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(ns todomvc.render
(:require [todomvc.transact :as t]
[quiescent :as q :include-macros true]
[quiescent.dom :as dom]
[datascript :as d]
[goog.dom :as gdom]
(defn enter-key?
"Return true if an event was the enter key"
(= 13 (.-keyCode evt)))
(q/defcomponent Header
"The page's header, which includes the primary input"
[_ conn]
(dom/header {:id "header"}
(dom/h1 {} "todos")
(dom/input {:id "new-todo"
:placeholder "What needs to be done?"
(fn [evt]
(when (enter-key? evt)
(let [text (.-value (.-target evt))]
(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/create-item text]])
(set! (.-value (.-target evt)) ""))))
:autoFocus true})))
(q/defcomponent ItemFilter
"A filtering button"
[current-filter this-filter label href conn]
(dom/li {} (dom/a {:className (when (= current-filter this-filter) "selected")
:href href
:onClick #(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/set-filter this-filter]])}
(q/defcomponent Filters
"Buttons to filter the list"
[current-filter conn]
(dom/ul {:id "filters"}
(ItemFilter current-filter :all "All" "#/" conn)
(ItemFilter current-filter :active "Active" "#/active" conn)
(ItemFilter current-filter :completed "Completed" "#/completed" conn)))
(q/defcomponent Footer
"The footer at the bottom of the list"
[[current-filter items] conn]
(let [completed (count (filter :completed items))
left (- (count items) completed)]
(dom/footer {:id "footer"}
(dom/span {:id "todo-count"}
(dom/strong {} (str left " item(s) left")))
(Filters current-filter conn)
(when (< 0 completed)
(dom/button {:id "clear-completed"
:onClick #(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/clear-completed]])}
(str "Clear completed (" completed ")"))))))
(defn class-name
"Convenience function for creating class names from sets. Nils will
not be included."
(apply str (interpose " " (map identity classes))))
(defn hidden?
"Given an item and the current application filter status, return
true if the item should be hidden."
[completed current-filter]
(or (and completed (= current-filter :active))
(and (not completed) (= current-filter :completed))))
(q/defcomponent Item
"An item in the todo list"
[[{:keys [id text completed editing commited]} current-filter] conn]
(let [completed (boolean completed)]
(dom/li {:key id
:className (class-name #{(when completed "completed")
(when (hidden? completed current-filter)
(when editing "editing")})
:onDoubleClick (fn [_]
(when commited
(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/start-edit id]])))}
(dom/div {:className "view"}
(dom/input {:className "toggle"
:type "checkbox"
:checked completed
(when commited
(fn [_]
(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/toggle-item id]])))})
(dom/label {} text)
(if-not commited
(dom/span {:className "sync glyphicon glyphicon-transfer"} "")
(dom/button {:className "destroy"
(fn [_]
(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/remove-item id]]))})))
(dom/input (merge {:className "edit"
:defaultValue text
:onKeyDown (fn [evt] (when (enter-key? evt)
(.blur (.-target evt))))
:onBlur (fn [evt]
(let [text (.-value (.-target evt))]
(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/complete-edit id text]])))}
(if editing {:autoFocus true} {}))))))
(q/defcomponent TodoList
"The primary todo list"
[[current-filter items] conn]
(apply dom/ul {:id "todo-list"}
(map #(Item [% current-filter] conn) items)))
(q/defcomponent App
"The root of the application"
[{:keys [all-done? current-filter items error]} conn]
(dom/div {}
(when error
(dom/div {:id "todo-error"
:className "alert alert-info"}
"Error occured, reloading page recommended."))
(dom/section {:id "todoapp"}
(dom/div {}
(Header nil conn)
(dom/section {:id "main"}
(dom/input {:id "toggle-all"
:type "checkbox"
:checked all-done?
:onChange #(d/transact! conn [[:db.fn/call t/toggle-all]])})
(dom/label {:htmlFor "toggle-all"}
"Mark all as complete")
(TodoList [current-filter items] conn))
(Footer [current-filter items] conn)))))
;; API
(defn main
"Render the given application state tree."
[db conn]
(-> (goog.async.AnimationDelay. (fn [ms]
(let [items (->> (map #(d/entity db (first %))
(d/q '{:find [?e ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
(sort-by :db/id))
state {:all-done? (and (seq items)
(every? :completed items))
:current-filter (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?filter]
:where [[_ :filter ?filter]]}
:items items
:error (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:where [[?e :error]]}
(q/render (App state conn)
(goog.dom/getElement "todopane")))))
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