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Write Your Resume Like A Fanfic

This talk is available in multiple formats

  • 15-20 minute talk

  • ~3 hour workshop with audience participation, group breakouts, and independent work time


Resume writing can be intimidating. Many people don't want to brag about themselves. Others have difficulty identifying ways their hobbies and interests inform their strengths in a professional setting. Fanfiction is a useful mental model for candidates to "sell themselves" without feeling cheap, inauthentic, or arrogant.

This talk proposes using fanficiton techniques to narrativize your work experience and hobbies to create a professional yet interesting presence when reaching out to recruiters and hiring managers.

This talk is appropirate for all levels, but is specifically aimed at career changers. My goal is to make the tech job search seem more accessible and achievable for people from diverse education and work backgrounds, especially women and underrepresented minorities in the industry.

Shortlink to this talk's directory on github: