Examples to go with the qtonrails framework
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Examples to go with the qtonrails framework.

What is qtonrails?
It's currently a very early attempt at building a simple framework that would let a developer comfortable with Rails generate a runnable Qt4 project. Currently, this project is very very early days - it's a basic prototype. To put it bluntly - it's rougher than a lizard's tongue at the moment. We are still researching how we might approach the problem of using Qt4 on top of a Rails project. The actual qtonrails code is located in the qtonrails directory under vendor/plugins.

What's working?
* The project is basically a very simple Rails project with 1 model called Product - this has title and description attributes along with created_at and updated_at timestamps
* The qtonrails aspect exists under the vendor/plugins directory called 'qtonrails'
* From the qtonrails-examples/vendor/plugins/qtonrails directory you can
  - Launch a Qt4 sample app that we've prepared for you using ./script/run 
  - Generate the a QTableModel (creates 2 files - one autogenerated, the other for adding handcrafted code)
    ./script/generate qmodel Product ../../../app/models/product.rb
  - Possibly most excitingly, generate a Qt Form using
    ./script/generate qform_1col Product ../../../app/models/product.rb
    Once you've generated your 1 column form, open it using Qt Designer (it's in vendor/plugins/qtonrails/app/qforms/product_qform.ui)

* A big thanks to Richard Dale for this blog post which formed the basis of this work at http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2670

* Incorporate the improvements in this blog post http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/2677
* Get feedback on how much of this approach is reasonable and how it can be done in a better way
* Work on what generators might make sense and learn what the anatomy of a qtonrails project might be