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Vision Tracking for the 2017 FRC Game

Build Status

  • 2017 Oklahoma Innovation in Control Winner

Here are the steps to get this working:

  • Clone the repository, using git clone
  • Make sure you have the opencv library downloaded, and Network Tables 3.0 (included)
  • Import the project into Eclipse, and go to your build path and add the included NetworkTables jar, and opencv-XXX.jar that you downloaded
  • Change the variables inside the code to your situation, and calculate the distance constant (tutorial in my post here)
  • Open the .grip file included inside of GRIP. Tune your HSV values to your liking using your webcam and go to Tools->Generate code
  • Using the Generate Code feature will export a *.java file. Open that file and copy all the code, and replace the code inside the project
  • After that, export it as a runnable jar, (File->Export->Java->Runnable JAR file).
  • Run the jar file using java -jar blahblahblah.jar
  • Vision Track!

If you have any issues, open up an issue and I'll be happy to look at it.

Whitepaper posted here: