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#Owntracks to Splunk's Http Event Collector

Version: 0.1

I decided to try and build a simple script after seeing mqttwarn (

This code is presented AS IS under MIT license.


This python script reads owntracks data off an MQTT topic and post the events to a Splunk http event collector.

##Supported product(s):

  • Splunk v6.3.X


A MQTT server with Owntracks data you want to get into Splunk of course.

paho-mqtt (pip install paho-mqtt)

dotenv (pip install dotenv)

George Starcher's Splunk-Class-httpevent


You will need to copy .env.sample to .env and the edit the file to match your environment.


I built this little script because I wanted to push Owntracks events from my MQTT server to Splunk. And while there is a modular input for MQTT, I wanted to break out the topic before I sent the data to Splunk. While this was made for a specific topic (owntracks), you could easily modify it for any MQTT topic.

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