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(ns gin.system.database-datomic
(:require [ :refer [info debug spy error]]
[com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
[datomic.api :refer [db q] :as d]
[gin.migrations :as migrations]
[clojure.core.async :refer [go tap untap chan alt! >! <! filter> onto-chan pipe close!] :as async]
[clojure.core.async.impl.protocols :as impl])
(:import [java.util LinkedList]))
;; sanity check
(let [ms migrations/migrations]
(assert (every? (fn [m]
(and (vector? m)
(= 2 (count m))
(= (number? (first m)))
(= #{:up :down} (set (keys (second m))))
(fn? (:up (second m)))
(fn? (:down (second m))))) ms)
"Migrations format is [[<id> {:up (fn [db] ...) :down (fn [db] ...)}")
(and (= 1 (ffirst ms))
(apply < (map first ms)))
"Migrations should start at id 1 and be increasing"))
(defn current-db-version [conn]
(get (d/entity (db conn) :schema-version) :schema/version 0))
(defn update-current-version [conn version]
@(d/transact conn [[:db/add :schema-version :schema/version version]]))
(defn migrate!
([conn] (migrate! conn (first (last migrations/migrations))))
([conn to-version]
(let [current-version (current-db-version conn)
todo (cond
(< current-version to-version)
(->> migrations/migrations
(drop-while (fn [[migration-version migration]]
(<= migration-version current-version)))
(take-while (fn [[migration-version migration]]
(<= migration-version to-version)))
(map (juxt first (comp :up second))))
(> current-version to-version)
(->> migrations/migrations
(drop-while (fn [[migration-version migration]]
(< current-version migration-version)))
(take-while (fn [[migration-version migration]]
(< to-version migration-version)))
(map (juxt first (comp :down second))))
:else nil)]
(info "todo" current-version to-version todo)
(doseq [[migration-version migration] todo]
(debug "Run migration" migration-version)
(try (migration conn)
(update-current-version conn migration-version)
(catch Exception e
(error "Migration " migration-version " failed: " e (with-out-str (.printStackTrace e)))
(throw e))))
(update-current-version conn to-version))))
(defrecord DevMigrator [database]
(start [component]
(info "Migrate database up")
(let [conn (:connection database)]
(migrate! conn)
(stop [component]
(info "Migrate database down" component)
(migrate! (:connection database) 0)
(defn dev-migrator []
(map->DevMigrator {}))
;; mult repeated here because of ASYNC-72
(require '[clojure.core.async :refer [go-loop put! <! Mux Mult
tap* untap* untap-all*]]
'[clojure.core.async.impl.protocols :as impl])
(defn mult
(let [cs (atom {}) ;;ch->close?
m (reify
(muxch* [_] ch)
(tap* [_ ch close?]
(swap! cs assoc ch close?) nil)
(untap* [_ ch] (swap! cs dissoc ch) nil)
(untap-all* [_] (reset! cs {}) nil))
dchan (chan 1)
dctr (atom nil)
done (fn [_] (when (zero? (swap! dctr dec))
(put! dchan true)))]
(go-loop []
(let [val (<! ch)]
(if (nil? val)
(doseq [[c close?] @cs]
(when close? (close! c)))
(let [chs (keys @cs)]
(reset! dctr (count chs))
(doseq [c chs]
(when-not (put! c val done)
;;(done nil) ;; ASYNC-72
(untap* m c)))
;;wait for all
(when (seq chs)
(<! dchan))
(defrecord DatabaseDatomic [db-connect-string]
;; Implement the Lifecycle protocol
(start [component]
(info ";; Starting Datomic database")
(d/create-database db-connect-string)
(let [conn (d/connect db-connect-string)
tx-reports-ch (async/chan)
listen (mult tx-reports-ch)]
(try (let [queue (d/tx-report-queue conn)]
(while true
(let [report (.take queue)]
(async/>!! tx-reports-ch report))))
(catch Exception e
(debug "TX-REPORT-TAKE exception: " e)
(throw e))))
(assoc component
:connection conn
:tx-report-ch tx-reports-ch
:listen listen)))
(stop [component]
(info ";; Stopping datomic database")
(d/release (:connection component))
(async/close! (:tx-report-ch component))
(defn database-datomic [db-connect-string]
(map->DatabaseDatomic {:db-connect-string db-connect-string}))
;; shh! nothing to see here
(deftype UnboundedBuffer [^LinkedList buf]
(full? [this]
(remove! [this]
(.removeLast buf))
(add! [this itm]
(.addFirst buf itm))
(count [this]
(.size buf)))
(defn unbounded-buffer []
(UnboundedBuffer. (LinkedList.)))
(defn close-and-drain! [c]
(close! c)
(async/into [] c))
(defn stream-from [conn listen from eid attr out]
;; out <- <tx-report for tx t> <tx-report for tx t+1> .. <tx-report for tx+n>
;; this stream is the concatenation of db's at tx t from (db conn)
;; in 'catch-up' and from (listen! ..) in 'stream'
;; only tx's after 'from' are put into 'out'
;; 'catch-up' and 'stream' may overlap or have a
;; gap between them (not sure on the timing between (db conn) and
;; (listen! ..) notifications)
;; the number of tx's to get from (db conn) for 'catch-up' is bounded so it should
;; be safe to use an unbounded buffer for 'stream', while it
;; waits on the first part to finish
(let [catch-up (chan)
stream (chan (unbounded-buffer))
txrs (fn [db from to]
(let [about-entity (d/entity db eid)]
(for [tx (->> (q '{:find [?tx]
:in [$ ?from-tx ?to-tx ?attr ?about]
:where [[?about ?attr _ ?tx true]
[(< ?from-tx ?tx)]
[(<= ?tx ?to-tx)]]}
(d/history db) (d/t->tx from) (d/t->tx to)
(:db/id about-entity))
(map first)
(sort <))]
{:db-after (d/as-of db tx)
:db-before :not-reconstructed
:tx-data :not-reconstructed
:tempids :not-reconstructed})))
from-tap (chan)
relevant-tx (fn [{:keys [db-after tx-data] :as txr}]
(let [game-e (d/entity db-after eid)]
(seq (q '{:find [?e]
:in [$ ?attr ?game-e]
:where [[?game-e ?attr ?e _ true]]}
tx-data (d/entid db-after attr) (:db/id game-e)))))
_ (go (loop []
(when-let [txr (<! from-tap)]
(when (relevant-tx txr)
(when-not (>! stream txr)
(close! from-tap)))
(close! stream))
_ (tap listen from-tap)
res (go
(loop [in catch-up
last-t from
at-gap false]
(let [{:keys [db-after] :as txr} (<! in)]
(if txr
(let [t (or (d/as-of-t db-after)
(d/basis-t db-after))]
(if at-gap
(if (loop [txs-in-gap (txrs db-after last-t t)]
(if-let [txr (first txs-in-gap)]
(if (>! out txr)
(recur (rest txs-in-gap))
(recur in t false)
(close-and-drain! from-tap))
;; usual case
(if (< last-t t)
(if (>! out txr)
(recur in t false)
(close-and-drain! from-tap))
(recur in last-t false))))
;; when in is closed switch from catch-up to stream
(if (= in catch-up)
(recur stream last-t true)
;; both catch-up and stream have closed
(close! out))
(catch Exception e
(debug "Stream from loop " e)
(throw e))))]
(let [db (db conn)
ts (txrs db from Long/MAX_VALUE)]
(onto-chan catch-up ts))