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title: Website Design
layout: default
Please refer to the <a
href="/doxygen/html/md_CONTRIBUTING.html">contributing guidelines</a> for
the general flow of this project and procedure for sending pull
The website is generated using <a
href="">jekyll</a> and <a
The site is published from the <a
directory</a> using <a href="">GitHub
pages</a>. The frameworks used are <a
href="">W3.CSS</a> and <a
href="">Font Awesome</a>.
<h4>Code style</h4>
Try to be as consistent as possible. When using Jekyll, the html is
sometimes split across several files so it can be challenging to get
perfect indentation. The general rule is 2 space indentation;
however, right now we have no regular web devs working on this
project, so if you would like to recommend another style or have
other suggestions regarding the website, please let us know by
opening an issue for discussion.
Doxygen is primarily used on this project to generate documentation
for C developers. Presently we are using the default style and design
that doxygen provides. Most web devs who work on this project will
not need to do anything related to the doxygen-generated pages. In
the future, we may decide to make changes and modify the default
layout (If that interests you, let us know).
The doxygen pages are published from docs/doxygen/html and are
periodically generated by the project maintainers.