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Blocks tech support scammers from using common scare tactics/destructive behaviors.
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ScamBlock/Suspicious Action Blocker


Welcome to ScamBlock! This is a free and open source tool available for both consumer and enterprise use. When an application that scammers commonly use is opened, it alerts the user that the activity may not be safe (especially if they were cold-called). For enterprise use it has the option for branding, buttons that open the company's website or remote support page, as well as an optional password that would need to be entered prior to continuing past the alert. All of these settings can be exported to an XML that can be kept with the installer for silent installs through SCCM or many RMM tools.

All of the programs that Scam Block blocks are optional; however, we always recommend blocking syskey at a minimum.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista and above
  • .NET Framework 3.5 and above

Pre-compiled installer

A pre-compiled installer can be downloaded from here:


Please use the batch file at the root of this repository to uninstall ScamBlock.


We love any help we can get. Contributions are welcome - just follow standard GitHub procedures by forking, branching, testing, then creating a pull request.

Legal notice

This software comes with no warranty. While we do our best to account for issues before they happen, we are not liable if something breaks due to the use of this software.

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