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Weighted Voronoi Stippler

The Weighted Voronoi Stippler is a command line tool that creates stippling art in SVG format based on an input PNG image.

Usage Instructions

Usage instructions are available via the documentation page.

Windows Binary

A Windows binary is available via the project homepage.

Building from Source

The program is primarily developed using Visual Studio 2010, but contributors have been kind enough to create a MAKEFILE that allows the tool to be compiled under Linux and Mac OS X.

The code depends on the following third party libraries for compilation:

  • Boost (Version 1.46 as of this writing).
  • picoPNG (included in the source tree).
  • An implementation of Fortune's algorithm provided by O'Sullivan (included in the source tree).


There are no unit tests (contributions welcome!), but there is a fairly large corpus of images included with the tool to do repetitive testing with.

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