ugc does not support hyphens in query parameters #8

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erfanian commented Feb 11, 2013

I tried passing a hyphen as a query parameter, but the tool/service would not accept it, and escaping it or encapsulating the query in further quotation marks and brackets did not help.

For example ugc query dogs 'select breed.has-fleas' does not work (it throws the error at 'has'). The issue was also present after using the 'where' attribute.

I suspect this is an issue with the web service and not with the tool, as the online console had the same error.

Any thoughts or tips?


theganyo commented Feb 11, 2013

Thanks for the report!

Yes, it looks like an issue with the query processor syntax on the server. I just filed an issue and will update you here when it is has been addressed.



erfanian commented Feb 12, 2013


Do you have any advice for querying key values that have spaces in them? Best to rewrite them without spaces or hyphens for now?


theganyo commented Feb 12, 2013

Right. Currently spaces or hyphens in a property name won't work with the query syntax.

tnine commented Feb 28, 2013

This has been fixed in master on the server side for hyphens. Spaces are going to be a bit more difficult, since we have to figure out a way to quote property names that won't interfere with the existing query language.

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