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Welcome to the Qt on Rails wiki! The best place to start learning about Qt on Rails is the blog post concerning the v0.1 release. Additionally, Qt on Rails apps can now be deployed on the Maemo-based Nokia N900 .

We’re actively seeing contributors so please get in touch via github. Or drop me an email at declan [ [AT] ] weuseopensource [ [DOT] ] com or twit a quick tweet on twitter (theirishpenguin). We’re looking for Qt/KDE and Ruby/Rails dev’s to help right across the project – in the short term help on the UI would be particularly welcome, ie. what are the typical Qt/KDE app layouts (eg. the contents of the .ui file). Also, contributions on the architecture front would be highly useful – how can we improve the internals of the project. And, for those of you that want something more immediate, there are a list of issues in the Issue Tracker . Now, hopefully that whet’s your appetite!

The other useful reference is the project’s README file available here