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This is a "Blog Type" "social Network" project that allows you to create an account, register if you do not have one, and post questions. The "home page" will display all the question that registered users have posted, ir order to comment or vote you need to log in. When you log in, you will be taken to your profile page which displays your personal information, from there you can choose to go to the home page by clicking on "Blog test" on the upper left corner, you can Post more questions by clicking on Post, you can also go back to profile or notifications by clicking othe options on the top bar. Once you post a question everybody can see it, and a registered user can comment on that question, that comment is subject to approval, when you are in your profile page you will see the comment under the notofocations heading, if you approve it, that comment will be posted. You can also vote up or down all the comments.