I am kohai. I am a pluggable irc bot for managing real-time data events.
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kohai - pluggable irc bot for managing real-time data events

I am Kohai, semi-useful communications-facilitating pseudointelligence!


##v0.0.84 - Experimental

Due to the high volume of requests in the #Node.js and #nodejitsu IRC rooms on irc.freenode.net, we've open-sourced this library.


At Nodejitsu we try to maintain a high level of quality across all of our open-source projects. This particular project is not suitable for public use yet. We've released it early because we've gotten a lot of requests from eager developers who want to start hacking in more features.

We look forward to seeing your patches and continuing to improve this library.


 git clone git://github.com/nodejitsu/kohai.git
 cd kohai
 npm install
 node bin/kohai

kohai will now start up and connect to its default channels on irc.freenode.net.

Got Ideas? Got Issues?

Check out our Issue Tracker, we have a lot of open issues being worked on. Feel free to add feature requests here.


All kohai configuration settings are stored in the config.json file. kohai ships with a config.json.defaults file that contains the structure and default values for kohai's configuration - when kohai starts up the first time, this file will be used to create config.json, which can then be configured manually or with kohai's !configure command.

Setting up Twitter

By default, the config.json will not contain any Twitter API keys. You'll need to setup:





Here is a link with further information on getting these keys from Twitter

Tracking keywords on Twitter

config.plugins.twitter.track - array of keywords to search for on Twitter

"track" : [
  "#nodejs", "node.js", "@maraksquires", "@nodejitsu", "@nodekohai", "nodejitsu", "#nodejitsu", "marak squires", "#nodeconf", "#jsconf", "dnode", "nconf"

##Dynamic Twitter Rate-Limiting

kohai has been designed to get out of the way when an active conversation starts up in a joined channel, and keeps a rolling average of messages per second to achieve this.

In addition to the rate-limiting, kohai also implements a Levenshtein-based similar tweet filter - each new incoming tweet is checked against recent tweets, and any tweet closer than the filter distance will be suppressed. This means a big reduction in spam from retweets and bots! The exact filtering level can be adjusted:

 !config set plugins:twitter:filter <number>

The default is 25; values between 10 and 40 are recommended for ordinary spam filtering purposes.

Adding Admin users to the whitelist by IRC handle

config.plugins.alias.whitelist - array of IRC users with access to kohai's administrator IRC triggers

"alias" : {
  "whitelist" : [ "AvianFlu", "Marak", "hij1nx", "indexzero", "DTrejo", "tmpvar", "ryah", "dominictarr" ]

Notable Administrator IRC Triggers

 !tweet <message>

Tweets message from configured Twitter account

 !insult <user>

Insults a user with one of several random insults

 !stfu <user>

Temporarily mutes a user. Requires kohai to be an op in the related channel.

 /msg kohai config <add|rm|set|get|save> <path:in:config> <value to set, add, or remove>

Allows for alteration of kohai's configuration data on the fly. Due to the verbosity of many responses, configuration is conducted via private messages to kohai. Options will take effect immediately, but config save is required to persist kohai's settings to disk. For example:

 config add plugins:alias:whitelist someguy
 config get plugins:alias:whitelist
 config save

Would add "someguy" to the admin whitelist, show the whitelist to the channel the command came from, and save the new config to disk.

 !kick/!ban/!unban <user>

Perform the associated IRC action - again, kohai must be an op. Please note that !ban also kicks the banned user.

 !join/!part <channel>

Joins or leaves the specified IRC channel.


Tells kohai to shutdown


Displays a list of commands.


###Bradley Meck, Charles McConnell, Marak Squires