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BurpSuite Pro, Plugins and Payloads
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BurpSuite Pro, Plugins and Payloads

Article :

Download BurpSuite Pro, Plugins and Payloads :

Payloads :

More Payloads :

Requirements :

Burp requires a computer with the official Java Runtime Environment (64-bit edition, version 1.6 or later) installed.

Download the latest Java Runtime Environment (JRE) : Click Here

How To Use Burp Suite Pro ? :

  • Download BurpSuitePro as ZIP :

  • extract > BurpSuite Folder > core Folder

  • open BurpSuite-Keygen.jar with java

  • open BurpSuite-Pro-v1.7.37.jar with java

  • copy-paste Licence from Keygen to BurpSuite and Click on Next

  • choose Manual Installation and copy-paste Activation Request from BurpSuite to Keygen

  • now copy-paste Activation Response from Keygen to BurpSuite

  • click next and your pro version will activate

that's it !!! start using BurpSuite Pro v1.7.37.exe

you don't have to repeat this process again and again. after doing it once Windows User run .exe file & Linux User run .sh file to use the BurpSuitePro.

if you face any problem feel free to ask..

How To Use Burp Suite Plugins ? :

  • open BurpSuite

  • go to Extender > Extensions

  • click on Add and Select .jar file & then click on Next

That's It !!!

One More Thing You Need To Know That Now You Are Using BurpSuite Pro So Now You Can Also Use All Pro Extensions From BApp Store.

Some Useful Extensions in BApp Store :

Backslash Powered Scanner, Reflected Parameters, SAML Encoder/Decoder, Bypass WAF, CVSS Calculator, Java deserialization Scanner, Autorize, BurpSmartBuster, Content Type Converter, JSON Beautifier, PsychoPATH, Retire-js, J2EEScan, SAML Raider, Active Scan ++, UUID Detector, Wsdler, Additional Scanner Checks, CO2 Flow, Hackvertor, Meth0dMan & Paramalyzer.

Video Tutorial :

YouTube : Soon

That's It !!!

& Don't Forget To Follow Me At Twitter, Instagram, Github & SUBSCRIBE My YouTube Channel..!!!

Thankyou. Keep Visiting.. Enjoy.!!! :)

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