Theia applications - docker images and desktop distributions
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uniibu and akosyakov Remove .ts .spec files. Image size ~288MB
Those files are no longer required for theia to start. Reduces the image to about 288MB

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Theia applications

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Theia is a platform to develop Cloud & Desktop IDEs with modern web technologies.

This repository contains example Theia applications based on published Theia extension packages.

Theia Docker

theiaide/theia image contains an example of Theia based IDE for Web Developers.

How to use theiaide/theia image?

At the moment Theia is still in the active development. It is recommended to use theiaide/theia:next image to have a look at the current state.

This script pulls the image and runs Theia IDE on http://localhost:3000 with the current directory as a workspace.

docker run -it -p 3000:3000 -v "$(pwd):/home/project:cached" theiaide/theia:next

You can pass additional arguments to Theia after the image name, for example to enable debugging:

docker run -it -p 3000:3000 --expose 9229 -p 9229:9229 -v "$(pwd):/home/project:cached" theiaide/theia:next --inspect=

Image Variants


This image is based on the latest stable released version.


This image is based on the given stable released version.


This image is based on the nightly published version.

theiaide/theia:<version>-next.<commit hash>

This image is based on the given nightly published version.

Theia Desktop



Apache 2.0