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Redmine Ical

ICalendar (ICS) view of issue and version due dates.

This plugin is originally based on the Redmics Plugin, but is a near-complete rework to use existing Redmine facilities instead of an extra implementation. This also allows one to use custom queries already defined for issues for the calendar, though Redmine is still lacking on the UI side to fully support this.

Warning: I am currently no longer actively developping for Redmine and have become a member of the ChiliProject core team instead. I will no longer put any active effort into maintaining this plugin for Redmine and will focus in getting its functionality into ChiliProject instead. This especially means that I’ll consider patches and code contributions and I might fix small bugs if reported, nothing more. If anyone wants to take over this project, please contact me through GitHub.


This plugin aims to be compatible with

  • Redmine

This plugin is pretty basic and should work with every flavor of Redmine. Please note that the current version will only work with Redmine 1.3.0 or newer, the last commit in this plugin that works with earlier Redmine versions is commit 6be5d9f.

In addition to that, you will need the following gems:


Generic Redmine plugin installation instructions can be found in the Redmine wiki.

Note that this plugin doesn’t require a database migration but 2 patches included in the extra folder. The gist of it is: go to your Redmine directory, run the following commands and restart Redmine:

git clone vendor/plugins/redmine_ical
bundle install
patch -p 1 < vendor/plugins/redmine_ical/extra/redmine_ical.patch


Issue and version due dates are exported as calendar events.

The plugin is “custom query”-aware, thus you can add &query_id=1 to the link generated by Redmine to see only issues as per the custom query with ID 1. Sadly the Redmine User Interface is lacking in that regard and I haven’t found a nice way to auto-generate those URLs.

You can also navigate to a global calendar to view all your issues and versions accross the whole Redmine by going to http://your.redmine/issues/calendar, the link to the ical view is available there too.


GPL v2.0 (the full text of the license is included with the plugin)


Redmine Ical aims to provide an ical/ics feed or export of issues and versions to be imported into/subscribed to from a calendaring software.






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