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Coach Erevu is distributed as an APK file (ending in .apk). To install the app you need to move this file to your Android device by downloading it from the internet. Once you have done so, you can start the installation by double tapping the installed file. Please make sure you satisfied all pre-requisites first.

Visit here to download the latest version of the APK file.

You can put a copy of this on your device by

  • Going to the above URL directly with the browser on the Android device, or
  • Going to the above URL on your laptop and then using Android File Transfer to put it on your Android device


Custom content

By default Coach Erevu will use the content files provided to it when the app was originally compiled. These files are embedded within the app and can't be changed. However, the app looks inside the Download/ folder on its host device to check for updated content. To use custom content files (including videos), place files in the Download/ folder on the target Android device. When the app is restarted, it should use those files instead.

The content file should be named content.json and both the content and video files should be in the root directory of the Download/ folder, and not within any other folders. All files must be in uncompressed form (no ZIP, etc). For example:


Changing content

If you need to adjust the language in a certain question, add a question, change a title, etc., all of that can be done be editing content.json. If you don't yet have a copy of this file, go here and download it.

To change content.json
  1. Open content.json in a text editor (Notepad, or TextEdit will work).
  2. Find the text you want to change, change it, and save the file. (See the Formatting section below for how to do so.)
  3. If you made any structural changes, you may want to paste the entirety of the file into and click "Validate JSON". JSON is a way to format data so that a machine can read it, so it needs to be very specifically crafted. Validators like the one aforementioned help make sure.
  4. On your laptop, and open Android File Transfer (see above for download link).
  5. In Android File Transfer, find the Download folder.
  6. On your laptop, find the content.json file.
  7. Drag content.json from your laptop and into the Download folder on Android File Transfer.
  8. Restart the app on your Android device.
To add or change a video

The video for each week is referenced within content.json. And, by default, most weeks use week1.mp4. So, if you are adding or changing a video that is not week1.mp4, check content.json to make sure the app will know about your change. For instance, if you upload week3.mp4, make sure the Activity 3 section of content.json refernces week3.mp4 and not week1.mp4.

  1. On your laptop, and open Android File Transfer (see above for download link).
  2. In Android File Transfer, find the Download folder.
  3. On your laptop, find the video file you want to upload.
  4. Drag the video file from your laptop and into the Download folder on Android File Transfer.
  5. If you need to update content.json as a result of the change you made, see the above section.
  6. Restart the app on your Android device.


All content quiz questions fall under two categories: multiple-choice and free-text. multiple-choice question don't need to have a correct answer, but if one is desired, set the correct-answer property within the question format. Additionally, when you set the correct-answer property, do not use a zero-based index (i.e. four questions = 0..1..2..3) it should be (1..2..3..4).

Please remember to increment the version property with each content change you make, so that these changes are properly reflected within the analytics file. This will not cause an error, but it will make it hard to aggregate data at a later date. See the format used for the content file here.


  "version": 0.1,
  "weeks": [
      "id": "0",
      "title": "Test",
      "topic": "Testing",
      "video": "test.mp4",
      "questions": [
          "question": "What is your favourite animal?",
          "answer-type": "multiple-choice",
          "answers": [
          "question": "How many are in a dozen?",
          "answer-type": "multiple-choice",
          "answers": [
          "correct-answer": 1
          "question": "How do you feel today?",
          "answer-type": "free-text"


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