a music player designed for agile software development teams
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Welcome to jukebox.rb, the first music player designed specifically for agile software development teams!

With jukebox.rb, you can...
	- pool your team's music, so everyone's music gets play time
	- view and modify the playlist via a simple web front end
	- interrupt music for alerts, for example...
	- schedule a clip from a song to play at the same time every morning to let your team know it's time for stand up
	- play an unpleasant song when the build breaks (a cruise.rb plugin is included)
	- when a story card closes, play celebration tunes to recognize the team members who completed it
	- encourage frequent commits by adding more tracks from individual developer's music collections
	- discourage infrequent commits by letting the music die when there haven't been commits for a long while

Getting started:
	- jukebox.rb provides a web front end for a player engine.  You'll need to use the CocoaJukeboxPlayer, MacRubyJukeboxPlayer, or a custom player to actually play your music.  Check out those projects for more information.  The CocoaJukeboxPlayer is recommended for the time being.
	- Run the migrations to create the database
	- The app looks in a directory set in the environment variable JUKEBOX_MUSIC_ROOT, so set that variable, pointed to your music. Alternatively, it defaults to a "music" folder at the root of the app.  Create it and load your music there if you prefer.
	- The current code only looks for mp3 files.  You can change the code and it should work with anything that Core Audio can play.  It'll be fixed in the future.
	- Check out the Hammertimes.  Create a Snippet, give it a name you'll remember, set the start and end times, and curl the route.  You can curl the route from cron, build scripts, etc.