suggested for `svn-admin-create'."
:type 'string
:group 'psvn)
(defvar svn-status-custom-hide-function nil
"A function that receives a line-info and decides whether to hide that line.
See psvn.el for an example function.")
;; (put 'svn-status-custom-hide-function 'risky-local-variable t)
;; already implied by "-function" suffix
;; Use the normally used mode for files ending in .~HEAD~, .~BASE~, ...
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.~?\\(HEAD\\|BASE\\|PREV\\)~?\\'" ignore t))
;;; internal variables
(defvar svn-status-directory-history nil "List of visited svn working directories.")
(defvar svn-process-cmd nil)
(defvar svn-status-info nil)
(defvar svn-status-filename-to-buffer-position-cache (make-hash-table :test 'equal :weakness t))
(defvar svn-status-base-info nil "The parsed result from the svn info command.")
(defvar svn-status-initial-window-configuration nil)
(defvar svn-status-default-column 23)
(defvar svn-status-default-revision-width 4)
(defvar svn-status-default-author-width 9)
(defvar svn-status-line-format " %c%c%c %4s %4s %-9s")
(defvar svn-start-of-file-list-line-number 0)
(defvar svn-status-files-to-commit nil
"List of files to commit at `svn-log-edit-done'.
This is always set together with `svn-status-recursive-commit'.")
(defvar svn-status-recursive-commit nil
"Non-nil if the next commit should be recursive.
This is always set together with `svn-status-files-to-commit'.")
(defvar svn-log-edit-update-log-entry nil
"Revision number whose log entry is being edited.
This is nil if the log entry is for a new commit.")
(defvar svn-status-pre-commit-window-configuration nil)
(defvar svn-status-pre-propedit-window-configuration nil)
(defvar svn-status-head-revision nil)
(defvar svn-status-root-return-info nil)
(defvar svn-status-property-edit-must-match-flag nil)
(defvar svn-status-propedit-property-name nil "The property name for the actual svn propset command")
(defvar svn-status-propedit-file-list nil)
(defvar svn-status-mode-line-process "")
(defvar svn-status-mode-line-process-status "")
(defvar svn-status-mode-line-process-edit-flag "")
(defvar svn-status-edit-svn-command nil)
(defvar svn-status-update-previous-process-output nil)
(defvar svn-pre-run-asynch-recent-keys nil)
(defvar svn-pre-run-mode-line-process nil)
(defvar svn-status-temp-dir
(when (boundp 'temporary-file-directory) temporary-file-directory) ;emacs
;; XEmacs 21.4.17 can return "/tmp/kalle" from (temp-directory).
;; `file-name-as-directory' adds a slash so we can append a file name.
(when (fboundp 'temp-directory) (file-name-as-directory (temp-directory)))
"/tmp/")) "The directory that is used to store temporary files for psvn.")
;; Because `temporary-file-directory' is not a risky local variable in
;; GNU Emacs 22.0.51, we don't mark `svn-status-temp-dir' as such either.
(defvar svn-temp-suffix (make-temp-name "."))
(put 'svn-temp-suffix 'risky-local-variable t)
(defvar svn-status-temp-file-to-remove nil)
(put 'svn-status-temp-file-to-remove 'risky-local-variable t)
(defvar svn-status-temp-arg-file (concat svn-status-temp-dir "svn.arg" svn-temp-suffix))
(put 'svn-status-temp-arg-file 'risky-local-variable t)
(defvar svn-status-options nil)
(defvar svn-status-remote)
(defvar svn-status-commit-rev-number nil)
(defvar svn-status-update-rev-number nil)
(defvar svn-status-operated-on-dot nil)
(defvar svn-status-last-commit-author nil)
(defvar svn-status-elided-list nil)
(defvar svn-status-last-output-buffer-name nil "The buffer name for the buffer that holds the output from the last executed svn command")
(defvar svn-status-pre-run-svn-buffer nil)
(defvar svn-status-update-list nil)
(defvar svn-transient-buffers)
(defvar svn-ediff-windows)
(defvar svn-ediff-result)
(defvar svn-status-last-diff-options nil)
(defvar svn-status-blame-file-name nil)
(defvar svn-admin-last-repository-dir nil "The last repository url for various operations.")
(defvar svn-last-cmd-ring (make-ring 30) "Ring that holds the last executed svn commands (for debugging purposes)")
(defvar svn-status-cached-version-string nil)
(defvar svn-client-version nil "The version number of the used svn client")
(defvar svn-status-get-line-information-for-file nil)
(defvar svn-status-base-dir-cache (make-hash-table :test 'equal :weakness nil))
(defvar svn-log-registered-link-handlers (make-hash-table :test 'eql :weakness nil))
(defvar svn-status-partner-buffer nil "The partner buffer for this svn related buffer")
(make-variable-buffer-local 'svn-status-partner-buffer)
;; Emacs 21 defines these in ediff-init.el but it seems more robust
;; to just declare the variables here than try to load that file.
;; It is Ediff's job to declare these as risky-local-variable if needed.
(defvar ediff-buffer-A)
(defvar ediff-buffer-B)
(defvar ediff-buffer-C)
(defvar ediff-quit-hook)
;; Ditto for log-edit.el.
(defvar log-edit-initial-files)
(defvar log-edit-callback)
(defvar log-edit-listfun)
;; Ediff does not use this variable in GNU Emacs 20.7, GNU Emacs 21.4,
;; nor XEmacs 21.4.17. However, pcl-cvs (a.k.a. pcvs) does.
;; TODO: Check if this should be moved into the "svn-" namespace.
(defvar ediff-after-quit-destination-buffer)
;; That is an example for the svn-status-custom-hide-function:
;; Note: For many cases it is a better solution to ignore files or
;; file extensions via the svn-ignore properties (on P i, P I)
;; (setq svn-status-custom-hide-function 'svn-status-hide-pyc-files)
;; (defun svn-status-hide-pyc-files (info)
;; "Hide all pyc files in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer."
;; (let* ((fname (svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory info))
;; (fname-len (length fname)))
;; (and (> fname-len 4) (string= (substring fname (- fname-len 4)) ".pyc"))))
;;; faces
(defface svn-status-marked-face
'((((type tty) (class color)) (:foreground "green" :weight light))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "green3"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "palegreen2"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Face to highlight the mark for user marked files in svn status buffers."
:group 'psvn-faces)
(defface svn-status-marked-popup-face
'((((type tty) (class color)) (:foreground "green" :weight light))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "green3"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "palegreen2"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Face to highlight the actual file, if a popup menu is activated."
:group 'psvn-faces)
(defface svn-status-update-available-face
'((((type tty) (class color)) (:foreground "magenta" :weight light))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "magenta"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "yellow"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Face used to highlight the 'out of date' mark.
\(i.e., the mark used when there is a newer version in the repository
than the working copy.\)
See also `svn-status-short-mod-flag-p'."
:group 'psvn-faces)
;based on cvs-filename-face
(defface svn-status-directory-face
'((((type tty) (class color)) (:foreground "lightblue" :weight light))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "blue4"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "lightskyblue1"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Face for directories in *svn-status* buffers.
See `svn-status--line-info->directory-p' for what counts as a directory."
:group 'psvn-faces)
;based on font-lock-comment-face
(defface svn-status-filename-face
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "chocolate"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "beige")))
"Face for non-directories in *svn-status* buffers.
See `svn-status--line-info->directory-p' for what counts as a directory."
:group 'psvn-faces)
;not based on anything, may be horribly ugly!
(defface svn-status-symlink-face
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "cornflower blue"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "cyan")))
"Face for symlinks in *svn-status* buffers.
This is the face given to the actual link (i.e., the versioned item),
the target of the link gets either `svn-status-filename-face' or
:group 'psvn-faces)
;based on font-lock-warning-face
(defface svn-status-locked-face
(:weight bold :foreground "Red")))
"Face for the phrase \"[ LOCKED ]\" `svn-status-buffer-name' buffers."
:group 'psvn-faces)
;based on vhdl-font-lock-directive-face
(defface svn-status-switched-face
'((((class color)
(background light))
(:foreground "CadetBlue"))
(((class color)
(background dark))
(:foreground "Aquamarine"))
(:bold t :italic t)))
"Face for the phrase \"(switched)\" non-directories in svn status buffers."
:group 'psvn-faces)
(if svn-xemacsp
(defface svn-status-blame-highlight-face
'((((type tty) (class color)) (:foreground "green" :weight light))
(((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "green3"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "palegreen2"))
(t (:weight bold)))
"Default face for highlighting a line in svn status blame mode."
:group 'psvn-faces)
(defface svn-status-blame-highlight-face
'((t :inherit highlight))
"Default face for highlighting a line in svn status blame mode."
:group 'psvn-faces))
(defface svn-status-blame-rev-number-face
'((((class color) (background light)) (:foreground "DarkGoldenrod"))
(((class color) (background dark)) (:foreground "LightGoldenrod"))
(t (:weight bold :slant italic)))
"Face to highlight revision numbers in the svn-blame mode."
:group 'psvn-faces)
(defvar svn-highlight t)
;; stolen from PCL-CVS
(defun svn-add-face (str face &optional keymap)
"Return string STR decorated with the specified FACE.
If `svn-highlight' is nil then just return STR."
(when svn-highlight
;; Do not use `list*'; cl.el might not have been loaded. We could
;; put (require 'cl) at the top but let's try to manage without.
(add-text-properties 0 (length str)
`(face ,face
mouse-face highlight)
;; 18.10.2004: the keymap parameter is not used (yet) in psvn.el
;; ,@(when keymap
;; `(mouse-face highlight
;; local-map ,keymap)))
(defun svn-status-maybe-add-face (condition text face)
"If CONDITION then add FACE to TEXT.
Else return TEXT unchanged."
(if condition
(svn-add-face text face)
(defun svn-status-choose-face-to-add (condition text face1 face2)
"If CONDITION then add FACE1 to TEXT, else add FACE2 to TEXT."
(if condition
(svn-add-face text face1)
(svn-add-face text face2)))
(defun svn-status-maybe-add-string (condition string face)
"If CONDITION then return STRING decorated with FACE.
Otherwise, return \"\"."
(if condition
(svn-add-face string face)
;; compatibility
;; emacs 20
(defalias 'svn-point-at-eol
(if (fboundp 'point-at-eol) 'point-at-eol 'line-end-position))
(defalias 'svn-point-at-bol
(if (fboundp 'point-at-bol) 'point-at-bol 'line-beginning-position))
(defalias 'svn-read-directory-name
(if (fboundp 'read-directory-name) 'read-directory-name 'read-file-name))
(if (not (fboundp 'gethash))
(require 'cl-macs)))
(defalias 'svn-puthash (if (fboundp 'puthash) 'puthash 'cl-puthash))
;; emacs 21
(if (fboundp 'line-number-at-pos)
(defalias 'svn-line-number-at-pos 'line-number-at-pos)
(defun svn-line-number-at-pos (&optional pos)
"Return (narrowed) buffer line number at position POS.
If POS is nil, use current buffer location."
(let ((opoint (or pos (point))) start)
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq start (point))
(goto-char opoint)
(forward-line 0)
(1+ (count-lines start (point)))))))
; xemacs
;; Evaluate the defsubst at compile time, so that the byte compiler
;; knows the definition and can inline calls. It cannot detect the
;; defsubst automatically from within the if form.
(if (fboundp 'match-string-no-properties)
(defalias 'svn-match-string-no-properties 'match-string-no-properties)
(defsubst svn-match-string-no-properties (match)
(buffer-substring-no-properties (match-beginning match) (match-end match)))))
;; XEmacs 21.4.17 does not have an `alist' widget. Define a replacement.
;; To find out whether the `alist' widget exists, we cannot check just
;; (get 'alist 'widget-type), because GNU Emacs 21.4 defines it in
;; "wid-edit.el", which is not preloaded; it will be autoloaded when
;; `widget-create' is called. Instead, we call `widgetp', which is
;; also autoloaded from "wid-edit.el". XEmacs 21.4.17 does not have
;; `widgetp' either, so we check that first.
(if (and (fboundp 'widgetp) (widgetp 'alist))
(define-widget 'svn-alist 'alist
"An association list.
Use this instead of `alist', for XEmacs 21.4 compatibility.")
(define-widget 'svn-alist 'list
"An association list.
Use this instead of `alist', for XEmacs 21.4 compatibility."
:convert-widget 'svn-alist-convert-widget
:tag "Association List"
:key-type 'sexp
:value-type 'sexp)
(defun svn-alist-convert-widget (widget)
(let* ((value-type (widget-get widget :value-type))
(option-widgets (loop for option in (widget-get widget :options)
collect `(cons :format "%v"
(const :format "%t: %v\n"
:tag "Key"
(widget-put widget :args
`(,@(when option-widgets
`((set :inline t :format "%v"
(editable-list :inline t
(cons :format "%v"
,(widget-get widget :key-type)
;; process launch functions
(defvar svn-call-process-function (if (fboundp 'process-file) 'process-file 'call-process))
(defvar svn-start-process-function (if (fboundp 'start-file-process) 'start-file-process 'start-process))
;;; keymaps
(defvar svn-global-keymap nil "Global keymap for psvn.el.
To bind this to a different key, customize `svn-status-prefix-key'.")
(put 'svn-global-keymap 'risky-local-variable t)
(when (not svn-global-keymap)
(setq svn-global-keymap (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "v") 'svn-status-version)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "s") 'svn-status-this-directory)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "b") 'svn-status-via-bookmark)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "h") 'svn-status-use-history)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "u") 'svn-status-update-cmd)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "=") 'svn-status-show-svn-diff)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "f =") 'svn-file-show-svn-diff)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "f e") 'svn-file-show-svn-ediff)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "f l") 'svn-status-show-svn-log)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "f b") 'svn-status-blame)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "f a") 'svn-file-add-to-changelog)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "c") 'svn-status-commit)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "S") 'svn-status-switch-to-status-buffer)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "o") 'svn-status-pop-to-status-buffer))
(defvar svn-status-diff-mode-map ()
"Keymap used in `svn-status-diff-mode' for additional commands that are not defined in diff-mode.")
(put 'svn-status-diff-mode-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(when (not svn-status-diff-mode-map)
(setq svn-status-diff-mode-map (copy-keymap diff-mode-shared-map))
(define-key svn-status-diff-mode-map [?g] 'revert-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-diff-mode-map [?s] 'svn-status-pop-to-status-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-diff-mode-map [?c] 'svn-status-diff-pop-to-commit-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-diff-mode-map [?w] 'svn-status-diff-save-current-defun-as-kill))
(defvar svn-global-trac-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-global-keymap' for trac issue tracker commands.")
(put 'svn-global-trac-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(when (not svn-global-trac-map)
(setq svn-global-trac-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "w") 'svn-trac-browse-wiki)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "t") 'svn-trac-browse-timeline)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "m") 'svn-trac-browse-roadmap)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "s") 'svn-trac-browse-source)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "r") 'svn-trac-browse-report)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "i") 'svn-trac-browse-ticket)
(define-key svn-global-trac-map (kbd "c") 'svn-trac-browse-changeset)
(define-key svn-global-keymap (kbd "t") svn-global-trac-map))
;; The setter of `svn-status-prefix-key' makes a binding in the global
;; map refer to the `svn-global-keymap' symbol, rather than directly
;; to the keymap. Emacs then implicitly uses the symbol-function.
;; This has the advantage that `describe-bindings' (C-h b) can show
;; the name of the keymap and link to its documentation.
(defalias 'svn-global-keymap svn-global-keymap)
;; `defalias' of GNU Emacs 21.4 doesn't allow a docstring argument.
(put 'svn-global-keymap 'function-documentation
'(documentation-property 'svn-global-keymap 'variable-documentation t))
;; named after SVN_WC_ADM_DIR_NAME in svn_wc.h
(defun svn-wc-adm-dir-name ()
"Return the name of the \".svn\" subdirectory or equivalent."
(if (and (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(getenv "SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK"))
(defun svn-log-edit-file-name (&optional curdir)
"Get the name of the saved log edit file
If curdir, return `svn-log-edit-file-name'
Otherwise position svn-log-edit-file-name in the root directory of this working copy"
(if curdir
(concat (svn-status-base-dir) svn-log-edit-file-name)))
(defun svn-status-message (level &rest args)
"If LEVEL is lower than `svn-status-debug-level' print ARGS using `message'.
Guideline for numbers:
1 - error messages, 3 - non-serious error messages, 5 - messages for things
that take a long time, 7 - not very important messages on stuff, 9 - messages
inside loops."
(if (<= level svn-status-debug-level)
(apply 'message args)))
(defun svn-status-flatten-list (list)
"Flatten any lists within ARGS, so that there are no sublists."
(loop for item in list
if (listp item) nconc (svn-status-flatten-list item)
else collect item))
(defun svn-status-window-line-position (w)
"Return the window line at point for window W, or nil if W is nil."
(svn-status-message 3 "About to count lines; selected window is %s" (selected-window))
(and w (count-lines (window-start w) (point))))
(defun svn-checkout (repos-url path)
"Run svn checkout REPOS-URL PATH."
(interactive (list (read-string "Checkout from repository Url: ")
(svn-read-directory-name "Checkout to directory: ")))
(svn-run t t 'checkout "checkout" repos-url (expand-file-name path)))
;;;###autoload (defalias 'svn-examine 'svn-status)
(defalias 'svn-examine 'svn-status)
(defun svn-status (dir &optional arg)
"Examine the status of Subversion working copy in directory DIR.
If ARG is -, allow editing of the parameters. One could add -N to
run svn status non recursively to make it faster.
For every other non nil ARG pass the -u argument to `svn status', which
asks svn to connect to the repository and check to see if there are updates
If there is no .svn directory, examine if there is CVS and run
`cvs-examine'. Otherwise ask if to run `dired'."
(interactive (list (svn-read-directory-name "SVN status directory: "
nil default-directory nil)
(let ((svn-dir (format "%s%s"
(file-name-as-directory dir)
(cvs-dir (format "%sCVS" (file-name-as-directory dir))))
((file-directory-p svn-dir)
(setq arg (svn-status-possibly-negate-meaning-of-arg arg 'svn-status))
(svn-status-1 dir arg))
((and (file-directory-p cvs-dir)
(fboundp 'cvs-examine))
(cvs-examine dir nil))
(when (y-or-n-p
"%s "
"is not Subversion controlled (missing %s "
"directory). "
"Run dired instead? ")
(dired dir))))))
(defvar svn-status-display-new-status-buffer nil)
(defun svn-status-1 (dir &optional arg)
"Examine DIR. See `svn-status' for more information."
(unless (file-directory-p dir)
(error "%s is not a directory" dir))
(setq dir (file-name-as-directory dir))
(when svn-status-load-state-before-svn-status
(unless (string= dir (car svn-status-directory-history))
(let ((default-directory dir)) ;otherwise svn-status-base-dir looks in the wrong place
(svn-status-load-state t))))
(setq svn-status-directory-history (delete dir svn-status-directory-history))
(add-to-list 'svn-status-directory-history dir)
(if (string= (buffer-name) svn-status-buffer-name)
(setq svn-status-display-new-status-buffer nil)
(setq svn-status-display-new-status-buffer t)
;;(message "psvn: Saving initial window configuration")
(setq svn-status-initial-window-configuration
(let* ((cur-buf (current-buffer))
(status-buf (get-buffer-create svn-status-buffer-name))
(proc-buf (get-buffer-create svn-process-buffer-name))
(want-edit (eq arg '-))
(status-option (if want-edit
(if svn-status-verbose "-v" "")
(if svn-status-verbose
(if arg "-uv" "-v")
(if arg "-u" ""))))
(or want-edit svn-status-edit-svn-command)))
(set-buffer status-buf)
(setq default-directory dir)
(set-buffer proc-buf)
(setq default-directory dir
svn-status-remote (when arg t))
(set-buffer cur-buf)
(svn-run t t 'status "status" svn-status-default-status-arguments status-option))))
(defun svn-status-this-directory (arg)
"Run `svn-status' for the `default-directory'"
(interactive "P")
(svn-status default-directory arg))
(defun svn-status-use-history ()
"Interactively select a different directory from `svn-status-directory-history'."
(let* ((in-status-buffer (eq major-mode 'svn-status-mode))
(hist (if in-status-buffer (cdr svn-status-directory-history) svn-status-directory-history))
(dir (funcall svn-status-completing-read-function "svn-status on directory: " hist))
(svn-status-buffer (get-buffer svn-status-buffer-name))
(svn-buffer-available (and svn-status-buffer
(with-current-buffer svn-status-buffer-name (string= default-directory dir)))))
(if (file-directory-p dir)
(if svn-buffer-available
(unless svn-status-refresh-info
(setq svn-status-refresh-info 'once))
(svn-status dir))
(error "%s is not a directory" dir))))
(defun svn-had-user-input-since-asynch-run ()
(not (equal (recent-keys) svn-pre-run-asynch-recent-keys)))
(defun svn-process-environment ()
"Construct the environment for the svn process.
It is a combination of `svn-status-svn-environment-var-list' and
the usual `process-environment'."
;; If there are duplicate elements in `process-environment', then GNU
;; Emacs 21.4 guarantees that the first one wins; but GNU Emacs 20.7
;; and XEmacs 21.4.17 don't document what happens. We'll just remove
;; any duplicates ourselves, then. This also gives us an opportunity
;; to handle the "VARIABLE" syntax that none of them supports.
(loop with found = '()
for elt in (append svn-status-svn-environment-var-list
for has-value = (string-match "=" elt)
for name = (substring elt 0 has-value)
unless (member name found)
do (push name found)
and when has-value
collect elt))
(defun svn-run (run-asynchron clear-process-buffer cmdtype &rest arglist)
"Run svn with arguments ARGLIST.
If RUN-ASYNCHRON is t then run svn asynchronously.
If CLEAR-PROCESS-BUFFER is t then erase the contents of the
`svn-process-buffer-name' buffer before commencing.
CMDTYPE is a symbol such as 'mv, 'revert, or 'add, representing the
command to run.
ARGLIST is a list of arguments \(which must include the command name,
for example: '(\"revert\" \"file1\"\)
ARGLIST is flattened and any every nil value is discarded.
If the variable `svn-status-edit-svn-command' is non-nil then the user
can edit ARGLIST before running svn.
The hook svn-pre-run-hook allows to monitor/modify the ARGLIST."
(setq arglist (svn-status-flatten-list arglist))
(if (eq (process-status "svn") nil)
(when svn-status-edit-svn-command
(setq arglist (append
(list (car arglist))
(format "svn %s flags: " (car arglist))
(mapconcat 'identity (cdr arglist) " ")))))
(when (eq svn-status-edit-svn-command t)
(svn-status-toggle-edit-cmd-flag t))
(message "svn-run %s: %S" cmdtype arglist))
(run-hooks 'svn-pre-run-hook)
(unless (eq mode-line-process 'svn-status-mode-line-process)
(setq svn-pre-run-mode-line-process mode-line-process)
(setq mode-line-process 'svn-status-mode-line-process))
(setq svn-status-pre-run-svn-buffer (current-buffer))
(let* ((proc-buf (get-buffer-create svn-process-buffer-name))
(svn-exe svn-status-svn-executable)
(when (listp (car arglist))
(setq arglist (car arglist)))
(set-buffer proc-buf)
(unless (file-executable-p default-directory)
(message "psvn: workaround in %s needed: %s no longer exists" (current-buffer) default-directory)
(cd (expand-file-name "~")))
(setq buffer-read-only nil)
(if clear-process-buffer
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(goto-char (point-max)))
(setq svn-process-cmd cmdtype)
(setq svn-status-last-commit-author nil)
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-status (format " running %s" cmdtype))
(sit-for 0.1)
(ring-insert svn-last-cmd-ring (list (current-time-string) arglist default-directory))
(if run-asynchron
;;(message "running asynchron: %s %S" svn-exe arglist)
(setq svn-pre-run-asynch-recent-keys (recent-keys))
(let ((process-environment (svn-process-environment))
(process-connection-type nil))
;; Communicate with the subprocess via pipes rather
;; than via a pseudoterminal, so that if the svn+ssh
;; scheme is being used, SSH will not ask for a
;; passphrase via stdio; psvn.el is currently unable
;; to answer such prompts. Instead, SSH will run
;; x11-ssh-askpass if possible. If Emacs is being
;; run on a TTY without $DISPLAY, this will fail; in
;; such cases, the user should start ssh-agent and
;; then run ssh-add explicitly.
(setq svn-proc (apply svn-start-process-function "svn" proc-buf svn-exe arglist)))
(when svn-status-svn-process-coding-system
(set-process-coding-system svn-proc svn-status-svn-process-coding-system
(set-process-sentinel svn-proc 'svn-process-sentinel)
(when svn-status-track-user-input
(set-process-filter svn-proc 'svn-process-filter)))
;;(message "running synchron: %s %S" svn-exe arglist)
(let ((process-environment (svn-process-environment)))
;; `call-process' ignores `process-connection-type' and
;; never opens a pseudoterminal.
(apply svn-call-process-function svn-exe nil proc-buf nil arglist))
(setq svn-status-last-output-buffer-name svn-process-buffer-name)
(run-hooks 'svn-post-process-svn-output-hook)
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-status "")
(when svn-pre-run-mode-line-process
(setq mode-line-process svn-pre-run-mode-line-process)
(setq svn-pre-run-mode-line-process nil))))))
(error "You can only run one svn process at once!")))
(defun svn-process-sentinel-fixup-path-seperators ()
"Convert all path separators to UNIX style.
\(This is a no-op unless `system-type' is windows-nt\)"
(when (eq system-type 'windows-nt)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (search-forward "\\" nil t)
(replace-match "/")))))
(defun svn-process-sentinel (process event)
;;(princ (format "Process: %s had the event `%s'" process event)))
(let ((act-buf (current-buffer)))
(when svn-pre-run-mode-line-process
(with-current-buffer svn-status-pre-run-svn-buffer
(setq mode-line-process svn-pre-run-mode-line-process))
(setq svn-pre-run-mode-line-process nil))
(set-buffer (process-buffer process))
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-status "")
(cond ((string= event "finished\n")
(run-hooks 'svn-post-process-svn-output-hook)
(cond ((eq svn-process-cmd 'status)
;;(message "svn status finished")
(when svn-status-update-previous-process-output
(set-buffer (process-buffer process))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert "Output from svn command:\n")
(insert svn-status-update-previous-process-output)
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq svn-status-update-previous-process-output nil))
(when svn-status-update-list
;; (message "Using svn-status-update-list: %S" svn-status-update-list)
(svn-status-update-with-command-list svn-status-update-list))
(setq svn-status-update-list nil))
(when svn-status-display-new-status-buffer
(set-window-configuration svn-status-initial-window-configuration)
(if (svn-had-user-input-since-asynch-run)
(message "svn status finished")
(switch-to-buffer svn-status-buffer-name))))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'log)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'log t)
(pop-to-buffer svn-status-last-output-buffer-name)
(forward-line 2)
(unless (looking-at "Changed paths:")
(forward-line 1))
(message "svn log finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'info)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'info t)
(message "svn info finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'ls)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'info t)
(message "svn ls finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'diff)
(message "svn diff finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'parse-info)
((eq svn-process-cmd 'blame)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'blame t)
(when svn-status-pre-run-svn-buffer
(with-current-buffer svn-status-pre-run-svn-buffer
(unless (eq major-mode 'svn-status-mode)
(let ((src-line-number (svn-line-number-at-pos)))
(pop-to-buffer (get-buffer svn-status-last-output-buffer-name))
(goto-line src-line-number)))))
(with-current-buffer (get-buffer svn-status-last-output-buffer-name)
(message "svn blame finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'commit)
(when (member 'commit svn-status-unmark-files-after-list)
(svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-commit-output))
(run-hooks 'svn-log-edit-done-hook)
(setq svn-status-files-to-commit nil
svn-status-recursive-commit nil)
(if (null svn-status-commit-rev-number)
(message "No revision to commit.")
(message "svn: Committed revision %s." svn-status-commit-rev-number)))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'update)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'update t)
(setq svn-status-update-list (svn-status-parse-update-output))
(if (car svn-status-update-rev-number)
(message "svn: Updated to revision %s." (cadr svn-status-update-rev-number))
(message "svn: At revision %s." (cadr svn-status-update-rev-number))))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'add)
(svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-ar-output))
(message "svn add finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'lock)
(message "svn lock finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'unlock)
(message "svn unlock finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'mkdir)
(message "svn mkdir finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'revert)
(when (member 'revert svn-status-unmark-files-after-list)
(message "svn revert finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'resolved)
(message "svn resolved finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'rm)
(svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-ar-output))
(message "svn rm finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'cleanup)
(message "svn cleanup finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'proplist)
(svn-status-show-process-output 'proplist t)
(message "svn proplist finished"))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'checkout)
(svn-status default-directory))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'proplist-parse)
((eq svn-process-cmd 'propset)
(if (member svn-status-propedit-property-name '("svn:keywords"))
(svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-property-output))
((eq svn-process-cmd 'propdel)
((string= event "killed\n")
(message "svn process killed"))
((string-match "exited abnormally" event)
(while (accept-process-output process 0 100))
;; find last error message and show it.
(goto-char (point-max))
(if (re-search-backward "^svn: \\(.*\\)" nil t)
(svn-process-handle-error (match-string 1))
(message "svn failed: %s" event)))
(message "svn process had unknown event: %s" event))
(svn-status-show-process-output nil t))))
(defvar svn-process-handle-error-msg nil)
(defun svn-process-handle-error (error-msg)
(let ((svn-process-handle-error-msg error-msg))
(electric-helpify 'svn-process-help-with-error-msg)))
(defun svn-process-help-with-error-msg ()
(let ((help-msg (cadr (assoc svn-process-handle-error-msg
'(("Cannot non-recursively commit a directory deletion"
"Please unmark all files and position point at the directory you would like to remove.\nThen run commit again."))))))
(if help-msg
(with-output-to-temp-buffer (help-buffer)
(princ (format "svn failed: %s\n\n%s" svn-process-handle-error-msg help-msg))))
(message "svn failed: %s" svn-process-handle-error-msg))))
(defun svn-process-filter (process str)
"Track the svn process output and ask user questions in the minibuffer when appropriate."
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
;;(message "svn-process-filter: %s" str)
(goto-char (point-max))
(insert str)
(goto-char (svn-point-at-bol))
(when (looking-at "Password for '\\(.+\\)': ")
(let ((passwd (read-passwd
(format "Enter svn password for %s: " (match-string 1)))))
(svn-process-send-string-and-newline passwd t)))
(when (looking-at "Username: ")
(let ((user-name (read-string "Username for svn operation: ")))
(svn-process-send-string-and-newline user-name)))
(when (looking-at "(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently")
(let ((answer (read-string "(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? ")))
(svn-process-send-string (substring answer 0 1)))))))
(defun svn-revert-some-buffers (&optional tree)
"Reverts all buffers visiting a file in TREE that aren't modified.
To be run after a commit, an update or a merge."
(let ((tree (or (svn-status-base-dir) tree)))
(dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when (not (buffer-modified-p))
(let ((file (buffer-file-name)))
(when file
(let ((root (svn-status-base-dir (file-name-directory file)))
(point-pos (point)))
(when (and root
(string= root tree)
;; buffer is modified and in the tree TREE.
;; (message "svn-revert-some-buffers: %s %s" (buffer-file-name) (verify-visited-file-modtime (current-buffer)))
;; Keep the buffer if the file doesn't exist
(when (and (file-exists-p file) (not (verify-visited-file-modtime (current-buffer))))
(revert-buffer t t)
(goto-char point-pos)))))))))))
(defun svn-parse-rev-num (str)
(if (and str (stringp str)
(save-match-data (string-match "^[0-9]+" str)))
(string-to-number str)
(defsubst svn-status-make-ui-status ()
"Make a ui-status structure for a file in a svn working copy.
The initial values in the structure returned by this function
are good for a file or directory that the user hasn't seen before.
The ui-status structure keeps track of how the file or directory
should be displayed in svn-status mode. Updating the svn-status
buffer from the working copy preserves the ui-status if possible.
User commands modify this structure; each file or directory must
thus have its own copy.
Currently, the ui-status is a list (USER-MARK USER-ELIDE).
USER-MARK is non-nil iff the user has marked the file or directory,
typically with `svn-status-set-user-mark'. To read USER-MARK,
call `svn-status-line-info->has-usermark'.
USER-ELIDE is non-nil iff the user has elided the file or directory
from the svn-status buffer, typically with `svn-status-toggle-elide'.
To read USER-ELIDE, call `svn-status-line-info->user-elide'.
Call `svn-status-line-info->ui-status' to access the whole ui-status
(list nil nil))
(defun svn-status-make-dummy-dirs (dir-list old-ui-information)
"Calculate additionally necessary directories that were not shown in the output
of 'svn status'"
;; (message "svn-status-make-dummy-dirs %S" dir-list)
(let ((candidate)
(dolist (dir dir-list)
(setq base-dir (file-name-directory dir))
(while base-dir
;;(message "dir: %S dir-list: %S, base-dir: %S" dir dir-list base-dir)
(setq candidate (replace-regexp-in-string "/+$" "" base-dir))
(setq base-dir (file-name-directory candidate))
;; (message "dir: %S, candidate: %S" dir candidate)
(add-to-list 'dir-list candidate))))
;; (message "svn-status-make-dummy-dirs %S" dir-list)
(append (mapcar (lambda (dir)
(gethash dir old-ui-information)))
(defun svn-status-make-line-info (&optional
file-mark prop-mark
local-rev last-change-rev
"Create a new line-info from the given arguments
Anything left nil gets a sensible default.
nb: LOCKED-MARK refers to the kind of locks you get after an error,
LOCKED-REPO-MARK is the kind managed with `svn lock'"
(list (or ui (svn-status-make-ui-status))
(or file-mark ? )
(or prop-mark ? )
(or path "")
(or local-rev ? )
(or last-change-rev ? )
(or author "")
(defvar svn-user-names-including-blanks nil "A list of svn user names that include blanks.
To add support for the names \"feng shui\" and \"mister blank\", place the following in your .emacs:
(setq svn-user-names-including-blanks '(\"feng shui\" \"mister blank\"))
(add-hook 'svn-pre-parse-status-hook 'svn-status-parse-fixup-user-names-including-blanks)
;;(setq svn-user-names-including-blanks '("feng shui" "mister blank"))
;;(add-hook 'svn-pre-parse-status-hook 'svn-status-parse-fixup-user-names-including-blanks)
(defun svn-status-parse-fixup-user-names-including-blanks ()
"Helper function to allow user names that include blanks.
Add this function to the `svn-pre-parse-status-hook'. The variable
`svn-user-names-including-blanks' must be configured to hold all user names that contain
blanks. This function replaces the blanks with '-' to allow further processing with
the usual parsing functionality in `svn-parse-status-result'."
(when svn-user-names-including-blanks
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((search-string (concat " \\(" (mapconcat 'concat svn-user-names-including-blanks "\\|") "\\) ")))
(while (re-search-forward search-string (point-max) t)
(replace-match (replace-regexp-in-string " " "-" (match-string 1)) nil nil nil 1)))))))
(defun svn-parse-status-result ()
"Parse the `svn-process-buffer-name' buffer.
The results are used to build the `svn-status-info' variable."
(setq svn-status-head-revision nil)
(let ((old-ui-information (svn-status-ui-information-hash-table))
(revision-width svn-status-default-revision-width)
(author-width svn-status-default-author-width)
(svn-marks-length (if svn-status-verbose
(if svn-status-remote
8 6)
(if svn-status-remote
;; not verbose
8 7)))
(dir-set '("."))
(externals-map (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(skip-double-external-dir-entry-name nil))
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(setq svn-status-info nil)
(run-hooks 'svn-pre-parse-status-hook)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
((= (svn-point-at-eol) (svn-point-at-bol)) ;skip blank lines
((looking-at "Status against revision:[ ]+\\([0-9]+\\)")
;; the above message appears for the main listing plus once for each svn:externals entry
(unless svn-status-head-revision
(setq svn-status-head-revision (match-string 1))))
((looking-at "Performing status on external item at '\\(.*\\)'")
;; The *next* line has info about the directory named in svn:externals
;; [ie the directory in (match-string 1)]
;; we should parse it, and merge the info with what we have already know
;; but for now just ignore the line completely
; (forward-line)
;; Actually, this seems to not always be the case
;; I have an example where we are in an svn:external which
;; is itself inside a svn:external, this need not be true:
;; the next line is not 'X dir' but just 'dir', so we
;; actually need to parse that line, or the results will
;; not contain dir!
