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(ns todomvc.application
(:require [ :as e]
[todomvc.render :as render]
[todomvc.transact :as transact]
[ :as services]
[todomvc.client-services :as client-services]
[datascript :as d]))
(defn load-app
"Return a map containing the initial application"
{:conn (d/create-conn {})
:render render/main
:service services/start-services})
(defn start-app [app-config]
(let [{:keys [conn render service] :as app} app-config
current-filter (get {"" :all
"#/" :all
"#/active" :active
"#/completed" :completed}
(.. js/window -location -hash))]
(d/transact! conn [{:db/id -1 :filter current-filter}])
(d/listen! conn (fn [report]
(render (:db-after report) conn)))
(service app)
(render @conn conn)
(def app app)))
(defn ^:export main
"Application entry point"
(start-app (load-app))) ; hook for development/debugging
(defn load-local-app
{:conn (d/create-conn {})
:render render/main
:service client-services/start-services})
(defn ^:export client-local
(start-app (load-local-app)))