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Share Link Generator App Made with Flutter
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share link generator

Share link Generator Made with Flutter, Create Facebook share links, Twitter "tweet this" links, LinkedIn share links

Test Now APP APK, Use case can be seen bottom of Readme 👇;

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  • Any Operating System (ie. MacOS X, Linux, Windows)
  • Android Studio/Visual Studio Code

Things needs improvement

  • EditFormFeild is not working properly with large text needs to be fixed

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Pull Requests

I welcome and encourage all pull requests. It usually will take me within 24-48 hours to respond to any issue or request. Here are some basic rules to follow to ensure timely addition of your request:

  1. If its a feature, bugfix, or anything please only change code to what you specify.
  2. Please keep PR titles easy to read and descriptive of changes, this will make them easier to merge :)
  3. Pull requests must be made against develop branch. Any other branch (unless specified by the maintainers) will get rejected.
  4. Check for existing first, before filing an issue.
  5. Have fun!

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