;; so we should merge lines 'X dir' with ' dir', but for now
;; we just leave both in the results
;; My attempt to merge the lines uses skip-double-external-dir-entry-name
;; and externals-map
(setq skip-double-external-dir-entry-name (svn-match-string-no-properties 1))
;; (message "Going to skip %s" skip-double-external-dir-entry-name)
((looking-at "--- Changelist") ; skip svn changelist header lines
;; See:
(setq svn-marks (buffer-substring (point) (+ (point) svn-marks-length))
svn-file-mark (elt svn-marks 0) ; 1st column - M,A,C,D,G,? etc
svn-property-mark (elt svn-marks 1) ; 2nd column - M,C (properties)
svn-wc-locked-mark (elt svn-marks 2) ; 3rd column - L or blank
svn-with-history-mark (elt svn-marks 3) ; 4th column - + or blank
svn-switched-mark (elt svn-marks 4) ; 5th column - S or blank
svn-repo-locked-mark (elt svn-marks 5)) ; 6th column - K,O,T,B or blank
(when svn-status-remote
(setq svn-update-mark (elt svn-marks 7))) ; 8th column - * or blank
(when (eq svn-property-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-property-mark nil))
(when (eq svn-wc-locked-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-wc-locked-mark nil))
(when (eq svn-with-history-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-with-history-mark nil))
(when (eq svn-switched-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-switched-mark nil))
(when (eq svn-update-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-update-mark nil))
(when (eq svn-repo-locked-mark ?\ ) (setq svn-repo-locked-mark nil))
(forward-char svn-marks-length)
(skip-chars-forward " ")
;; (message "after marks: '%s'" (buffer-substring (point) (line-end-position)))
((looking-at "\\([-?]\\|[0-9]+\\) +\\([-?]\\|[0-9]+\\) +\\([^ ]+\\) *\\(.+\\)$")
(setq local-rev (svn-parse-rev-num (match-string 1))
last-change-rev (svn-parse-rev-num (match-string 2))
author (match-string 3)
path (match-string 4)))
((looking-at "\\([-?]\\|[0-9]+\\) +\\([^ ]+\\)$")
(setq local-rev (svn-parse-rev-num (match-string 1))
last-change-rev -1
author "?"
path (match-string 2)))
((looking-at "\\(.*\\)")
(setq path (match-string 1)
local-rev -1
last-change-rev -1
author (if (eq svn-file-mark ?X) "" "?"))) ;clear author of svn:externals dirs
(error "Unknown status line format")))
(unless path (setq path "."))
(setq dir (file-name-directory path))
(if (and (not svn-status-verbose) dir)
(let ((dirname (directory-file-name dir)))
(if (not (member dirname dir-set))
(setq dir-set (cons dirname dir-set)))))
(if (and skip-double-external-dir-entry-name (string= skip-double-external-dir-entry-name path))
;; merge this entry to a previous saved one
(let ((info (gethash path externals-map)))
;; (message "skip-double-external-dir-entry-name: %s - path: %s" skip-double-external-dir-entry-name path)
(if info
(svn-status-line-info->set-localrev info local-rev)
(svn-status-line-info->set-lastchangerev info last-change-rev)
(svn-status-line-info->set-author info author)
(svn-status-message 3 "merging entry for %s to %s" path info)
(setq skip-double-external-dir-entry-name nil))
(message "psvn: %s not handled correct, please report this case." path)))
(setq svn-status-info
(cons (svn-status-make-line-info path
(gethash path old-ui-information)
nil) ;;psvn-extra-info
(when (eq svn-file-mark ?X)
(svn-puthash (match-string 1) (car svn-status-info) externals-map)
(svn-status-message 3 "found external: %s %S" (match-string 1) (car svn-status-info)))
(setq revision-width (max revision-width
(length (number-to-string local-rev))
(length (number-to-string last-change-rev))))
(setq author-width (max author-width (length author)))))
(forward-line 1))
(unless svn-status-verbose
(setq svn-status-info (svn-status-make-dummy-dirs dir-set
(setq svn-status-default-column
(+ 6 revision-width revision-width author-width
(if svn-status-short-mod-flag-p 3 0)))
(setq svn-status-line-format (format " %%c%%c%%c %%%ds %%%ds %%-%ds"
(setq svn-status-info (nreverse svn-status-info))
(when svn-status-sort-status-buffer
(setq svn-status-info (sort svn-status-info 'svn-status-sort-predicate))))))
;;(string-lessp "." "%") => nil
;(svn-status-sort-predicate '(t t t ".") '(t t t "%")) => t
(defun svn-status-sort-predicate (a b)
"Return t if A should appear before B in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
A and B must be line-info's."
(string-lessp (concat (svn-status-line-info->full-path a) "/")
(concat (svn-status-line-info->full-path b) "/")))
(defun svn-status-remove-temp-file-maybe ()
"Remove any (no longer required) temporary files created by psvn.el."
(when svn-status-temp-file-to-remove
(when (file-exists-p svn-status-temp-file-to-remove)
(delete-file svn-status-temp-file-to-remove))
(when (file-exists-p svn-status-temp-arg-file)
(delete-file svn-status-temp-arg-file))
(setq svn-status-temp-file-to-remove nil)))
(defun svn-status-remove-control-M ()
"Remove ^M at end of line in the whole buffer."
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (re-search-forward "\r$" (point-max) t)
(replace-match "" nil nil))))))
(condition-case nil
;;(easy-menu-add-item nil '("tools") ["SVN Status" svn-status t] "PCL-CVS")
(easy-menu-add-item nil '("tools") ["SVN Status" svn-status t])
(error (message "psvn: could not install menu")))
(defvar svn-status-mode-map () "Keymap used in `svn-status-mode' buffers.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-mark-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for mark commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-mark-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-property-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for property commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-property-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-options-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for option commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-options-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-trac-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for trac issue tracker commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-trac-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-extension-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for some seldom used commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-extension-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(defvar svn-status-mode-branch-map ()
"Subkeymap used in `svn-status-mode' for branching commands.")
(put 'svn-status-mode-extension-map 'risky-local-variable t) ;for Emacs 20.7
(when (not svn-status-mode-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(suppress-keymap svn-status-mode-map)
;; Don't use (kbd "<return>"); it's unreachable with GNU Emacs 21.3 on a TTY.
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "RET") 'svn-status-find-file-or-examine-directory)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "<mouse-2>") 'svn-status-mouse-find-file-or-examine-directory)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "^") 'svn-status-examine-parent)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "s") 'svn-status-show-process-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "h") 'svn-status-pop-to-partner-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "f") 'svn-status-find-files)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "o") 'svn-status-find-file-other-window)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "C-o") 'svn-status-find-file-other-window-noselect)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "v") 'svn-status-view-file-other-window)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "e") 'svn-status-toggle-edit-cmd-flag)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "g") 'svn-status-update)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "M-s") 'svn-status-update) ;; PCL-CVS compatibility
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "q") 'svn-status-bury-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "x") 'svn-status-redraw-status-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "H") 'svn-status-use-history)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "m") 'svn-status-set-user-mark)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "u") 'svn-status-unset-user-mark)
;; This matches a binding of `dired-unmark-all-files' in `dired-mode-map'
;; of both GNU Emacs and XEmacs. It seems unreachable with XEmacs on
;; TTY, but if that's a problem then its Dired needs fixing too.
;; Or you could just use "*!".
(define-key svn-status-mode-map "\M-\C-?" 'svn-status-unset-all-usermarks)
;; The key that normally deletes characters backwards should here
;; instead unmark files backwards. In GNU Emacs, that would be (kbd
;; "DEL") aka [?\177], but XEmacs treats those as [(delete)] and
;; would bind a key that normally deletes forwards. [(backspace)]
;; is unreachable with GNU Emacs on a tty. Try to recognize the
;; dialect and act accordingly.
;; XEmacs has a `delete-forward-p' function that checks the
;; `delete-key-deletes-forward' option. We don't use those, for two
;; reasons: psvn.el may be loaded before user customizations, and
;; XEmacs allows simultaneous connections to multiple devices with
;; different keyboards.
(define-key svn-status-mode-map
(if (member (kbd "DEL") '([(delete)] [delete]))
[(backspace)] ; XEmacs
(kbd "DEL")) ; GNU Emacs
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "$") 'svn-status-toggle-elide)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "w") 'svn-status-copy-current-line-info)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd ".") 'svn-status-goto-root-or-return)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "I") 'svn-status-parse-info)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "V") 'svn-status-svnversion)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "?") 'svn-status-toggle-hide-unknown)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "_") 'svn-status-toggle-hide-unmodified)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "a") 'svn-status-add-file)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "A") 'svn-status-add-file-recursively)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "+") 'svn-status-make-directory)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "R") 'svn-status-mv)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "C") 'svn-status-cp)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "D") 'svn-status-rm)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "c") 'svn-status-commit)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "M-c") 'svn-status-cleanup)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "k") 'svn-status-lock)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "K") 'svn-status-unlock)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "U") 'svn-status-update-cmd)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "M-u") 'svn-status-update-cmd)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "r") 'svn-status-revert)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "l") 'svn-status-show-svn-log)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "i") 'svn-status-info)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "b") 'svn-status-blame)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "=") 'svn-status-show-svn-diff)
;; [(control ?=)] is unreachable on TTY, but you can use "*u" instead.
;; (Is the "u" mnemonic for something?)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "C-=") 'svn-status-show-svn-diff-for-marked-files)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "~") 'svn-status-get-specific-revision)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "E") 'svn-status-ediff-with-revision)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "n") 'svn-status-next-line)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "p") 'svn-status-previous-line)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "<down>") 'svn-status-next-line)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "<up>") 'svn-status-previous-line)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "C-x C-j") 'svn-status-dired-jump)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map [down-mouse-3] 'svn-status-popup-menu)
(setq svn-status-mode-mark-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "*") svn-status-mode-mark-map)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "!") 'svn-status-unset-all-usermarks)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "?") 'svn-status-mark-unknown)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "A") 'svn-status-mark-added)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "M") 'svn-status-mark-modified)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "D") 'svn-status-mark-deleted)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "*") 'svn-status-mark-changed)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd ".") 'svn-status-mark-by-file-ext)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "%") 'svn-status-mark-filename-regexp)
(define-key svn-status-mode-mark-map (kbd "u") 'svn-status-show-svn-diff-for-marked-files))
(when (not svn-status-mode-property-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-property-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "l") 'svn-status-property-list)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "s") 'svn-status-property-set)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "d") 'svn-status-property-delete)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "e") 'svn-status-property-edit-one-entry)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "i") 'svn-status-property-ignore-file)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "I") 'svn-status-property-ignore-file-extension)
;; XEmacs 21.4.15 on TTY (vt420) converts `C-i' to `TAB',
;; which [(control ?i)] won't match. Handle it separately.
;; On GNU Emacs, the following two forms bind the same key,
;; reducing clutter in `where-is'.
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map [(control ?i)] 'svn-status-property-edit-svn-ignore)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "TAB") 'svn-status-property-edit-svn-ignore)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "k") 'svn-status-property-set-keyword-list)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "Ki") 'svn-status-property-set-keyword-id)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "Kd") 'svn-status-property-set-keyword-date)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "y") 'svn-status-property-set-eol-style)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "x") 'svn-status-property-set-executable)
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "m") 'svn-status-property-set-mime-type)
;; TODO: Why is `svn-status-select-line' in `svn-status-mode-property-map'?
