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Lighthouse, but for running sites on renewable power instead of fossil fuels
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Deprecated. Please visit the lighthouse-plugin-greenhouse repo

# Greenhouse - Lighthouse, but for web that doesn't use fossil fuels

Lighthouse is a nice tool for helping you workout how to make a site more accessible, performance or mobile friendly.

But given climate change is a thing, what about making websites planet friendly too?

### The general plan

- Point lighthouse at a url.
- Analyse the rendered page
- See which domains in use run on renewable power, by checking against the Green Web Foundation API, or seeing what's returned at `carbon.txt`
- Compile this info into information you could present in a lighthouse run, so tools that provide lighthouse as a service can _also_ do this.

### Usage

node index.js

This will generate a file, `lighthouse-check-output.json` listing all the domains, as well as whether each domain referenced in the site is green, or grey.

### Other bits that would be cool

If take a second to consider that sending data users servers and networks, which use electricity, which is mostly generated by burning fossil fuels, then it means that *page weight budgets are defacto carbon budgets*. Yes, there is a moral argument for WPO!

Also, so we know that a site we can to connect to can be green or not. But what about the hops in between?

Try this:

node tracingCheck.js

It'll create a json file, called ``, showing the hops along the way, and whether they're green or grey.
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