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Our boilerplate for starting new web projects
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The Idea Bureau - Front-end Boilerplate

This repository contains the front-end boilerplate we use at The Idea Bureau.

Project features:

  • Grunt enabled
  • Style guide ready
  • Includes numerous style and behavior techniques


The assets directory is used to contain front-end files such as CSS (Sass), JavaScript, images, fonts etc.

Grunt is used to process Sass, JavaScript and image files.

  • Install node
  • Run the following commands within this directory:
    • npm install
    • grunt auto

Grunt will watch the files within the assets directory and compile as neccesary.

Style Guide Structure

The styleguide template structure loosely follows that of Brad Frost's Pattern Lab, in that we use the following template levels:

  • Atoms
  • Molecules
  • Organisms
  • Templates
  • Pages

An explaination of this model can be gound on the Pattern Lab website.

In the styleguide the pages templates are important as these are exposed without the styleguide interface when accessed via the root URL.

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