(define-key svn-status-mode-property-map (kbd "RET") 'svn-status-select-line)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "P") svn-status-mode-property-map))
(when (not svn-status-mode-extension-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-extension-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-extension-map (kbd "v") 'svn-status-resolved)
(define-key svn-status-mode-extension-map (kbd "X") 'svn-status-resolve-conflicts)
(define-key svn-status-mode-extension-map (kbd "e") 'svn-status-export)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "X") svn-status-mode-extension-map))
(when (not svn-status-mode-options-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-options-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "s") 'svn-status-save-state)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "l") 'svn-status-load-state)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "x") 'svn-status-toggle-sort-status-buffer)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "v") 'svn-status-toggle-svn-verbose-flag)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "f") 'svn-status-toggle-display-full-path)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "t") 'svn-status-set-trac-project-root)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "n") 'svn-status-set-module-name)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "c") 'svn-status-set-changelog-style)
(define-key svn-status-mode-options-map (kbd "b") 'svn-status-set-branch-list)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "O") svn-status-mode-options-map))
(when (not svn-status-mode-trac-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-trac-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "w") 'svn-trac-browse-wiki)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "t") 'svn-trac-browse-timeline)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "m") 'svn-trac-browse-roadmap)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "r") 'svn-trac-browse-report)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "s") 'svn-trac-browse-source)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "i") 'svn-trac-browse-ticket)
(define-key svn-status-mode-trac-map (kbd "c") 'svn-trac-browse-changeset)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "T") svn-status-mode-trac-map))
(when (not svn-status-mode-branch-map)
(setq svn-status-mode-branch-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(define-key svn-status-mode-branch-map (kbd "d") 'svn-branch-diff)
(define-key svn-status-mode-map (kbd "B") svn-status-mode-branch-map))
(easy-menu-define svn-status-mode-menu svn-status-mode-map
"'svn-status-mode' menu"
["svn status" svn-status-update t]
["svn update" svn-status-update-cmd t]
["svn commit" svn-status-commit t]
["svn log" svn-status-show-svn-log t]
["svn info" svn-status-info t]
["svn blame" svn-status-blame t]
["svn diff current file" svn-status-show-svn-diff t]
["svn diff marked files" svn-status-show-svn-diff-for-marked-files t]
["svn ediff current file" svn-status-ediff-with-revision t]
["svn resolve conflicts" svn-status-resolve-conflicts]
["svn cat ..." svn-status-get-specific-revision t]
["svn add" svn-status-add-file t]
["svn add recursively" svn-status-add-file-recursively t]
["svn mkdir..." svn-status-make-directory t]
["svn mv..." svn-status-mv t]
["svn cp..." svn-status-cp t]
["svn rm..." svn-status-rm t]
["svn export..." svn-status-export t]
["Up Directory" svn-status-examine-parent t]
["Elide Directory" svn-status-toggle-elide t]
["svn revert" svn-status-revert t]
["svn resolved" svn-status-resolved t]
["svn cleanup" svn-status-cleanup t]
["svn lock" svn-status-lock t]
["svn unlock" svn-status-unlock t]
["Show Process Buffer" svn-status-show-process-buffer t]
["diff" svn-branch-diff t]
["Set Branch list" svn-status-set-branch-list t]
["svn proplist" svn-status-property-list t]
["Set Multiple Properties..." svn-status-property-set t]
["Edit One Property..." svn-status-property-edit-one-entry t]
["svn propdel..." svn-status-property-delete t]
["svn:ignore File..." svn-status-property-ignore-file t]
["svn:ignore File Extension..." svn-status-property-ignore-file-extension t]
["Edit svn:ignore Property" svn-status-property-edit-svn-ignore t]
["Edit svn:keywords List" svn-status-property-set-keyword-list t]
["Add/Remove Id to/from svn:keywords" svn-status-property-set-keyword-id t]
["Add/Remove Date to/from svn:keywords" svn-status-property-set-keyword-date t]
["Select svn:eol-style" svn-status-property-set-eol-style t]
["Set svn:executable" svn-status-property-set-executable t]
["Set svn:mime-type" svn-status-property-set-mime-type t]
["Save Options" svn-status-save-state t]
["Load Options" svn-status-load-state t]
["Set Trac project root" svn-status-set-trac-project-root t]
["Set Short module name" svn-status-set-module-name t]
["Set Changelog style" svn-status-set-changelog-style t]
["Set Branch list" svn-status-set-branch-list t]
["Sort the *svn-status* buffer" svn-status-toggle-sort-status-buffer
:style toggle :selected svn-status-sort-status-buffer]
["Use -v for svn status calls" svn-status-toggle-svn-verbose-flag
:style toggle :selected svn-status-verbose]
["Display full path names" svn-status-toggle-display-full-path
:style toggle :selected svn-status-display-full-path]
["Browse wiki" svn-trac-browse-wiki t]
["Browse timeline" svn-trac-browse-timeline t]
["Browse roadmap" svn-trac-browse-roadmap t]
["Browse source" svn-trac-browse-source t]
["Browse report" svn-trac-browse-report t]
["Browse ticket" svn-trac-browse-ticket t]
["Browse changeset" svn-trac-browse-changeset t]
["Set Trac project root" svn-status-set-trac-project-root t]
["Edit Next SVN Cmd Line" svn-status-toggle-edit-cmd-flag t]
["Work Directory History..." svn-status-use-history t]
("Mark / Unmark"
["Mark" svn-status-set-user-mark t]
["Unmark" svn-status-unset-user-mark t]
["Unmark all" svn-status-unset-all-usermarks t]
["Mark/Unmark unknown" svn-status-mark-unknown t]
["Mark/Unmark added" svn-status-mark-added t]
["Mark/Unmark modified" svn-status-mark-modified t]
["Mark/Unmark deleted" svn-status-mark-deleted t]
["Mark/Unmark modified/added/deleted" svn-status-mark-changed t]
["Mark/Unmark filename by extension" svn-status-mark-by-file-ext t]
["Mark/Unmark filename by regexp" svn-status-mark-filename-regexp t]
["Hide Unknown" svn-status-toggle-hide-unknown
:style toggle :selected svn-status-hide-unknown]
["Hide Unmodified" svn-status-toggle-hide-unmodified
:style toggle :selected svn-status-hide-unmodified]
["Show Client versions" svn-status-version t]
["Prepare bug report" svn-prepare-bug-report t]
(defvar svn-status-file-popup-menu-list
'(["open" svn-status-find-file-other-window t]
["svn diff" svn-status-show-svn-diff t]
["svn commit" svn-status-commit t]
["svn log" svn-status-show-svn-log t]
["svn blame" svn-status-blame t]
["mark" svn-status-set-user-mark t]
["unmark" svn-status-unset-user-mark t]
["svn add" svn-status-add-file t]
["svn add recursively" svn-status-add-file-recursively t]
["svn mv..." svn-status-mv t]
["svn rm..." svn-status-rm t]
["svn lock" svn-status-lock t]
["svn unlock" svn-status-unlock t]
["svn info" svn-status-info t]
) "A list of menu entries for `svn-status-popup-menu'")
;; extend svn-status-file-popup-menu-list via:
;; (add-to-list 'svn-status-file-popup-menu-list ["commit" svn-status-commit t])
(defun svn-status-popup-menu (event)
"Display a file specific popup menu"
(interactive "e")
(mouse-set-point event)
(let* ((line-info (svn-status-get-line-information))
(name (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
(when line-info
(easy-menu-define svn-status-actual-popup-menu nil nil
(append (list name) svn-status-file-popup-menu-list))
'svn-status-marked-popup-face (svn-point-at-bol) (svn-point-at-eol)
(defun svn-status-face-set-temporary-during-popup (face begin end menu &optional prefix)
"Put FACE on BEGIN and END in the buffer during Popup MENU.
PREFIX is passed to `popup-menu'."
(let (o)
(setq o (make-overlay begin end))
(overlay-put o 'face face)
(sit-for 0)
(popup-menu menu prefix))
(delete-overlay o))))
(defun svn-status-mode ()
"Major mode used by psvn.el to display the output of \"svn status\".
The Output has the following format:
FPH BASE CMTD Author em File
F = Filemark
P = Property mark
H = History mark
BASE = local base revision
CMTD = last committed revision
Author = author of change
em = \"**\" or \"(Update Available)\" [see `svn-status-short-mod-flag-p']
if file can be updated
File = path/filename
The following keys are defined:
(use-local-map svn-status-mode-map)
(easy-menu-add svn-status-mode-menu)
(setq major-mode 'svn-status-mode)
(setq mode-name "svn-status")
(setq mode-line-process 'svn-status-mode-line-process)
(run-hooks 'svn-status-mode-hook)
(let ((view-read-only nil))
(toggle-read-only 1)))
(defun svn-status-update-mode-line ()
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process
(concat svn-status-mode-line-process-edit-flag svn-status-mode-line-process-status))
(defun svn-status-bury-buffer (arg)
"Bury the buffers used by psvn.el
Currently this is:
When called with a prefix argument, ARG, switch back to the window configuration that was
in use before `svn-status' was called."
(interactive "P")
(cond (arg
(when svn-status-initial-window-configuration
(set-window-configuration svn-status-initial-window-configuration)))
(let ((bl `(,svn-log-edit-buffer-name "*svn-property-edit*" "*svn-log*" "*svn-info*" ,svn-process-buffer-name)))
(while bl
(when (get-buffer (car bl))
(bury-buffer (car bl)))
(setq bl (cdr bl)))
(when (string= (buffer-name) svn-status-buffer-name)
(defun svn-status-save-some-buffers (&optional tree)
"Save all buffers visiting a file in TREE.
If TREE is not given, try `svn-status-base-dir' as TREE."
;; (message "svn-status-save-some-buffers: tree1: %s" tree)
(let ((ok t)
(tree (or (svn-status-base-dir)
;; (message "svn-status-save-some-buffers: tree2: %s" tree)
(unless tree
(error "Not in a svn project tree"))
(dolist (buffer (buffer-list))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(when (buffer-modified-p)
(let ((file (buffer-file-name)))
(when file
(let ((root (svn-status-base-dir (file-name-directory file))))
;; (message "svn-status-save-some-buffers: file: %s, root: %s" file root)
(when (and root
(string= root tree)
;; buffer is modified and in the tree TREE.
(or (y-or-n-p (concat "Save buffer " (buffer-name) "? "))
(setq ok nil)))
(defun svn-status-find-files ()
"Open selected file(s) for editing.
See `svn-status-marked-files' for what counts as selected."
(let ((fnames (mapcar 'svn-status-line-info->full-path (svn-status-marked-files))))
(mapc 'find-file fnames)))
(defun svn-status-find-file-other-window ()
"Open the file in the other window for editing."
(find-file-other-window (svn-status-line-info->filename
(defun svn-status-find-file-other-window-noselect ()
"Open the file in the other window for editing, but don't select it."
(find-file-noselect (svn-status-line-info->filename
(defun svn-status-view-file-other-window ()
"Open the file in the other window for viewing."
(view-file-other-window (svn-status-line-info->filename
(defun svn-status-find-file-or-examine-directory ()
"If point is on a directory, run `svn-status' on that directory.
Otherwise run `find-file'."
(let ((line-info (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(if (svn-status-line-info->directory-p line-info)
(svn-status (svn-status-line-info->full-path line-info))
(find-file (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))))
(defun svn-status-examine-parent ()
"Run `svn-status' on the parent of the current directory."
(svn-status (expand-file-name "../")))
(defun svn-status-mouse-find-file-or-examine-directory (event)
"Move point to where EVENT occurred, and do `svn-status-find-file-or-examine-directory'
EVENT could be \"mouse clicked\" or similar."
(interactive "e")
(mouse-set-point event)
(defun svn-status-line-info->ui-status (line-info)
"Return the ui-status structure of LINE-INFO.
See `svn-status-make-ui-status' for information about the ui-status."
(nth 0 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->has-usermark (line-info) (nth 0 (nth 0 line-info)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->user-elide (line-info) (nth 1 (nth 0 line-info)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->filemark (line-info) (nth 1 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->propmark (line-info) (nth 2 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->filename (line-info) (nth 3 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory (line-info)
(file-name-nondirectory (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->localrev (line-info)
(if (>= (nth 4 line-info) 0)
(nth 4 line-info)
(defun svn-status-line-info->lastchangerev (line-info)
"Return the last revision in which LINE-INFO was modified."
(let ((l (nth 5 line-info)))
(if (and l (>= l 0))
(defun svn-status-line-info->author (line-info)
"Return the last author that changed the item that is represented in LINE-INFO."
(nth 6 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->update-available (line-info)
"Return whether LINE-INFO is out of date.
In other words, whether there is a newer version available in the
repository than the working copy."
(nth 7 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->locked (line-info)
"Return whether LINE-INFO represents a locked file.
This is column three of the `svn status' output.
The result will be nil or \"L\".
\(A file becomes locked when an operation is interupted; run \\[svn-status-cleanup]'
to unlock it.\)"
(nth 8 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->historymark (line-info)
"Mark from column four of output from `svn status'.
This will be nil unless the file is scheduled for addition with
history, when it will be \"+\"."
(nth 9 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->switched (line-info)
"Return whether LINE-INFO is switched relative to its parent.
This is column five of the output from `svn status'.
The result will be nil or \"S\"."
(nth 10 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->repo-locked (line-info)
"Return whether LINE-INFO contains some locking information.
This is column six of the output from `svn status'.
The result will be \"K\", \"O\", \"T\", \"B\" or nil."
(nth 11 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->psvn-extra-info (line-info)
"Return a list of extra information for psvn associated with LINE-INFO.
This list holds currently only one element:
* The action after a commit or update."
(nth 12 line-info))
(defun svn-status-line-info->is-visiblep (line-info)
"Return whether the line is visible or not"
(or (not (or (svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unknown line-info)
(svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unmodified line-info)
(svn-status-line-info->hide-because-custom-hide-function line-info)
(svn-status-line-info->hide-because-user-elide line-info)))
(svn-status-line-info->update-available line-info) ;; show the line, if an update is available
(svn-status-line-info->psvn-extra-info line-info) ;; show the line, if there is some extra info displayed on this line
(defun svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unknown (line-info)
(and svn-status-hide-unknown
(eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark line-info) ??)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->hide-because-custom-hide-function (line-info)
(and svn-status-custom-hide-function
(apply svn-status-custom-hide-function (list line-info))))
(defun svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unmodified (line-info)
;;(message " %S %S %S %S - %s" svn-status-hide-unmodified (svn-status-line-info->propmark line-info) ?_
;; (svn-status-line-info->filemark line-info) (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info))
(and svn-status-hide-unmodified
(and (or (eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark line-info) ?_)
(eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark line-info) ? ))
(or (eq (svn-status-line-info->propmark line-info) ?_)
(eq (svn-status-line-info->propmark line-info) ? )
(eq (svn-status-line-info->propmark line-info) nil)))))
(defun svn-status-line-info->hide-because-user-elide (line-info)
(eq (svn-status-line-info->user-elide line-info) t))
(defun svn-status-line-info->show-user-elide-continuation (line-info)
(eq (svn-status-line-info->user-elide line-info) 'directory))
;; modify the line-info
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-filemark (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 1 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-propmark (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 2 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-localrev (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 4 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-author (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 6 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-lastchangerev (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 5 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-repo-locked (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 11 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-line-info->set-psvn-extra-info (line-info value)
(setcar (nthcdr 12 line-info) value))
(defun svn-status-copy-current-line-info (arg)
"Copy the current file name at point, using `svn-status-copy-filename-as-kill'.
