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Guides and forum for

c3e is a beta release!

All data in c3e is public! Data storage is not guaranteed and data may be deleted at any time!

Run the sample figwheel project

  1. Goto, a user account and a project will be created for you
  2. Goto "Dashboard" via the button on the left hand side. On the "Dashboard" click "Create new project from .zip file" with this url: (The example project code is at
  3. Download "c3e-file-sink" from to a location/server. With "c3e-file-sink" the files you are at editing within c3e will also be updated in the file system location of your choice.
  4. Use the url from the "Dashboard" to configure "c3e-file-sink": java -jar c3e-file-sink-prod-standalone.jar --username "File_Sink_Username" --url<YOUR PROJECT LINK> --root a/path/on/your/fs
  5. Run lein figwheel on your server where you are running "c3e-file-sink" (see here for more information about Leiningen and Figwheel)
  6. Edit your project in c3e with your fellow collaborators and see the project update live!
  7. Invite fellow collaborators by giving them the url of your c3e project

About c3e

Written by: Gijs Stuurman / @thegeez / Blog / GitHub


Guides and forum for



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