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(ns net.thegeez.snippetlist.users
(:require [ :as jdbc]
[io.pedestal.interceptor :as interceptor]
[net.thegeez.w3a.context :as context]
[ :as link]))
(defn user-resource [context data]
(let [{:keys [id]} data]
(-> data
(dissoc :id)
(assoc-in [:links :self] (link/link context :users/show :params {:id id}))
(update-in [:snippets] (fn [snippets]
(map #(link/link context :snippets/show :params {:id (:id %)}) snippets))))))
(defn get-users [context]
(->> (jdbc/query (:database context) ["SELECT id, username, created_at, updated_at FROM users"])
(map (fn [user]
(assoc user :snippets
(jdbc/query (:database context) ["SELECT id FROM snippets WHERE owner=?" (:id user)]))))
(map (partial user-resource context))))
(def index
{:enter (fn [context]
(merge context
{:status 200
:data {:users (get-users context)}}}))}))
(defn get-user [db id]
(when-let [user (first (jdbc/query db ["SELECT id, username, created_at, updated_at FROM users WHERE id = ?" id]))]
(assoc user :snippets (jdbc/query db ["SELECT id FROM snippets WHERE owner = ?" (:id user)]))))
(def with-user
{:enter (fn [context]
(let [id (get-in context [:request :path-params :id])]
(if-let [user (get-user (:database context) id)]
(assoc context :user (user-resource context user))
(context/terminate context 404))))}))
(def show
{:enter (fn [context]
(merge context
{:status 200
:data {:user (get-in context [:user])
:links {:home (link/link context :home)}}}}))}))
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