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Issues Snapshot License

This package contains command line applications using the java-lattices library.


$ git clone
$ cd java-lattices-bin
$ mvn package


$ ./target/appassembler/bin/galactic-context [options...]
 -i (--input)                           : input from this file
 -p (--precedence)                      : precedence graph
 -n (--closed-set-lattice-next-closure) : closed set lattice with next closure's algorithm
 -b (--closed-set-lattice-Bordat)       : closed set lattice with Bordat's algorithm
 -d (--dependence-graph)                : dependence graph
 -g (--minimal-generators)              : minimal generators
 -r (--canonical-direct-basis)          : canonical direct basis
 -c (--concept-lattice-Bordat)          : concept lattice with Bordat's algorithm
 -t (--table) TABLE                     : table of the concept lattice
 -a (--context-reduced)                 : context reduced

The options -d, -g and -r can only be used in conjunction with the option -b.

The option -t can only be used in conjunction with the option -c

You can use the dataset from Special thanks to Uta Priss.