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CPCB Data For Bangalore

  • Using Advanced search feature on CPCB website
  • Collected frequency level 4 hrs
  • Stations BTM, BWSSB, Peenya, SGHALLI, CRS
  • All raw xls converted to into CSVs are inside data/raw folder
  • Cleaned and organized db is in data/db/data.sqlite3
  • Final csvs are in data/final
  • data.csv - has data, by datetime and station level, one column per type of observation
  • metadata.csv - has all the details of raw files, stations, frequency etc
  • parameters.csv - has full_name, short_name, and unit. Short names are also used as column names for parameters in data table and data.csv

Data Version

  • 1.0 Collected for years 2015, 2016 and 2017 (Till Aug)
  • 1.1 Added Sept, Oct, Nov 2017 Data
  • 1.2 Added Dec 2017 Data, in 2018 1/jan/2018 to 11/Feb/2018 Data