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= Ruby Ireland Feedback Plugin for Rails
Ruby Ireland Feedback is a Ruby on Rails plugin that is planned to be a Rails 3 compatible version of Jean-Sebastien Boulanger's excellent Feedback plugin at
== Current State
* An empty Rails 3 gem
* Nothing else done
* We believe if we build it they will come! Or at least leave feedback...
== Motivation
Jean-Sebastien Boulanger's Feedback plugin rocks. We'd like to make it work for Rails 3 peeps.
== Building or Installing the gem
You can do one
* Building the (currently functionless) gem
cd ruby_ireland_feedback
rake build
You can then gem install the resulting gem
* Bundle installing the (currently functionless) gem
cd ruby_ireland_feedback
bundle install
== Acknowledgements
Thanks to Jean-Sebastien Boulanger for the original feedback gem.
Copyright (c) 2011 Declan McGrath <>, released under the MIT license
The Irish Ruby community is at