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A list of professional work I've completed.
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If you're interested in learning more about my professional experience, please visit my LinkedIn.

Professional Projects

A list of professional work I've completed.

United Shore, United Wholesale Mortgage

2018 - Present

UI Developer, dedicated to the Salesforce team, implementing custom Salesforce solutions.

Projects -

United Wholesale Mortgage | Brand360 - Client Connect

Salesforce UI Developer for this project.

United Whoelsale Mortgage | Client Request

Primary Salesforce UI Developer for this project.

United Wholesale Mortgage | Success Track Registration

Primary Salesforce UI Developer for this project.


2017 - 2018

Front-End Developer, contracted for work on projects for Wells Fargo.

Projects -

Wells Fargo | Tech Banking

Primary developer for new features, and content updates.

Wells Fargo | Home Mortgage

Primary developer for this site.

Wells Fargo | Manage Your Cash Flow

Primary developer for this site.

Wells Fargo | Savings Rate

Primary developer for this site when, first launched.

Wells Fargo | Re-Established

Assisted in development and content updates for this site.

Wells Fargo | Deposits

Assisted in content updates for this site.



Worked as a Software Developer, specializing in PHP and WordPress development, where I was able to develop the front-end experience of the custom intranet "Orange Grove" for global ad agency Jack Morton. I also spearheaded an internal brand audit, and was a leader of the Internal Marketing Committee.

Projects -

Jack Morton | Orange Grove

Primary front-end developer for this site, which included a custom WordPress theme, and plugin. Site features multiple Custom Post Types, and Taxonomies, and was built entire from the ground up. External plugins included Advanced Custom Fields, which assists in the creation and layout of new Custom Post Types.

Lyons Consulting Group (now Capgemini North America)

2014 - 2016

Completed an internship with LYONSCG, where I worked with a variety of high-end eCommerce clients, using the Demandware platform. In this position, I was fortunate enough to work on Content Management, through the Demandware Business Manager; as well as work on Front-End Development tasks; design-oriented tasks, using the Adobe Creative Suite; and administrative tasks including compiling technical documentation, formatting it to best fit the current LYONSCG branding.

Projects -

LYONSCG | Technical Documentation

Beginning in January 2015, I was periodically tasked with converting developer notes into ascetically pleasing and properly branded technical documents to send to our clients.


Mother's Day Showcase: Worked on development for the special Mother's Day 2015 showcase, on Fresh's website. The showcase featured 11 mothers, as well as the company's co-founder. Each mother who was chosen resides close to a brick-and-mortar Fresh store. Each mother had her own page, which included an interview and listed places where she might go for brunch, shopping, to the spa, etc. During this project, I helped set up the content on Demandware's Business Manager. View the Mother's Day Showcase.

Product Discovery Quiz: Worked on the Fresh Mask Finder Quiz for Fresh's website, for multiple locations, including: US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and South Korea. For the US, I imported questions, and their answer combinations, based upon a spreadsheet provided to us by Fresh. Also uploaded content, and did preliminary QA to make sure everything was working properly and showing up as it should. For international sites, I imported the US content, and changed it as necessary to fit the requirements of the specific country (some things included, changing the results of the quiz, and translating pages from English to Mandarin for Hong Kong and China and to Korean for South Korea). View the Mask Finder Quiz.

Holiday Showcase: Worked on the Homepage Spread for Fresh's website, for the 2015 Holiday Season.

Jonathan Adler

Homepage Updates: Regularly updated content on Client Jonathan Adler's website. This includes updating the homepage roughly every two weeks and updating the banners and beauty bars in the site's main navigation.

Careers Page: Constantly updated the Career's page of Johnathan Adler's website. These changes were entirely done in HTML and uploaded into Demandware's Business Manager. View the Careers Page.

Hot Topic | Box Lunch

Site Styling: Worked with the Hot Topic child brand Box Lunch, before launch, creating CSS stylesheets for the site, determined by the styling presented in mock-ups provided by the client. Visit the Site.


Tool Tip Development and Implementation: Developed a Tool Tip with JavaScript / jQuery, which allowed users to learn more information about Tourneau Used Watches, including definitions for things like the watch's condition. View a Pre-Owned Watch.

Henri Bendel

Summer 2015 Mailer: Was a member of the group which created the Summer 2015 digital mailer for Henri Bendel's website. Work that I contributed included creating image maps around pages given to us, so that I could appropriately link what was shown on the page, to the item's specific product page, simply by having the user click the product they were interested in, right in the mailer.

Mattress Firm

Website Platform Change: Switching the Mattress Firm website to the Demandware platform. Gathering content from the existing site, properly styling and formatting it, and placing it into a Content Slot in Demandware's Business Manager.

Guthy Renker | Meaningful Beauty

URL Redirects: Worked with the Guthy Renker child brand Meaningful Beauty, to setup various permanent URL redirects on the Meaningful Beauty website. These enabled Meaningful Beauty's website to go from having lengthy, unsightly URLs to short, descriptive URLs to make the site more navigable for customers.


Mobile Website Layout: Assisted a member of our team in creating the mobile website layout for Dogeared's website. The work included creating a slide out navigation menu as well as a drop down search bar.

Freelance Consulting

2016 - Present

Aimed to help Small Business Owners and Professional Individuals create and maintain a strong and effective presence online. Services included digital strategy, website development, content creation and brand management, as well as a host of creative services, and the development and management of webinars and online courses...

Projects -

Susan McGraw | Project Managment

Working with Susan McGraw (Founder and CEO of Career Success for Women and Youth), to help her develop and deploy a webinar series for women looking to make a change in their career. A free webinar will premiere in October 2016 with a paid webinar to follow.

Deana Colman | Webinar Design

Worked with Transformational Coach and Life Strategist Deana Colman to design a slide deck for her upcoming webinar: "The Three Biggest Mistakes 'Successful' Women Entrepreneurs are Still Making: Discover the Painful Mistakes You're Likely Making That Are Costing You More Pleasure, Profits, and Time Off - And What To Do Instead".

DigiWalls Media | Content Creation

Worked with Digiwalls Media, of Portugal, to craft original content in the form of descriptions for 60 free-to-play online video games, to be placed into an online database! The content totaled over 19,000 words and averaged 317 words per game description.

Lizzy Vance | Webinar Deployment

Worked with Award Winning Ghost Writer Lizzy Vance, to assist her in the deployment of the pilot webinar for her upcoming webinar series on how to make it in the publication industry. Also acted as a Virtual Personal Assistant on additional tasks, as needed.

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