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Weighted Voronoi Stippler

The Weighted Voronoi Stippler is a command line tool that creates stippling art in SVG format based on an input PNG image.

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions are available via the documentation page.

Windows Binary

A Windows binary is available via the project homepage.

Building from Source


There is a Visual Studio solution file included with the project that you can use to compile the application from source. However, you must have the Boost library installed on your system before it will compile cleanly.

Mac OS X

A makefile was contributed (thanks!) which can be used to build a binary from source on Mac OS X. Using Homebrew, you can quickly install Boost as a necessary dependency.

brew install boost

Then, simply compile with


Note that by default, Mac OS X uses the Clang compiler which does not support the OpenMP library and as such will see significant deterioriated performance. GCC is available for Mac OS X and can be used to compile the application, but installing GCC, Boost, and OpenMP are beyond the scope of this document.

Building on Linux

The makefile works on Linux as well, so as long as you install Boost and OpenMP on your machine (either using your distribution's package manager or via source), it should just work.


There are no unit tests (contributions welcome!), but there is a corpus of images included with the tool to do repetitive testing with.

Included Third Party Libraries

The following two libraries are included and have been tweaked slightly to get rid of compilation warnings.

  • picoPNG (included in the source tree).
  • An implementation of Fortune's algorithm provided by O'Sullivan (included in the source tree).