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The main objective of this plugin is to create a folder that you can simply copy to pentaho-solutions directory inside Pentaho Installation folder to deploy your plugin.

Following things will happen to achieve this:

  • a plugin folder will be created in the build folder of your project
  • inside this folder two folders will be created:
    • one called dependencies - with all dependencies of your plugin
    • one called the same way as your gradle project - all files related to your plugin will be stored here (let's call this folder: PLUGIN_FOLDER)
  • all files from folder: plugin-config inside your project will be moved PLUGIN_FOLDER
  • the jar archive will be created with the code of your plugin
  • this jar will be copied to PLUGIN_FOLDER/lib
  • all dependencies marked as plugin in your build.gradle will be copied to PLUGIN_FOLDER/lib.

How do I start?

Import plugin

Pentaho-Plugin-Builder is part of https://plugins.gradle.org/ , that means that you can use it:

  • either by adding following to your build.gradle (for Gradle >= 2.1):
plugins {
  id "cern.ais.datawarehouse.pentahopluginbuilder" version "1.5"
  • or by adding:
buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url "https://plugins.gradle.org/m2/"
  dependencies {
    classpath "gradle.plugin.cern-ais:cern-build-pentaho-plugin:1.5"

apply plugin: "cern.ais.datawarehouse.pentahopluginbuilder"

Using the plugin

In order for the plugin to work, you need to create a plugin-config directory inside the root folder of your project.

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To build plugin run buildPentahoPlugin task:

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As a result inside build/plugin directory a folder with the same name as your project's name will be created. Copy this folder into pentaho-solutions directory inside your Pentaho Platform installation. Restart Pentaho Platform and enjoy your new plugin!

Where do I put plugin.xml and plugin.spring.xml files?

Put these files inside plugin-config folder. All files from this directory will be copied to your plugin's root directory.

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How to copy a project's dependency to plugin's lib folder?

Mark this dependency as plugin. The plugin dependency will be handled by gradle the same way as a compile one. Additionally it will be added to plugin's lib folder.

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