If no file is at point, copy everything starting from ':' to the end of line."
(interactive "P")
(if (svn-status-get-line-information)
(svn-status-copy-filename-as-kill arg)
(goto-char (svn-point-at-bol))
(when (looking-at ".+?: *\\(.+\\)$")
(kill-new (svn-match-string-no-properties 1))
(message "Copied: %s" (svn-match-string-no-properties 1))))))
(defun svn-status-copy-filename-as-kill (arg)
"Copy the actual file name to the kill-ring.
When called with the prefix argument 0, use the full path name."
(interactive "P")
(let ((str (if (eq arg 0)
(svn-status-line-info->full-path (svn-status-get-line-information))
(svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)))))
(kill-new str)
(message "Copied %s" str)))
(defun svn-status-get-child-directories (&optional dir)
"Return a list of subdirectories for DIR"
(let ((this-dir (concat (expand-file-name (or dir (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)))) "/"))
;;(message "this-dir %S" this-dir)
(dolist (line-info svn-status-info)
(when (svn-status-line-info->directory-p line-info)
(setq test-dir (svn-status-line-info->full-path line-info))
(when (string= (file-name-directory test-dir) this-dir)
(add-to-list 'sub-dir-list (file-relative-name (svn-status-line-info->full-path line-info)) t))))
(defun svn-status-toggle-elide (arg)
"Toggle eliding of the current file or directory.
When called with a prefix argument, toggle the hiding of all subdirectories for the current directory."
(interactive "P")
(if arg
(let ((cur-line (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information))))
(when (svn-status-line-info->user-elide (svn-status-get-line-information))
(svn-status-toggle-elide nil))
(dolist (dir-name (svn-status-get-child-directories))
(svn-status-goto-file-name dir-name)
(svn-status-toggle-elide nil))
(svn-status-goto-file-name cur-line))
(let ((st-info svn-status-info)
(test (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(new-elide-mark t)
(if (member test svn-status-elided-list)
(setq svn-status-elided-list (delete test svn-status-elided-list))
(add-to-list 'svn-status-elided-list test))
(when (string= test ".")
(setq test ""))
(setq len-test (length test))
(while st-info
(setq fname (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info)))
(setq len-fname (length fname))
(when (and (>= len-fname len-test)
(string= (substring fname 0 len-test) test))
(setq elide-mark new-elide-mark)
(when (or (string= fname ".")
(and (= len-fname len-test) (svn-status-line-info->directory-p (car st-info))))
(message "Elided directory %s and all its files." fname)
(setq new-elide-mark (not (svn-status-line-info->user-elide (car st-info))))
(setq elide-mark (if new-elide-mark 'directory nil)))
;;(message "elide-mark: %S member: %S" elide-mark (member fname svn-status-elided-list))
(when (and (member fname svn-status-elided-list) (not elide-mark))
(setq svn-status-elided-list (delete fname svn-status-elided-list)))
(setcar (nthcdr 1 (svn-status-line-info->ui-status (car st-info))) elide-mark))
(setq st-info (cdr st-info))))
;;(message "svn-status-elided-list: %S" svn-status-elided-list)
(defun svn-status-apply-elide-list ()
"Elide files/directories according to `svn-status-elided-list'."
(let ((st-info svn-status-info)
(while st-info
(setq fname (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info)))
(setq len-fname (length fname))
(setq elided-list svn-status-elided-list)
(setq elide-mark nil)
(while elided-list
(setq test (car elided-list))
(when (string= test ".")
(setq test ""))
(setq len-test (length test))
(when (and (>= len-fname len-test)
(string= (substring fname 0 len-test) test))
(setq elide-mark t)
(when (or (string= fname ".")
(and (= len-fname len-test) (svn-status-line-info->directory-p (car st-info))))
(setq elide-mark 'directory)))
(setq elided-list (cdr elided-list)))
;;(message "fname: %s elide-mark: %S" fname elide-mark)
(setcar (nthcdr 1 (svn-status-line-info->ui-status (car st-info))) elide-mark)
(setq st-info (cdr st-info))))
(defun svn-status-update-with-command-list (cmd-list)
(set-buffer svn-status-buffer-name)
(let ((st-info)
(fname (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(fname-pos (point))
(column (current-column)))
(setq cmd-list (sort cmd-list '(lambda (item1 item2) (string-lessp (car item1) (car item2)))))
(while cmd-list
(unless st-info (setq st-info svn-status-info))
;;(message "%S" (caar cmd-list))
(setq found nil)
(while (and (not found) st-info)
(setq found (string= (caar cmd-list) (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info))))
;;(message "found: %S" found)
(unless found (setq st-info (cdr st-info))))
(unless found
(svn-status-message 3 "psvn: continue to search for %s" (caar cmd-list))
(setq st-info svn-status-info)
(while (and (not found) st-info)
(setq found (string= (caar cmd-list) (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info))))
(unless found (setq st-info (cdr st-info)))))
(if found
;;update the info line
(setq action (cadar cmd-list))
;;(message "found %s, action: %S" (caar cmd-list) action)
(svn-status-annotate-status-buffer-entry action (car st-info)))
(svn-status-message 3 "psvn: did not find %s" (caar cmd-list)))
(setq cmd-list (cdr cmd-list)))
(if fname
(goto-char fname-pos)
(svn-status-goto-file-name fname)
(goto-char (+ column (svn-point-at-bol))))
(goto-char (+ (next-overlay-change (point-min)) svn-status-default-column))))))
(defun svn-status-annotate-status-buffer-entry (action line-info)
(let ((tag-string))
(svn-status-goto-file-name (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info))
(when (and (member action '(committed added))
(svn-status-line-info->set-localrev line-info svn-status-commit-rev-number)
(svn-status-line-info->set-lastchangerev line-info svn-status-commit-rev-number))
(when svn-status-last-commit-author
(svn-status-line-info->set-author line-info svn-status-last-commit-author))
(svn-status-line-info->set-psvn-extra-info line-info (list action))
(cond ((equal action 'committed)
(setq tag-string " <committed>")
(when (member (svn-status-line-info->repo-locked line-info) '(?K))
(svn-status-line-info->set-repo-locked line-info nil)))
((equal action 'added)
(setq tag-string " <added>"))
((equal action 'deleted)
(setq tag-string " <deleted>"))
((equal action 'replaced)
(setq tag-string " <replaced>"))
((equal action 'updated)
(setq tag-string " <updated>"))
((equal action 'updated-props)
(setq tag-string " <updated-props>"))
((equal action 'conflicted)
(setq tag-string " <conflicted>")
(svn-status-line-info->set-filemark line-info ?C))
((equal action 'merged)
(setq tag-string " <merged>"))
((equal action 'propset)
;;(setq tag-string " <propset>")
(svn-status-line-info->set-propmark line-info svn-status-file-modified-after-save-flag))
((equal action 'added-wc)
(svn-status-line-info->set-filemark line-info ?A)
(svn-status-line-info->set-localrev line-info 0))
((equal action 'deleted-wc)
(svn-status-line-info->set-filemark line-info ?D))
(error "Unknown action '%s for %s" action (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info))))
(when (and tag-string (not (member action '(conflicted merged))))
(svn-status-line-info->set-filemark line-info ? )
(svn-status-line-info->set-propmark line-info ? ))
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(delete-region (svn-point-at-bol) (svn-point-at-eol))
(svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer line-info)
(backward-char 1)
(when tag-string
(insert tag-string))
(delete-char 1))))
;; (svn-status-update-with-command-list '(("++ideas" committed) ("a.txt" committed) ("alf")))
;; (svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-commit-output))
(defun svn-status-parse-commit-output ()
"Parse the output of svn commit.
Return a list that is suitable for `svn-status-update-with-command-list'"
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(let ((action)
(goto-char (point-min))
(setq svn-status-commit-rev-number nil)
(setq skip nil) ; set to t whenever we find a line not about a committed file
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(cond ((= (svn-point-at-eol) (svn-point-at-bol)) ;skip blank lines
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "Sending")
(setq action 'committed))
((looking-at "Adding")
(setq action 'added))
((looking-at "Deleting")
(setq action 'deleted))
((looking-at "Replacing")
(setq action 'replaced))
((looking-at "Transmitting file data")
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "Committed revision \\([0-9]+\\)")
(setq svn-status-commit-rev-number
(string-to-number (svn-match-string-no-properties 1)))
(setq skip t))
(t ;; this should never be needed(?)
(setq action 'unknown)))
(unless skip ;found an interesting line
(forward-char 15)
(when svn-status-operated-on-dot
;; when the commit used . as argument, delete the trailing directory
;; from the svn output
(search-forward "/" nil t))
(setq file-name (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol)))
(unless svn-status-last-commit-author
(setq svn-status-last-commit-author (car (svn-status-info-for-path (expand-file-name (concat default-directory file-name))))))
(setq result (cons (list file-name action)
(setq skip nil))
(forward-line 1))
(defun svn-status-parse-ar-output ()
"Parse the output of svn add|remove.
Return a list that is suitable for `svn-status-update-with-command-list'"
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(let ((action)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(cond ((= (svn-point-at-eol) (svn-point-at-bol)) ;skip blank lines
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "A")
(setq action 'added-wc))
((looking-at "D")
(setq action 'deleted-wc))
(t ;; this should never be needed(?)
(setq action 'unknown)))
(unless skip ;found an interesting line
(forward-char 10)
(setq name (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol)))
(setq result (cons (list name action)
(setq skip nil))
(forward-line 1))
;; (svn-status-parse-ar-output)
;; (svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-ar-output))
(defun svn-status-parse-update-output ()
"Parse the output of svn update.
Return a list that is suitable for `svn-status-update-with-command-list'"
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(setq svn-status-update-rev-number nil)
(let ((action)
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (< (point) (point-max))
(cond ((= (svn-point-at-eol) (svn-point-at-bol)) ;skip blank lines
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "Updated to revision \\([0-9]+\\)")
(setq svn-status-update-rev-number
(list t (string-to-number (svn-match-string-no-properties 1))))
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "At revision \\([0-9]+\\)")
(setq svn-status-update-rev-number
(list nil (string-to-number (svn-match-string-no-properties 1))))
(setq skip t))
((looking-at "U")
(setq action 'updated))
((looking-at "A")
(setq action 'added))
((looking-at "D")
(setq skip t))
;;(setq action 'deleted)) ;;deleted files are not displayed in the svn status output.
((looking-at "C")
(setq action 'conflicted))
((looking-at "G")
(setq action 'merged))
((looking-at " U")
(setq action 'updated-props))
(t ;; this should never be needed(?)
(setq action (concat "parse-update: '"
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (+ 2 (point))) "'"))))
(unless skip ;found an interesting line
(forward-char 3)
(setq name (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol)))
(setq result (cons (list name action)
(setq skip nil))
(forward-line 1))
;; (svn-status-parse-update-output)
;; (svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-update-output))
(defun svn-status-parse-property-output ()
"Parse the output of svn propset.
Return a list that is suitable for `svn-status-update-with-command-list'"
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(let ((result))
(dolist (line (split-string (buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)) "\n"))
(message "%s" line)
(when (string-match "property '\\(.+\\)' set on '\\(.+\\)'" line)
;;(message "property %s - file %s" (match-string 1 line) (match-string 2 line))
(setq result (cons (list (match-string 2 line) 'propset) result))))
;; (svn-status-parse-property-output)
;; (svn-status-update-with-command-list (svn-status-parse-property-output))
(defun svn-status-line-info->symlink-p (line-info)
"Return non-nil if LINE-INFO refers to a symlink, nil otherwise.
The value is the name of the file to which it is linked. \(See
On win32 systems this won't work, even though symlinks are supported
by subversion on such systems."
;; on win32 would need to see how svn does symlinks
(file-symlink-p (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->directory-p (line-info)
"Return t if LINE-INFO refers to a directory, nil otherwise.
Symbolic links to directories count as directories (see `file-directory-p')."
