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(ns todomvc.transact
"Contains functions for manipulating the application data through DataScript"
(:require [datascript :as d]
[cljs-uuid-utils :as uuid]))
(defn log-event [db event & args]
(let [evente {:db/id -100
:event event
:args args}]
(if-let [prev-event-eid (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:where [[?e :last-event]]}
[(assoc evente :prev-event prev-event-eid)
[:db.fn/retractAttribute prev-event-eid :last-event]]
(defn set-filter [db this-filter]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :set-filter this-filter]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:where [[?e :filter]]}
[:db/add e :filter this-filter])])
(defn seed-item [db id text completed]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :seed-item id text completed]
{:db/id -1
:id id
:text text
:completed completed
:commited true}])
(defn remove-item [db id]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :remove-item id]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
db id))]
[:db.fn/retractEntity e])])
(defn clear-completed [db]
(let [eids+ids (d/q '{:find [?e ?id]
:where [[?e :completed true]
[?e :id ?id]]}
(into [[:db.fn/call log-event :clear-completed (map second eids+ids)]]
(for [e (map first eids+ids)]
[:db.fn/retractEntity e]))))
(defn toggle-item
;; Given an application state, toggle the completion status of the
;; item with the specified ID
[db id]
(let [[e completed] (first (d/q '{:find [?e ?completed]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]
[?e :completed ?completed]]}
db id))
completed (not completed)]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :toggle-item id completed]
[:db/add e :completed completed]]))
(defn toggle-all [db]
(let [e+id+completed (d/q '{:find [?e ?id ?completed]
:where [[?e :id ?id]
[?e :completed ?completed]]}
target (not (every? (fn [[_ _ completed]] completed) e+id+completed))]
(into [[:db.fn/call log-event :toggle-all]]
(for [[e id completed] e+id+completed
:when (= completed (not target))]
[:db/add e :completed target]))))
(defn error [db msg]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :error msg]
{:db/id -1
:error msg}])
(defn create-item [db text]
(let [temp-id (uuid/make-random-uuid)]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :create-item temp-id text]
{:db/id -1
:id temp-id
:commited false
:completed false
:text text}]))
(defn commit-item [db temp-id id]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :commit-item temp-id id]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
db temp-id))]
{:db/id e :id id :commited true})])
(defn start-edit [db id]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :start-edit id]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
db id))]
[:db/add e :editing true])])
(defn complete-edit [db id text]
(into [[:db.fn/call log-event :complete-edit id text]]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
db id))]
[[:db/add e :editing false]
[:db/add e :commited false]
[:db/add e :text text]])))
(defn commit-edit [db id]
[[:db.fn/call log-event :commit-edit id]
(let [e (ffirst (d/q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?id]
:where [[?e :id ?id]]}
db id))]
[:db/add e :commited true])])
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