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Income Tax Calculator

About this Calculator:

I have long been a fan of excel spreadsheets, and for years I found myself calculating income tax by using them.
I decided I would instead like to create a web application which can calculate your income tax for you!

Current Limitations:

» Since the web app is not yet complete, you will need to run this chunk of JavaScript in your browser's console
» This program will only accept submissions from Michigan Residents
» This program will only accept submissions from those filing as "Single"
» This program will NOT accept submissions from those who are Self Employeed

Please refer to the Updates section below, for all upcoming changes and advancements.


I am working hard to release an web version of this application, allowing all visitors to use the calcuator, as opposed to just those familiar with the JavaScript Console. The following are a list of updates, which will be released soon.

» Web Application release.
» Support for multiple filing years -- 2016, 2017, 2018 planned.
» Support for multiple states of residence and employment.
» Support for multiple cities of residence and employment.
» Support for filing status: Single, Married: Filing Jointly, Married: Filing Seperately, and Head of Household.
» Support for dependents and allowances.
» Detailed results section, breaking down each income tax or withholdings category.
» Ability to print results. » Informational Section about Relevant Taxes (ie if you fill out that you're paying Michigan taxes, information about Michigan taxes will be available. Same idea with Local taaxes, where applicable).