(file-directory-p (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
(defun svn-status-line-info->full-path (line-info)
"Return the full path of the file represented by LINE-INFO."
(svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
;;Not convinced that this is the fastest way, but...
(defun svn-status-count-/ (string)
"Return number of \"/\"'s in STRING."
(let ((n 0)
(last 0))
(while (setq last (string-match "/" string (1+ last)))
(setq n (1+ n)))
(defun svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer (line-info)
"Format LINE-INFO and insert the result in the current buffer."
(let ((usermark (if (svn-status-line-info->has-usermark line-info) "*" " "))
(update-available (if (svn-status-line-info->update-available line-info)
(svn-add-face (if svn-status-short-mod-flag-p
"** "
" (Update Available)")
(if svn-status-short-mod-flag-p " " "")))
(filename ;; <indentation>file or /path/to/file
(if (or svn-status-display-full-path
(let ((dir-name (file-name-as-directory
line-info nil))))
(if (and (<= 2 (length dir-name))
(= ?. (aref dir-name 0))
(= ?/ (aref dir-name 1)))
(substring dir-name 2)
;; showing all files, so add indentation
(make-string (* 2 (svn-status-count-/
(svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)))
;;symlinks get a different face
(let ((target (svn-status-line-info->symlink-p line-info)))
(if target
;; name -> trget
;; name gets symlink-face, target gets file/directory face
(svn-add-face (svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory line-info)
" -> "
;; TODO: could use different faces for
;; unversioned targets and broken symlinks?
(svn-status-line-info->directory-p line-info)
;; else target is not a link
(svn-status-line-info->directory-p line-info)
(svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory line-info)
(elide-hint (if (svn-status-line-info->show-user-elide-continuation line-info) " ..." "")))
(svn-puthash (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)
(insert (svn-status-maybe-add-face
(svn-status-line-info->has-usermark line-info)
(concat usermark
(format svn-status-line-format
(svn-status-line-info->filemark line-info)
(or (svn-status-line-info->propmark line-info) ? )
(or (svn-status-line-info->historymark line-info) ? )
(or (svn-status-line-info->localrev line-info) "")
(or (svn-status-line-info->lastchangerev line-info) "")
(svn-status-line-info->author line-info))
(when svn-status-short-mod-flag-p update-available)
(unless svn-status-short-mod-flag-p update-available)
(svn-status-maybe-add-string (svn-status-line-info->locked line-info)
" [ LOCKED ]" 'svn-status-locked-face)
(svn-status-maybe-add-string (svn-status-line-info->repo-locked line-info)
(let ((flag (svn-status-line-info->repo-locked line-info)))
(cond ((eq flag ?K) " [ REPO-LOCK-HERE ]")
((eq flag ?O) " [ REPO-LOCK-OTHER ]")
((eq flag ?T) " [ REPO-LOCK-STOLEN ]")
((eq flag ?B) " [ REPO-LOCK-BROKEN ]")
(t " [ REPO-LOCK-UNKNOWN ]")))
(svn-status-maybe-add-string (svn-status-line-info->switched line-info)
" (switched)" 'svn-status-switched-face)
(defun svn-status-redraw-status-buffer ()
"Redraw the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
Additionally clear the psvn-extra-info field in all line-info lists."
(dolist (line-info svn-status-info)
(svn-status-line-info->set-psvn-extra-info line-info nil))
(defun svn-status-update-buffer ()
"Update the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer, using `svn-status-info'.
This function does not access the repository."
;(message "buffer-name: %s" (buffer-name))
(unless (string= (buffer-name) svn-status-buffer-name)
(set-buffer svn-status-buffer-name))
(when svn-status-refresh-info
(when (eq svn-status-refresh-info 'once)
(setq svn-status-refresh-info nil))
(svn-status-parse-info t))
(let ((st-info svn-status-info)
(buffer-read-only nil)
(unmodified-count 0) ;how many unmodified files are hidden
(unknown-count 0) ;how many unknown files are hidden
(custom-hide-count 0) ;how many files are hidden via svn-status-custom-hide-function
(marked-count 0) ;how many files are elided
(user-elide-count 0)
(first-line t)
(fname (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(fname-pos (point))
(window-line-pos (svn-status-window-line-position (get-buffer-window (current-buffer))))
(column (current-column)))
(delete-region (point-min) (point-max))
(insert "\n")
;; Insert all files and directories
(while st-info
(setq start-pos (point))
(cond ((or (svn-status-line-info->has-usermark (car st-info)) first-line)
;; Show a marked file and the "." always
(svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer (car st-info))
(setq first-line nil))
((svn-status-line-info->update-available (car st-info))
(svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer (car st-info)))
((and svn-status-custom-hide-function
(apply svn-status-custom-hide-function (list (car st-info))))
(setq custom-hide-count (1+ custom-hide-count)))
((svn-status-line-info->hide-because-user-elide (car st-info))
(setq user-elide-count (1+ user-elide-count)))
((svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unknown (car st-info))
(setq unknown-count (1+ unknown-count)))
((svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unmodified (car st-info))
(setq unmodified-count (1+ unmodified-count)))
(svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer (car st-info))))
(when (svn-status-line-info->has-usermark (car st-info))
(setq marked-count (+ marked-count 1)))
(setq overlay (make-overlay start-pos (point)))
(overlay-put overlay 'svn-info (car st-info))
(setq st-info (cdr st-info)))
;; Insert status information at the buffer beginning
(goto-char (point-min))
(insert (format "svn status for directory %s%s\n"
(if svn-status-head-revision (format " (status against revision: %s)"
(when svn-status-module-name
(insert (format "Project name: %s\n" svn-status-module-name)))
(when svn-status-branch-list
(insert (format "Branches: %s\n" svn-status-branch-list)))
(when svn-status-base-info
(insert (concat "Repository Root: " (svn-status-base-info->repository-root) "\n"))
(insert (concat "Repository Url: " (svn-status-base-info->url) "\n")))
(when svn-status-hide-unknown
(format "%d Unknown file(s) are hidden - press `?' to toggle hiding\n"
(when svn-status-hide-unmodified
(format "%d Unmodified file(s) are hidden - press `_' to toggle hiding\n"
(when (> custom-hide-count 0)
(format "%d file(s) are hidden via the svn-status-custom-hide-function\n"
(when (> user-elide-count 0)
(insert (format "%d file(s) elided\n" user-elide-count)))
(insert (format "%d file(s) marked\n" marked-count))
(setq header-line-string (concat (format svn-status-line-format
70 80 72 "BASE" "CMTD" "Author")
(if svn-status-short-mod-flag-p "em " "")
(cond ((eq svn-status-use-header-line t)
(setq header-line-format (concat " " header-line-string)))
((eq svn-status-use-header-line 'inline)
(insert "\n " header-line-string "\n")))
(setq svn-start-of-file-list-line-number (+ (count-lines (point-min) (point)) 1))
(if fname
(goto-char fname-pos)
(svn-status-goto-file-name fname)
(goto-char (+ column (svn-point-at-bol)))
(when window-line-pos
(recenter window-line-pos)))
(goto-char (+ (next-overlay-change (point-min)) svn-status-default-column)))))
(defun svn-status-parse-info (arg)
"Parse the svn info output for the base directory.
Show the repository url after this call in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
When called with the prefix argument 0, reset the information to nil.
This hides the repository information again.
When ARG is t, don't update the svn status buffer. This is useful for
non-interactive use."
(interactive "P")
(if (eq arg 0)
(setq svn-status-base-info nil)
(let ((svn-process-buffer-name "*svn-info-output*"))
(when (get-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(kill-buffer svn-process-buffer-name))
(svn-run nil t 'parse-info "info" ".")
(unless (eq arg t)
(defun svn-status-parse-info-result ()
"Parse the result from the svn info command.
Put the found values in `svn-status-base-info'."
(let ((url)
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(goto-char (point-min))
(let ((case-fold-search t))
(search-forward "url: ")
(setq url (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol)))
(when (search-forward "repository root: " nil t)
(setq repository-root (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol))))
(when (search-forward "last changed author: " nil t)
(setq last-changed-author (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (svn-point-at-eol))))))
(setq svn-status-base-info `((url ,url) (repository-root ,repository-root) (last-changed-author ,last-changed-author)))))
(defun svn-status-base-info->url ()
"Extract the url part from `svn-status-base-info'."
(if svn-status-base-info
(cadr (assoc 'url svn-status-base-info))
(defun svn-status-base-info->repository-root ()
"Extract the repository-root part from `svn-status-base-info'."
(if svn-status-base-info
(cadr (assoc 'repository-root svn-status-base-info))
(defun svn-status-checkout-prefix-path ()
"When only a part of the svn repository is checked out, return the file path for this checkout."
(svn-status-parse-info t)
(let ((root (svn-status-base-info->repository-root))
(url (svn-status-base-info->url))
(base-dir (svn-status-base-dir))
(setq p (substring url (length root)))
(setq wc-checkout-prefix (file-relative-name default-directory base-dir))
(when (string= wc-checkout-prefix "./")
(setq wc-checkout-prefix ""))
;; (message "svn-status-checkout-prefix-path: wc-checkout-prefix: '%s' p: '%s' base-dir: %s" wc-checkout-prefix p base-dir)
(setq p (substring p 0 (- (length p) (length wc-checkout-prefix))))
(when (interactive-p)
(message "svn-status-checkout-prefix-path: '%s'" p))
(defun svn-status-ls (path &optional synchron)
"Run svn ls PATH."
(interactive "sPath for svn ls: ")
(svn-run (not synchron) t 'ls "ls" path)
(when synchron
(split-string (with-current-buffer svn-process-buffer-name
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max))))))
(defun svn-status-ls-branches ()
"Show, which branches exist for the actual working copy.
Note: this command assumes the proposed standard svn repository layout."
(svn-status-parse-info t)
(svn-status-ls (concat (svn-status-base-info->repository-root) "/branches")))
(defun svn-status-ls-tags ()
"Show, which tags exist for the actual working copy.
Note: this command assumes the proposed standard svn repository layout."
(svn-status-parse-info t)
(svn-status-ls (concat (svn-status-base-info->repository-root) "/tags")))
(defun svn-status-toggle-edit-cmd-flag (&optional reset)
"Allow the user to edit the parameters for the next svn command.
This command toggles between
* editing the next command parameters (EditCmd)
* editing all all command parameters (EditCmd#)
* don't edit the command parameters ()
The string in parentheses is shown in the status line to show the state."
(cond ((or reset (eq svn-status-edit-svn-command 'sticky))
(setq svn-status-edit-svn-command nil))
((eq svn-status-edit-svn-command nil)
(setq svn-status-edit-svn-command t))
((eq svn-status-edit-svn-command t)
(setq svn-status-edit-svn-command 'sticky)))
(cond ((eq svn-status-edit-svn-command t)
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-edit-flag " EditCmd"))
((eq svn-status-edit-svn-command 'sticky)
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-edit-flag " EditCmd#"))
(setq svn-status-mode-line-process-edit-flag "")))
(defun svn-status-goto-root-or-return ()
"Bounce point between the root (\".\") and the current line."
(if (string= (svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-line-information)) ".")
(when svn-status-root-return-info
(svn-status-line-info->filename svn-status-root-return-info)))
(setq svn-status-root-return-info (svn-status-get-line-information))
(svn-status-goto-file-name ".")))
(defun svn-status-next-line (nr-of-lines)
"Go to the next line that holds a file information.
When called with a prefix argument advance the given number of lines."
(interactive "p")
(while (progn
(forward-line nr-of-lines)
(and (not (eobp))
(not (svn-status-get-line-information)))))
(when (svn-status-get-line-information)
(goto-char (+ (svn-point-at-bol) svn-status-default-column))))
(defun svn-status-previous-line (nr-of-lines)
"Go to the previous line that holds a file information.
When called with a prefix argument go back the given number of lines."
(interactive "p")
(while (progn
(forward-line (- nr-of-lines))
(and (not (bobp))
(not (svn-status-get-line-information)))))
(when (svn-status-get-line-information)
(goto-char (+ (svn-point-at-bol) svn-status-default-column))))
(defun svn-status-dired-jump ()
"Jump to a dired buffer, containing the file at point."
(let* ((line-info (svn-status-get-line-information))
(file-full-path (if line-info
(svn-status-line-info->full-path line-info)
(let ((default-directory
(expand-file-name (if line-info
(svn-status-line-info->directory-containing-line-info line-info t)
(if (fboundp 'dired-jump-back) (dired-jump-back) (dired-jump))) ;; Xemacs uses dired-jump-back
(dired-goto-file file-full-path)))
(defun svn-status-possibly-negate-meaning-of-arg (arg &optional command)
"Negate arg, if this-command is a member of svn-status-possibly-negate-meaning-of-arg."
