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(ns user
(:require [ns-tracker.core :refer [ns-tracker]]
[com.stuartsierra.component :as component]
[ :as repl]
[io.pedestal.log :as log]
[io.pedestal.http :as http]
[net.thegeez.w3a.components.server :as server]
[net.thegeez.w3a.components.sql-database :as sql-database]
[net.thegeez.w3a.components.sql-database.migrator :as migrator]
[net.thegeez.snippetlist.layout :as layout]
[net.thegeez.snippetlist.service :as service]
[net.thegeez.snippetlist.database.migrations :as migrations]
[net.thegeez.snippetlist.database.fixtures :as fixtures]))
(def modified-namespaces (ns-tracker "src/clj"))
(defn dev-service [service]
(-> service ;; start with production configuration
(merge {:env :dev
;; do not block thread that starts web server
::http/join? false
;; Routes can be a function that resolve routes,
;; we can use this to set the routes to be reloadable
::http/routes #(do
(doseq [ns-sym (modified-namespaces)]
(require ns-sym :reload))
(deref #'service/routes))
;; all origins are allowed in dev mode
::http/allowed-origins {:creds true :allowed-origins (constantly true)}})
(defn dev-system [config-options]
(log/info :msg "Hello world, this is the development system!")
(let [{:keys [db-connect-string port migrations]} config-options]
:session-options {:store (ring.middleware.session.cookie/cookie-store {:key "UNSAFE_CHANGEME!"})}
:server (component/using
(server/pedestal-component (dev-service
(assoc service/service
::http/port port
::server/component->context {:database [:database :spec]})))
{:database :db
:session-options :session-options})
:jetty (component/using
:db (sql-database/sql-database db-connect-string)
:db-migrator (component/using
(migrator/dev-migrator migrations)
{:database :db})
:fixtures (component/using
{:database :db
:db-migrator :db-migrator}))))
(def dev-config {:db-connect-string "jdbc:derby:memory:snippets;create=true"
:port 8080
:migrations migrations/migrations})
(def system nil)
(defn init []
(alter-var-root #'system
(constantly (dev-system dev-config))))
(defn start []
(alter-var-root #'system component/start)
(defn stop []
(alter-var-root #'system
(fn [s] (when s (component/stop s) nil))))
(defn go []
(if system
"System not nil, use (reset) ?"
(do (init)
(defn reset []
(repl/refresh :after 'user/go))
;; lein trampoline run -m user/run
(defn run []
(.addShutdownHook (Runtime/getRuntime)
(Thread. (fn []
(def db (get-in system [:db :spec]))
(require '[ :as jdbc])
(jdbc/query db ["SELECT * FROM users"])
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