Proposing a Uniform Coding Style and Structure Throughout Cru USDS
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Project Structure

Code Style Guidelines

Now that we will be working on large, long running projects with multiple developers, it is essential that we all work in a unified way in order to:

  • Write maintainable code
  • Keep code transparent and readable
  • Keep code/projects scalable

Table of Contents


No matter the project, we must always try and keep a common formatting. This means consistent commenting, consistent syntax and consistent naming.

Adding to These Guidelines

If you find yourself coding frequently in a language not listed or one with insufficient guidelines, please write up a proposal following industry standard best practices (include personal preferences only if the practices are ambiguous or still being developed) and submit a pull request.

Limit your markdown files to a maximum 80 character width where possible. Exceptions may be made for URLs. There’s nothing we can do about those.