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Say Hi to the Doctopus!

Image of Doctopus

The Doctopus is the mascot of the Good Docs Project and the friend of people who love docs everywhere.

How to Use The Doctopus

The files

  • The main Doctopus image (in multiple colors) is in Doctopus
  • The Doctopus has lots of accessories, such as docs (of course), pens, and even a magic wand. You'll find those in Accessories
  • Want to see the Doctopus all dressed up? Check out the Samples folder.
  • We've created some language logos for use with the Doctopus. Those logos are in the LanguageLogos folder. Please note the in that folder for information about those logos, which remain the property of their respective trademark holders.

Usage Instructions

  • Feel free to use the Doctopus to create a friendly Doctopus mascot for your own project's docs! Make sure you read our file to understand what's permitted.
  • Please link to the URL of The Good Docs Project ( if you use the Doctopus in your docs!
  • You can print the Doctopus on stickers, t-shirts, or other swag, and yes, you can sell that swag, too.
  • Please include the URL of The Good Docs Project ( on any swag you produce.
  • We'd love to see your Doctopus mascots! Tag us on Twitter at @thegooddocs!

Contributor Instructions

We'd love to see your Doctopus versions! Here's how to contribute them!

  1. Fork this repo and create a new branch named after your project.
  2. Create a new folder named after your project, and save your Doctopus as a .svg, .png, or .jpg file and save it to this folder.
  3. Create a for your Doctopus that includes a link to your project and any other details you want to share (such as "created for OctopusCon 2020 in Octlantis")
  4. Create a pull request! We'll handle the rest.


Q. Are you related to this Doctopus project, "a clear way to organize student Google documents and a way to easily share and create documents for students"?
A. No, but we think that sounds like a pretty good idea! You should check them out.
Q. Why does the Doctopus have a magic wand?
A. Because good docs are magic!

Credit and Thanks

  • The Doctopus and its accessories were designed by Hazel Xu. Thank you Hazel!
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