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slack terminal client

use slack in your terminal with an ncurses-style text-based gui. markdown-preview

what this client supports right now

  • chatting (public channels, private channels, DMs, etc)
  • slash-commands from slack's hidden api!!
  • @- and #-mentions
  • emoji 🙌🏽

what this client doesn't support/has trouble supporting (as of right now)

  • images/gifs (for obvious reasons)
  • files and links (they get printed out, but if they're too long they can go off the screen)

how to run:

if you want to be able to run it from anywhere, make sure you have npm installed and run

npm install -g slag-cli

you'll need tokens for each team you'd like to use in slag. You can generate tokens for your team here

to register a token with slag, type

slag --add-token <your-token> --team <team-name>

if you'd like to add multiple teams at once, you can simply make your own json file and type

slag --set-tokens <path-to-your-tokens-json>

if you choose to set your json manually, it should be structured like this:

    "team": "ATEAM",
    "token": "xoxp-***"
    "team": "ANOTHER_TEAM",
    "token": "xoxp-***"

once you've registered at least one token, you should be able to run slag from anywhere (assuming you've installed it globally) in your command line by typing:


how to use

Key Action
Tab Switch between channel selection, message box, and team selection
Ctrl+T Cycle through teams
Ctrl+C Quit
Esc Quit

how to contribute

clone this repo, then from inside the project directory run

npm install

and have at it. do the tokens thing too though.


this project uses a json file generated by jollygoodcode's emoji-keywords to translate slack's :emoji-code: into unicode under the MIT license


idk i guess we use the MIT license