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A proposed convention for making it possible verify that your infrastucture uses green power
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A proposed convention for making it possible to verify that your infrastucture uses green power, by re-using existing governance structures, and already published data.

Here's the idea

If I have a website here:

Which is hosted here:

I know it's _really _running here, because the CEO of Krystal mentioned it in the youtube video on that page:

And I know they get their power from here: too, as they mention it.

I think there is a way to confirm this independently.

In Europe, renewable power that is generated is registered with this regulator, like this example here in the UK

I can look up this up because the regulator publishes it, and because the internet is wonderful, I can make it searchable here, to see that yes, Ecotricity really do generate green power, because I can see the wind turbines the've registered.

Walking the graph

If you have a way to identify your upstream provider, and they can update their upstream and so on, there should a way to 'walk the graph', from all the way to the energy used to power your website 🤯

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