high performance 2D/3D extensions for CommonJS's "Math" module
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M::::::M               M::::::Ma:::::aaaa::::::a      tt::::::::::::::th:::::h     h:::::h
M::::::M               M::::::M a::::::::::aa:::a       tt:::::::::::tth:::::h     h:::::h
MMMMMMMM               MMMMMMMM  aaaaaaaaaa  aaaa         ttttttttttt  hhhhhhh     hhhhhhh

Math - high performance 2D/3D extensions for CommonJS's "Math" module


  • As good as it gets
  • Targets CommonJS environments (and the browser)
  • Versatile, functional API
  • Primitives (Arrays) over Objects
  • Written in CoffeeScript (with compiled/optimised/minified JavaScript distributions)
  • Build system and client-side loader

Mathematical Primitives

  • vectors (2D, 3D)
  • matrices (3D, 4D)
  • quaternions
  • more coming soon

Geometrical Primitives

  • TODO

Other mathematical facilities

  • TODO


npm install math



Bundling Math for browsers

To use Math on the client (in the browser), simply pack it with requisition...

cake pack

before copy or link lib/library.js into your project and including it on the client.

For example, if we symlink the entire Math project into ~/facebook_killer/public/vendor/feisty/math ...

<script src="/vendor/feisty/math/lib/library.js" type="text/javascript" />

Now we're able to require Math on the client


"Golden Rules"

  • DO constantly strive to increase performance

  • DO make breaking changes to increase performance or increase user-friendliness

  • DO extend the native Math module (with an optional safe-mode)

  • DO maintain full interoperability with WebGL (use Typed Arrays when available)

  • DO cover everything that matters with one or more tests

  • DO NOT accept decreases in performance

It's a bug if...

  • tests fail in any targeted environment.
  • performance is decreased.

Credit where credit is due