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Command Line DirectShow Image capturing device
Latest commit 4fe4c76 May 17, 2016 @thegrandpoobah Merge pull request #12 from CodeBrauer/patch-1
Fix typo in command ($PATH_TODSGRAB => $PATH_TO_DSGRAB)

DSGrab - Command Line DirectShow Image Capture tool

DSGrab is a command line DirectShow Image Capture tool. It will capture a single still image from a compatible capture device (e.g. web cam, tuner card, etc.) and save it as a file to the disk. The primary purpose of the application is to create a "live cam" feed on a web site by using it in conjuction with the built in Windows Task Scheduler, a manipulator tool such as ImageMagik, and an FTP tool such as WinSCP. It is also (probably) the least amount of code you could write to interact with the DirectShow APIs.

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