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coffee = require 'coffee-script'
async = require 'async'
fs = require 'fs'
http = require 'http'
{createGunzip} = require 'zlib'
{checkURL} = require './urlcheck'
{InsertingStream} = require './streaminsert'
console.error = ->
logging = JSON.parse process.argv[2]
# Script injections (scripts to insert into server->client data)
injections = []
proxyUrlRegex = /^http:\/\/([^\/]*)\/(.*)$/
denyRequest = (response, reason, code = 403) ->
response.writeHead code
response.write reason, 'utf8'
# Prepare the proxy.
server_cb = (request, response) ->
host =
delete request.headers['accept-encoding']
delete request.headers['proxy-connection']
request.headers['accept-charset'] = 'utf-8'
if 0 is request.url.indexOf 'http://'
[_, host, request.url] = proxyUrlRegex.exec request.url
request.url = '/' + request.url
[host, port] = host.split ':'
port = +port
port = 80 if isNaN port
fullurl = "#{host}#{[":#{port}" if port isnt 80]}#{request.url}"
showurl = fullurl.slice(0, 100)
{block, blockReason} = checkURL fullurl
if block
console.error "blocked request for '#{fullurl}', reason: #{blockReason}"
console.log "#{showurl}" if logging
return denyRequest response, blockReason
proxy_request = http.request
method: request.method
path: request.url
headers: request.headers
host: host
port: port
proxy_request.on 'error', (err) ->
denyRequest response, err+'', 404
proxy_request.addListener 'response', (proxy_response) ->
writeToClient = (chunk) ->
return response.end() if chunk is null
response.write chunk
console.error "request for '#{fullurl}'"
#console.error " HEADERS: #{JSON.stringify request.headers}"
if proxy_response.headers["content-type"]?.indexOf("text/") is 0 or proxy_response.headers["content-type"]?.indexOf("javascript") isnt -1
for injection in injections when injection.urlregex
writeToClient = do (writeToClient) ->
inserter = new InsertingStream, injection.append, writeToClient
(chunk) ->
return writeToClient null if chunk is null
inserter.write chunk
console.error " bugging '#{fullurl}'"
if proxy_response.headers['content-encoding'] is 'gzip'
console.error " unzipping"
delete proxy_response.headers['content-encoding']
writeToClient = do (writeToClient) ->
unzipper = createGunzip()
unzipper.on 'data', writeToClient
unzipper.on 'end', -> writeToClient null
(chunk) ->
return unzipper.end() if chunk is null
unzipper.write chunk
proxy_response.addListener 'data', writeToClient
proxy_response.addListener 'end', -> writeToClient null
delete proxy_response.headers['content-length']
delete proxy_response.headers['content-range']
response.writeHead proxy_response.statusCode, proxy_response.headers
request.addListener 'data', (chunk) -> proxy_request.write chunk
request.addListener 'end', -> proxy_request.end()
console.log "#{showurl}" if logging
# Activate it.
http.createServer(server_cb).listen 8421, ''
# Load the injection commands.
fs.readdir 'injections', (err, files) ->
throw err if err
files = (file for file in files when /\.coffee$/)
async.forEachSeries files, (file, fileLoaded) ->
fs.readFile 'injections/' + file, 'utf8', (err, data) ->
throw err if err
fileContent = coffee.eval data
catch evalE
console.error "broken: "+file
if not fileContent?
throw "gnarf"
injections.push fileContent
console.error "loaded injection configfile #{file}"
, (err) ->
throw err if err
console.error 'successfully loaded injection configuration'