A tap for Homebrew containing extras not found in core
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homebrew-extras @ theimpossibleastronaut

This tap contains some extras for Homebrew that are not or will not be in homebrew-core. Homebrew advises to run your own tap then, so here it is!

In order to install these packages, you must add this tap to your installation.

brew tap theimpossibleastronaut/homebrew-extras

Alternatively you can install a package without adding the tap by specifying the full path.

brew install theimpossibleastronaut/homebrew-extras/<package>


Package Name Install
bric bric brew install bric
modemu2k modemu2k brew install modemu2k
mpwshell Mac Programmers Workshop brew install mpwshell
nulib Nulib brew install nulib
rmw Remove to Waste brew install rmw
uemacs UEmacs/PK brew install uemacs