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An Open Framework for playing with Nomie Tracker Events.


  • Clone the project
  • pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Edit config/nowme_config.json and add auth and couch db details

To create a reporting

  • run python
  • It pulls the data from CouchDB and populates `config\report.sqlite'
  • Table names depend on the `couchdb_username' like in Nomie couchdb setup

SQL Tables

TABLE username_trackers

id INTEGER NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY lid TEXT, stats TEXT, min INTEGER, color TEXT, type TEXT, _rev TEXT, "dynamicCharge" BOOLEAN, label TEXT, charge INTEGER, math TEXT, groups TEXT, max INTEGER, _id TEXT, config TEXT, uom TEXT, icon TEXT, "ignoreZeros" BOOLEAN, "chargeFunc" TEXT,

TABLE username_events

id INTEGER NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY doc TEXT, _rev TEXT, longitude FLOAT, value TEXT, latitude FLOAT, _id TEXT, time_ms INTEGER, tracker_id TEXT, charge INTEGER, timestamp DATETIME