Generate iOS & Android DB CRUD Code for sqlite database. Generate fmdb wrapper for iOS, SQLiteAssetHelper wrapper for Android.
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CRUD DB Code Generator for Android & iOS

The aim of this project is to generate basic CRUD code for both Android/iOS for local sqlite database access so that the code can be shared between the 2 platforms.


This application is developed using ExpressJS 3.0.

  1. First install Node.JS & Express.
  2. Run the app with "node app.js" .
  3. Access the server app via http://localhost:3000 after installing.


  1. Create a SQLite Database.
  2. Update configuration path under config folder > index.js. Update dbPath to point to the created database.
  3. The default test database is under db folder(test.db)
  4. Currently only supported TEXT/NUMERIC/REAL column data types generation. There must not be spaces or special characters for the table and column names;
  5. This project generate fmdb wrapper model/crud code for iOS, and SQLiteAssetHelper wrapper for Android.
  6. The code templates are put under the template folder. All special parameters are marked with {{template_Variable}}
  7. <li>Majority of the code generation is put under viewtable.ejs</li>