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from random import random
from collections import defaultdict
class Markov:
def __init__(self, order=3):
self.order = order
record = lambda: {'count': 0.0, 'next': defaultdict(record)}
self.chains = defaultdict(record)
self.probabilities = []
self.tokens = []
def compute_probabilities(self, limit, chain=None):
chain = chain or self.chains
probabilities = []
highest = 0.0
if limit and len(chain):
total = sum([i['count'] for i in chain.values()])
norm = 1/total if total > 0 else 1
for (token, subchain) in chain.items():
chance = subchain['count'] * norm
highest = max(highest, chance)
probabilities.append({ 'chance': chance,
'word': token,
'next': self.compute_probabilities(limit-1, subchain['next']) if 'next' in subchain else []
probabilities.sort(lambda a,b: cmp(a['chance'], b['chance']))
# normalize to highest chance
for prob in probabilities:
prob['chance'] *= 1.0/highest
return probabilities
def scan(self, tokens):
for i in xrange(0, len(tokens) - self.order +1 ):
window = tokens[i:i+self.order]
current = self.chains
for token in window:
current[token]['count'] += 1
current = current[token]['next']
def tokenize(self, string):
return string.split()
def generate_stream(self, probabilities, length):
words = []
current_table = probabilities
for i in xrange(length):
# slice down to the probability table we're interested in,
# based on the preceding words
for word in words[-self.order:]:
found = False
for item in current_table:
if item['word'] == word and 'next' in item and len(item['next']):
current_table = item['next']
found = True
if not found:
current_table = probabilities
# roll the dice and pick a word based on the current table
rand = random()
if len(current_table) == 0:
chosen = current_table[-1]['word']
for token in current_table:
if rand < token['chance']:
chosen = token['word']
return words
def add(self, input):
def compute(self):
self.probabilities = self.compute_probabilities(self.order)
def generate(self, length):
return " ".join(self.generate_stream(self.probabilities, length))
if __name__ == "__main__":
import sys
m = Markov()
print m.generate(79)