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A project to demonstrate the power of Amazon Alexa Hue emulation
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Alexa Enabled Smart LED Clock (Wi-Fi)

This repository is to accompany my Alexa Enabled LED Clock Project video:


Alexa Emulation Library

This project was made to demonstrate the power of the ESPAlexa library made by AirCookie:

Parts List


WS2812 LEDS 300/5m:

5V Power Supply:

3D Printing

Check out the project on thingiverse for all the .stl files:

Wiring Schematic

alt text

Recommended Tools

Ender3 3d Printer:

Alexa support using WiFiManager is built in. Click on the "Releases" tab for a precompiled .bin file


Commands for this project are a little bit strange. Listed below are the controls:

Device 1 (LED Light)

Brightness controls master brightness Color controls color 1

Device 2 (Clock Color 2)

Brightness controls effect 0-10 = Fill Solid (1 Color) 10-20 = 3 color chase 20-30 = 3 color random glitter 30-40 = Single Race (2 color) 40-50 = Double Crash (2 color) 50-60 = Rainbow 60-70 = Fill Solid (3 Color) 70-80 = BPM (Color 1 Controlled) 80-90 = Twinkle (2 Color) 90-100 = Ripple (2 Color)

Device 3 (Clock Color 3)

Brightness controls effect modifiers Color controls color 3

Device 4 (Clock Timer)

Brightess sets the timer ("Alexa set Clock Timer to 50" would give you a 50 minute timer) Color sets daylight savings time. If you set it to red it will turn on DST, blue will turn off DST.

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