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The Art of Mentoring and Being Mentored

Because we are all always both

45 - 50 minutes

This is a talk centering on professional development and is highly customizable to the theme of any event or conference.


Mentorships are some of the most important relationships we can foster for professional and human development. Whether or not we realize it, most of us are simultaneously mentors and mentees to many people in our lives. The best way to improve the strength and health of those relationships is to recognize them, focus on growing them, and acknowledge when a mentorship has outlived its usefulness.

This talk explores the lifecycle of a mentorship. First we’ll discuss finding mentors and making yourself available to mentees. Next is growing those relationships. Mentoring is a partnership built on trust and mutual respect. Third, we’ll talk about how to set healthy boundaries and manage mentoring with other professional and personal responsibilities. Last, we’ll talk about why a mentorship might draw to a close, and how to make an amicable break.

Audience members will leave better equipped to engage in mentoring relationships out in the world. They’ll be able to recognize informal mentorships, intentionally seek out mentors and mentees, and take care of themselves in the process of helping others grow.