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ChickTech Connect for Android

User Story Walkthroughs

Promo Video

See our promotional video here!


ChickTech Connect is the mobile window into the world of! It promotes communcaiton between mentors and students and allows organizers to push messages to volunteers and students to announce upcoming events.

What problem does this app address

The number one issue for ChickTech is attrition.

ChickTech provides a year long program for high school girls to learn about science and math through hands-on events and mentorship. The problem is that girls start the program and drop off as the year goes on. Organizers don’t successfully inform girls about upcoming events and get the girls registered. Girls don’t make and/or keep monthly appointments with their mentor.

How does this app solve that problem

Once the student is registered for the year-long program and is assigned a mentor, she can use this app to:

  1. Receive notifications about upcoming events
  2. Register for upcoming events
  3. Communicate easily and regularly with mentor

In this way the student will be proactively notified of upcoming events and the student will be able to easily contact her mentor, increasing the chance of avoiding attrition.

App Audience


  • Students


  • Mentors
  • Organizers

Required User Stories:

  • Student signs on / app activation
  • Student receivies push notification about upcoming event
  • Student views events list
  • Student taps event to see event detail
  • Student RSVPs for an event
  • Student receives reminder notificaitons about going to event
  • Student edits profile (including photo)
  • Student gets directions to event
  • Student views matched user (student -> mentor, mentor -> student)
  • Student views organizer profile

Optional User Stories (Organizer and Mentor functionality)

  • Mentor signs on / activates app
  • Mentor sees events, details, RSVPs like student can
  • Mentor sees deatil about mentee
  • Mentor/Student chat
  • Organizer signs on
  • Organizer Add/Edit/Delete Events
  • Organizer send message to all students
  • Organizer View All Users
  • Organizer Add/Delete User Profile
  • Organizer Assign Student User to Mentor User
  • Recommend an event to matched user
  • Password Reset + E-mail with temporary password
  • Require User to choose new password after using a temporary password
  • More Push Notifications
    • An event has been updated
    • Matched User recommended an event
    • Reminder for registered events
    • Reminder for Meetings
  • Create/Edit/Cancel a Meeting with matched user
  • More Event Details
  • Export Event to Calendar
  • More User/Organizer Profile Details
  • Support Multiple Chapters per Organization, each Chapter has its own