(unless command
(setq command this-command))
(if (member command svn-status-negate-meaning-of-arg-commands)
(not arg)
(defun svn-status-update (&optional arg)
"Run 'svn status -v'.
When called with a prefix argument run 'svn status -vu'."
(interactive "P")
(unless (interactive-p)
(set-buffer svn-process-buffer-name)
(setq svn-status-update-previous-process-output
(buffer-substring (point-min) (point-max)))))
(svn-status default-directory arg))
(defun svn-status-get-line-information ()
"Find out about the file under point.
The result may be parsed with the various `svn-status-line-info->...' functions."
(if (eq major-mode 'svn-status-mode)
(let ((svn-info nil))
(dolist (overlay (overlays-at (point)))
(setq svn-info (or svn-info
(overlay-get overlay 'svn-info))))
;; different mode, means called not from the *svn-status* buffer
(if svn-status-get-line-information-for-file
(svn-status-make-line-info (if (eq svn-status-get-line-information-for-file 'relative)
(file-relative-name (buffer-file-name) (svn-status-base-dir))
(svn-status-make-line-info "."))))
(defun svn-status-get-file-list (use-marked-files)
"Get either the selected files or the file under point.
USE-MARKED-FILES decides which we do.
See `svn-status-marked-files' for what counts as selected."
(if use-marked-files
(list (svn-status-get-line-information))))
(defun svn-status-get-file-list-names (use-marked-files)
(mapcar 'svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-get-file-list use-marked-files)))
(defun svn-status-get-file-information ()
"Find out about the file under point.
The result may be parsed with the various `svn-status-line-info->...' functions.
When called from a *svn-status* buffer, do the same as `svn-status-get-line-information'.
When called from a file buffer provide a structure that contains the filename."
(cond ((eq major-mode 'svn-status-mode)
;; a fake strukture that contains the buffername for the current buffer
(svn-status-make-line-info (buffer-file-name (current-buffer))))))
(defun svn-status-select-line ()
"Return information about the file under point.
\(Only used for debugging\)"
(let ((info (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(if info
(message "%S hide-because-unknown: %S hide-because-unmodified: %S" info
(svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unknown info)
(svn-status-line-info->hide-because-unmodified info))
(message "No file on this line"))))
(defun svn-status-ensure-cursor-on-file ()
"Raise an error unless point is on a valid file."
(unless (svn-status-get-line-information)
(error "No file on the current line")))
(defun svn-status-directory-containing-point (allow-self)
"Find the (full path of) directory containing the file under point.
If ALLOW-SELF and the file is a directory, return that directory,
otherwise return the directory containing the file under point."
;;the first `or' below is because s-s-g-l-i returns `nil' if
;;point was outside the file list, but we need
;;s-s-l-i->f to return a string to add to `default-directory'.
(let ((line-info (or (svn-status-get-line-information)
(svn-status-line-info->directory-containing-line-info line-info allow-self)))))
(defun svn-status-line-info->directory-containing-line-info (line-info allow-self)
"Find the directory containing for LINE-INFO.
If ALLOW-SELF is t and LINE-INFO refers to a directory then return the
directory itself, in all other cases find the parent directory"
(if (and allow-self (svn-status-line-info->directory-p line-info))
(svn-status-line-info->filename line-info)
;;The next `or' is because (file-name-directory "file") returns nil
(or (file-name-directory (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info))
(defun svn-status-set-user-mark (arg)
"Set a user mark on the current file or directory.
If the cursor is on a file this file is marked and the cursor advances to the next line.
If the cursor is on a directory all files in this directory are marked.
If this function is called with a prefix argument, only the current line is
marked, even if it is a directory."
(interactive "P")
(setq arg (svn-status-possibly-negate-meaning-of-arg arg 'svn-status-set-user-mark))
(let ((info (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(if info
(svn-status-apply-usermark t arg)
(svn-status-next-line 1))
(message "No file on this line - cannot set a mark"))))
(defun svn-status-unset-user-mark (arg)
"Remove a user mark on the current file or directory.
If the cursor is on a file, this file is unmarked and the cursor advances to the next line.
If the cursor is on a directory, all files in this directory are unmarked.
If this function is called with a prefix argument, only the current line is
unmarked, even if is a directory."
(interactive "P")
(setq arg (svn-status-possibly-negate-meaning-of-arg arg 'svn-status-set-user-mark))
(let ((info (svn-status-get-line-information)))
(if info
(svn-status-apply-usermark nil arg)
(svn-status-next-line 1))
(message "No file on this line - cannot unset a mark"))))
(defun svn-status-unset-user-mark-backwards ()
"Remove a user mark from the previous file.
Then move to that line."
;; This is consistent with `dired-unmark-backward' and
;; `cvs-mode-unmark-up'.
(let ((info (save-excursion
(svn-status-next-line -1)
(if info
(svn-status-next-line -1)
(svn-status-apply-usermark nil t))
(message "No file on previous line - cannot unset a mark"))))
(defun svn-status-apply-usermark (set-mark only-this-line)
"Do the work for the various marking/unmarking functions."
(let* ((st-info svn-status-info)
(mark-count 0)
(line-info (svn-status-get-line-information))
(file-name (svn-status-line-info->filename line-info))
(sub-file-regexp (if (file-directory-p file-name)
(concat "^" (regexp-quote
(file-name-as-directory file-name)))
(first-line t)
(current-line svn-start-of-file-list-line-number))
(while st-info
(when (or (svn-status-line-info->is-visiblep (car st-info)) first-line)
(setq current-line (1+ current-line))
(setq first-line nil))
(setq i-fname (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info)))
(when (or (string= file-name i-fname)
(when sub-file-regexp
(string-match sub-file-regexp i-fname)))
(when (svn-status-line-info->is-visiblep (car st-info))
(when (or (not only-this-line) (string= file-name i-fname))
(setq newcursorpos-fname i-fname)
(unless (eq (car (svn-status-line-info->ui-status (car st-info))) set-mark)
(setcar (svn-status-line-info->ui-status (car st-info)) set-mark)
(setq mark-count (+ 1 mark-count))
(let ((buffer-read-only nil))
(goto-line current-line)
(delete-region (svn-point-at-bol) (svn-point-at-eol))
(svn-insert-line-in-status-buffer (car st-info))
(delete-char 1)))
(message "%s %s" (if set-mark "Marked" "Unmarked") i-fname)))))
(setq st-info (cdr st-info)))
(svn-status-goto-file-name newcursorpos-fname)
(when (> mark-count 1)
(message "%s %d files" (if set-mark "Marked" "Unmarked") mark-count))))
(defun svn-status-apply-usermark-checked (check-function set-mark)
"Mark or unmark files, whether a given function returns t.
The function is called with the line information. Therefore the
svn-status-line-info->* functions can be used in the check."
(let ((st-info svn-status-info)
(mark-count 0))
(while st-info
(when (apply check-function (list (car st-info)))
(unless (eq (svn-status-line-info->has-usermark (car st-info)) set-mark)
(setq mark-count (+ 1 mark-count))
(message "%s %s"
(if set-mark "Marked" "Unmarked")
(svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info))))
(setcar (svn-status-line-info->ui-status (car st-info)) set-mark))
(setq st-info (cdr st-info)))
(when (> mark-count 1)
(message "%s %d files" (if set-mark "Marked" "Unmarked") mark-count))))
(defun svn-status-mark-unknown (arg)
"Mark all unknown files.
These are the files marked with '?' in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
If the function is called with a prefix arg, unmark all these files."
(interactive "P")
'(lambda (info) (eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark info) ??)) (not arg)))
(defun svn-status-mark-added (arg)
"Mark all added files.
These are the files marked with 'A' in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
If the function is called with a prefix ARG, unmark all these files."
(interactive "P")
'(lambda (info) (eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark info) ?A)) (not arg)))
(defun svn-status-mark-modified (arg)
"Mark all modified files.
These are the files marked with 'M' in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
If the function is called with a prefix ARG, unmark all these files."
(interactive "P")
'(lambda (info) (or (eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark info) ?M)
(eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark info)
(not arg)))
(defun svn-status-mark-deleted (arg)
"Mark all files scheduled for deletion.
These are the files marked with 'D' in the `svn-status-buffer-name' buffer.
If the function is called with a prefix ARG, unmark all these files."
(interactive "P")
'(lambda (info) (eq (svn-status-line-info->filemark info) ?D)) (not arg)))
(defun svn-status-mark-changed (arg)
"Mark all files that could be committed.
This means we mark
* all modified files
* all files scheduled for addition
* all files scheduled for deletion
The last two categories include all copied and moved files.
If called with a prefix ARG, unmark all such files."
(interactive "P")
(svn-status-mark-added arg)
(svn-status-mark-modified arg)
(svn-status-mark-deleted arg))
(defun svn-status-unset-all-usermarks ()
(svn-status-apply-usermark-checked '(lambda (info) t) nil))
(defvar svn-status-regexp-history nil
"History list of regular expressions used in svn status commands.")
(defun svn-status-read-regexp (prompt)
(read-from-minibuffer prompt nil nil nil 'svn-status-regexp-history))
(defun svn-status-mark-filename-regexp (regexp &optional unmark)
"Mark all files matching REGEXP.
If the function is called with a prefix arg, unmark all these files."
(list (svn-status-read-regexp (concat (if current-prefix-arg "Unmark" "Mark")
" files (regexp): "))
(if current-prefix-arg t nil)))
'(lambda (info) (string-match regexp (svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory info))) (not unmark)))
(defun svn-status-mark-by-file-ext (ext &optional unmark)
"Mark all files matching the given file extension EXT.
If the function is called with a prefix arg, unmark all these files."
(list (read-string (concat (if current-prefix-arg "Unmark" "Mark")
" files with extensions: "))
(if current-prefix-arg t nil)))
'(lambda (info) (let ((case-fold-search nil))
(string-match (concat "\\." ext "$") (svn-status-line-info->filename-nondirectory info)))) (not unmark)))
(defun svn-status-toggle-hide-unknown ()
(setq svn-status-hide-unknown (not svn-status-hide-unknown))
(defun svn-status-toggle-hide-unmodified ()
(setq svn-status-hide-unmodified (not svn-status-hide-unmodified))
(defun svn-status-get-file-name-buffer-position (name)
"Find the buffer position for a file.
If the file is not found, return nil."
(let ((start-pos (let ((cached-pos (gethash name
(when cached-pos
(goto-char (previous-overlay-change cached-pos)))
;; performance optimization: search from point to end of buffer
(while (and (not found) (< (point) (point-max)))
(goto-char (next-overlay-change (point)))
(when (string= name (svn-status-line-info->filename
(setq start-pos (+ (point) svn-status-default-column))
(setq found t)))
;; search from buffer start to point
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (and (not found) (< (point) start-pos))
(goto-char (next-overlay-change (point)))
(when (string= name (svn-status-line-info->filename
(setq start-pos (+ (point) svn-status-default-column))
(setq found t)))
(and found start-pos)))
(defun svn-status-goto-file-name (name)
"Move the cursor the the line that displays NAME."
(let ((pos (svn-status-get-file-name-buffer-position name)))
(if pos
(goto-char pos)
(svn-status-message 7 "Note: svn-status-goto-file-name: %s not found" name))))
(defun svn-status-find-info-for-file-name (name)
(let* ((st-info svn-status-info)
(while st-info
(when (string= name (svn-status-line-info->filename (car st-info)))
(setq info (car st-info))
(setq st-info nil)) ; terminate loop
(setq st-info (cdr st-info)))
(defun svn-status-marked-files ()
"Return all files marked by `svn-status-set-user-mark',
or (if no files were marked) the file under point."
(if (eq major-mode 'svn-status-mode)
(let* ((st-info svn-status-info)
(while st-info
(when (svn-status-line-info->has-usermark (car st-info))
(setq file-list (append file-list (list (car st-info)))))
(setq st-info (cdr st-info)))
(or file-list
(if (svn-status-get-line-information)
(list (svn-status-get-line-information))
;; different mode, means called not from the *svn-status* buffer
(if svn-status-get-line-information-for-file
(list (svn-status-make-line-info (if (eq svn-status-get-line-information-for-file 'relative)
(file-relative-name (buffer-file-name) (svn-status-base-dir))
(list (svn-status-make-line-info ".")))))
(defun svn-status-marked-file-names ()
(mapcar 'svn-status-line-info->filename (svn-status-marked-files)))
(defun svn-status-some-files-marked-p ()
"Return non-nil iff a file has been marked by `svn-status-set-user-mark'.
Unlike `svn-status-marked-files', this does not select the file under point