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Assets 2
* Fix bug: pass `options.jsonLint` to `registerJsonLint()` instead of `options.env`
* New: `env-js` task loading environment variables from 'env.js' by default, run before all test tasks, after `env` task
* `--coverage` option now uses `grunt-mocha-istanbul` instead of locally-installed `blanket` and htmlcov `mocha` reporter. Far easier to use.
* `test-all` task now includes only unit, integration and manual tests. Cleaner than previous implementation, which would load any files matching 'test/**/*.js', excluding only 'test/*.js' or 'test/unit/*.js'.
* Custom options can now be supplied to `registerTest()` or as `test` key provided to `standardSetup()` - including `excludes` key to customize which files and folders are instrumented for code coverage.
* Major version update: `grunt-jscs`
* Minor version updates: `grunt-contrib-copy`, `grunt-mocha-cli`, `grunt-shell`
* Patch update: `grunt-env`
* Update dev dependencies
* Note: `groc` kept back for now, despite available updates