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Client-side implementation, in Python, of the Trace Server Protocol (TSP).

It provides a module that can be included in Python scripts to query a trace server via the Trace Server Protocol (TSP). The script tsp-cli-client provides a command-line interface for querying a trace server.

An example trace server implementation is provided by the Eclipse Trace Compass Incubator project and can be downloaded here. It can be used to test this script and module.

This trace server bundles non-UI, core plug-ins of the Eclipse Trace Compass project and comes with a server-side TSP implementation.


The tsp-cli-client script and the tsp module is under construction. This is an initial draft and only limited features have been currently implemented. tsp module only provides some limited number of TSP calls. The API will undergo revision till a stable version is reached.


To use the tsp-cli-client script, type the following command in the root directory to get the usage:

./tsp-cli-client -h

usage: tsp-cli-client [-h] [--ip IP] [--port PORT] [--open-trace TRACE_PATH]
                      [--name NAME] [--list-trace UUID] [--list-traces]
                      [--open-experiment EXP_NAME] [--list-experiment UUID]
                      [--list-experiments] [--delete-experiment UUID]
                      [--list-outputs UUID] [--list-output OUTPUT_ID]
                      [--get-tree OUTPUT_ID] [--uuid UUID]
                      [--uuids [UUIDS [UUIDS ...]]] [--list-extensions]
                      [--load-extension EXTENSION_PATH]
                      [--delete-extension EXTENSION_NAME]

CLI client to sent Trace Server Protocol commands to a Trace Server.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --ip IP               IP address of trace server
  --port PORT           port of trace server
  --open-trace TRACE_PATH
                        Path to trace to open
  --name NAME           trace name
  --list-trace UUID     Get details on the given trace
  --list-traces         List all open traces on the server
  --open-experiment EXP_NAME
                        Open experiment on the server
  --list-experiment UUID
                        Get details on the given experiment
  --list-experiments    List all open experiments on the server
  --delete-experiment UUID
                        Delete an experiment on the server
  --list-outputs UUID   Gets details on the given trace
  --list-output OUTPUT_ID
                        Gets details on the given output of a trace
  --get-tree OUTPUT_ID  Gets the tree of an output
  --uuid UUID           The UUID of a trace
  --uuids [UUIDS [UUIDS ...]]
                        The list of UUIDs
  --list-extensions     Get the extensions loaded
  --load-extension EXTENSION_PATH
                        Load an extension
  --delete-extension EXTENSION_NAME
                        Delete an extension


Client-side implementation, in Python, of the Trace Server Protocol (TSP) (




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