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A curated list of awesome mental health resources
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Awesome Mental Health

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A curated list of anything remotely related to mental health, sorted by alphabetical order.


  • Aloe - A self-care focused community.
  • Lantern - Web & mobile app that provides effective, affordable support for emotional well-being.
  • meQuilibrium - Web & mobile app that harnesses behavioral psychology to build resilience and agility.
  • Headspace - Meditation in small bits and pieces.
  • Muse brain sensing headband - Headband and companion app for mindfulness meditation.
  • Sleepio - Improve your sleep habits and quality.


  • DukkhaLessClient - A self-care application for individuals seeking to improve their mental health.
  • DukkhaLessServer - The backend server for the DukkhaLess service.


  • - Platform for sharing your mental health experiences with the people you choose.
  • Vrendle - Virtual Reality platform for mental healthcare providers.






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